Local cohomology and its applications. Selected papers of the international workshop, Guanajuato, Mexico. (English) Zbl 0974.00036

Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics 226. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker (ISBN 0-8247-0741-9/pbk; 978-1-138-40213-3/hbk; 978-1-4822-7576-6/ebook). ix, 342 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Greenlees, J. P. C., Local cohomology in equivariant topology, 1-38 [Zbl 1031.55012]
Lipman, Joseph, Lectures on local cohomology and duality, 39-89 [Zbl 1011.13010]
Brodmann, Markus, Cohomological invariants of coherent sheaves over projective schemes: A survey., 91-120 [Zbl 1058.14029]
Lyubeznik, Gennady, A partial survey of local cohomology., 121-154 [Zbl 1061.14005]
Singh, Anurag K., \(p\)-torsion elements in local cohomology modules. II, 155-167 [Zbl 1009.13004]
Tsai, Harrison, Algorithms for associated primes, Weyl closure, and local cohomology of \(D\)-modules, 169-194 [Zbl 0992.68245]
Leykin, Anton, Computing local cohomology in MACAULAY 2, 195-205 [Zbl 1030.13010]
Yanagawa, Kohji, Squarefree modules and local cohomology modules at monomial ideals., 207-231 [Zbl 1097.13517]
Miller, Ezra, Graded Greenlees-May duality and the Čech hull., 233-253 [Zbl 1095.13528]
Huang, I-Chiau, Residue methods in combinatorial analysis, 255-342 [Zbl 0988.05011]


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