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There is no “Shadowing lemma” for partially hyperbolic dynamics. (Pas de “Shadowing Lemma” pour les dynamiques partiellement hyperboliques.) (French. Abridged English version) Zbl 0973.37016
From the text: The aim of this work is to understand if the Shadowing property can be verified, at least generically, for robustly transitive diffeomorphisms with a strong partially hyperbolic splitting. The answer to this question is definitively negative:
Theorem. Let \(f:M\to M\) be a transitive diffeomorphism with a strong partially hyperbolic splitting defined on a compact 3-manifold. Assume that \(f\) has two hyperbolic periodic points \(P\) and \(Q\) such that \(\dim(W^s (P))=2\) and \(\dim(W^s (Q))=1\). Then there is \(\varepsilon >0\) such that, for all \(\delta >0\), there is a \(\delta\)-pseudo-orbit which cannot be \(\varepsilon\)-shadowed by any orbit of \(f\).
Corollary. There is a \(C^1\)-dense open subset \({\mathcal O}\) of the set of non-Anosov, strong partially hyperbolic, and robustly transitive diffeomorphisms of a compact 3-manifold, such that every \(f\in{\mathcal O}\) does not verify the shadowing property.
Let us observe that the proof of this result is really easy, however, it answers a question frequently posed by many collegues.

37C50 Approximate trajectories (pseudotrajectories, shadowing, etc.) in smooth dynamics
37D30 Partially hyperbolic systems and dominated splittings
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