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Godunov methods. Theory and applications. International conference, Oxford, GB, October 1999. (English) Zbl 0978.00036
New York, NY: Kluwer Academic/ Plenum Publishers. xvii, 1077 p. (2001).

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Aiso, Hideaki, Oleǐnik’s E-condition from the viewpoint of numerics, 1-25 [Zbl 0991.65082]
Abgrall, R.; Barth, T. J., New results for residual distribution schemes, 27-43 [Zbl 0989.65090]
Aloy, M. A.; Ibanyez, J. M.; Marti, J. M.; Gomez, J. L.; Mueller, E., Simulations of relativistic jets with genesis, 45-52 [Zbl 1007.83508]
Aloy, M. A.; Mueller, E.; Ibanyez, J. M.; Marti, J. M.; MacFadyen, A., Relativistic jets from collapsars, 53-59 [Zbl 1007.83506]
Anderson, J. A. D. W.; Sweby, P. K., Exact computation in numerical linear algebra: The discrete Fourier transform, 61-67 [Zbl 0990.65153]
Bagabir, A.; Drikakis, D., Comparative study of HILL, HLLC and hybrid Riemann solvers in unsteady compressible flows., 69-75 [Zbl 1064.76584]
Bartsch, P.; Borzi’, A., A new reconstruction technique for the Euler equations of gas dynamics with source terms., 77-88 [Zbl 1056.76051]
Beccantini, A., Colella-Glaz splitting scheme for thermally perfect gases, 89-95 [Zbl 1064.76553]
Ben Moussa, B., Meshless particle methods: recent developments for nonlinear conservation laws in bounded domain, 97-108 [Zbl 0990.65115]
Berezowski, A.; Maugin, G. A., Application of wave-propagation algorithm to two-dimensional thermoelastic wave propagation in inhomogeneous media., 109-116 [Zbl 1064.74687]
Berzins, M.; Durbeck, L. J. K., Unstructured mesh solvers for hyperbolic PDEs with source terms: Error estimates and mesh quality, 117-123 [Zbl 0989.65088]
Bonaventura, L.; Gross, E. S., Constancy preserving, conservative methods for free-surface models., 125-133 [Zbl 1064.76555]
Bonfiglioli, A., Hyperbolic-elliptic splitting for the pseudo-compressible Euler equations., 135-140 [Zbl 1064.76556]
Borthwick, A. G. L.; Fujihara, M.; Rogers, B. D., Godunov solution of shallow water equations on curvilinear and quadtree grids., 141-148 [Zbl 1056.76052]
Catalano, L. A., A higher-order-accurate reconstruction for the computation of compressible flows on cell-vertex triangular grids., 149-154 [Zbl 1064.76557]
Chiavassa, G.; Donat, R., Numerical experiments with multilevel schemes for conservation laws, 155-160 [Zbl 0989.65091]
Colella, Phillip, Volume-of-fluid methods for partial differential equations, 161-177 [Zbl 0989.65118]
Coquel, F.; Godlewski, E.; Perthame, B.; In, A.; Rascle, P., Some new Godunov and relaxation methods for two-phase flow problems., 179-188 [Zbl 1064.76545]
Csík, Árpád; Deconninck, Herman; Poedts, Stefaan, Development of genuinely multidmensional upwind residual distribution schemes for the system of eight wave ideal magnetohydrodynamic equations on unstructured grids., 189-196 [Zbl 1064.76558]
Daru, Virginie; Tenaud, Christian, Application of TVD high resolution schemes to the viscous shock tube problem., 197-202 [Zbl 1064.76585]
Declercq, E., Comparison of numerical solvers with Godunov scheme for multicomponent turbulent flows., 203-208 [Zbl 1064.76559]
Dedner, A.; Kröner, D.; Rohde, C.; Wesenberg, M., Godunov-type schemes for the MHD equations., 209-216 [Zbl 1064.76560]
Dedner, A.; Kröner, D.; Wesenberg, M.; Sofronov, I., Absorbing boundary conditions for astrophysical MHD simulations, 217-224 [Zbl 0993.85002]
Dellacherie, S., About kinetic schemes built in axisymmetrical and spherical geometries., 225-232 [Zbl 1064.76595]
Després, Bruno, Lagrangian systems of conservation laws and approximate Riemann solvers, 233-245 [Zbl 1015.76054]
De Sterck, H.; Poedts, S., Intermediate shocks in 3D MHD bow shock flows., 247-252 [Zbl 1064.76633]
Di Mascio, A.; Broglia, R.; Favini, B., A second order Godunov-type scheme for naval hydrodynamics., 253-261 [Zbl 1064.76561]
Drikakis, D., Uniformly high-order methods for unsteady incompressible flows., 263-283 [Zbl 1065.76146]
Erduran, K. S.; Kutija, V., Application of the finite volume method with Osher scheme & split technique for different types of flow in a channel., 285-291 [Zbl 1064.76546]
Falcone, M.; Ferretti, R., A-priori estimates for a semi-Lagrangian scheme for the wave equation, 293-300 [Zbl 0989.65108]
Falle, S. A. E. G., Interstellar shock structures in weakly ionised gases, 301-307 [Zbl 0999.85001]
Fedkiw, Ronald P., The ghost fluid method for numerical treatment of discontinuities and interfaces, 309-317 [Zbl 1015.76062]
Fjelde, Kjell Kåre; Karlsen, Kenneth Hvistendahl, A hybrid primitive-conservative upwind scheme for the drift flux model., 319-326 [Zbl 1064.76563]
Font, José A.; Ibáñez, J. Maria; Papadopoulos, Philippos, Numerical simulations of relativistic wind accretion onto black holes using Godunov-type methods, 327-333 [Zbl 0991.83031]
Forth, S. A., A second order accurate, space-time limited, BDF scheme for the linear advection equation., 335-342 [Zbl 1064.65525]
Garcia-Navarro, P.; Hubbard, M. E.; Brufau, P., Multidimensional upwind schemes: application to hydraulics., 343-365 [Zbl 1064.76565]
Giddings, R. D., HELMIT – A new interface reconstruction algorithm., 367-376 [Zbl 1064.76586]
Godlewski, E.; Olazabal, M.; Raviart, P.-A., A Godunov-type method for studying the linearised stability of a flow. Application to the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability, 377-397 [Zbl 0989.65105]
Godunov, S. K., Thermodynamics, conservation laws and their rotation invariance, 399-410 [Zbl 0991.65079]
Gozalo, L.; Abgrall, R., A new limiter that improves TVD-MUSCL schemes, 411-417 [Zbl 1015.76055]
Guardone, A.; Quartapelle, L., Exact Roe linearization for van der Waals’ gas, 419-424 [Zbl 0999.76093]
Gustafsson, Bertil, The Godunov-Ryabenkii condition: The beginning of a new stability theory, 425-443 [Zbl 0990.65100]
Hanel, D.; Tran, L.; Vilsmeier, R., A front tracking method for hybrid grids, 445-452 [Zbl 0989.65092]
Hannemann, V., A problem of classical shock capturing finite volume schemes in hypersonic flows., 453-459 [Zbl 1064.76547]
Higgins, Stephen; O’Brien, Tim; Dunlop, James, Orientation effects on bent extragalactic jets, 461-467 [Zbl 0999.85500]
Holden, Helge; Karlsen, Kenneth Hvistendahl; Lie, Knut-Andreas; Risebro, Nils Henrik, Operator splitting for convection-dominated nonlinear partial differential equations, 469-475 [Zbl 0989.65093]
Hubbard, M. E.; Garcia-Navarro, P., Balancing source terms and flux gradients in finite volume schemes., 477-483 [Zbl 1064.76566]
Ibáñez, J. Maria; Aloy, M. A.; Font, J. A.; Martí, J. Maria; Miralles, J. A.; Pons, J. A., Riemann solvers in general relativistic hydrodynamics., 485-496 [Zbl 1064.76567]
Kaibara, M. K.; Gomes, S. M., A fully adaptive multiresolution scheme for shock computations., 497-503 [Zbl 1064.76589]
Klomfass, A.; Neuwald, P.; Thoma, K., Application of a Godunov-type ALE-method to underwater shock waves., 505-511 [Zbl 1064.76568]
Kokh, S.; Allaire, G., Numerical simulation of 2-D two-phase flows with interface., 513-518 [Zbl 1064.76548]
Komissarov, Serguei, Relativistic MHD simulations using a Godunov-type method, 519-526 [Zbl 0999.76094]
Kröner, D.; Gessner, T., Godunov type methods on unstructured grids and local mesh refinement., 527-547 [Zbl 1064.76569]
Langseth, J. O., 3D visualization of shock waves using volume rendering., 549-556 [Zbl 1064.76600]
Lowe, C. A.; Clarke, J. F., Gas flows generated by propellant burning, 557-570 [Zbl 0999.76113]
Lukáčová-Medviďová, M.; Morton, K. W.; Warnecke, G., Finite volume evolution Galerkin methods for multidimensional hyperbolic systems, 571-576 [Zbl 0989.65114]
Marqina, Antonio, The numerical simulation of relativistic fluid flow with strong shocks., 577-594 [Zbl 1064.76570]
Martínez, V., An artificial compression procedure via flux correction., 595-601 [Zbl 1064.76601]
Mazzia, A.; Bergamaschi, L.; Putti, M., A second order time-splitting technique for advection-dispersion equation on unstructured grids, 603-609 [Zbl 0989.65087]
Men’shov, I.; Nakamura, Y., Towards implicit Godunov method: exact linearization of the numerical flux., 611-622 [Zbl 1064.76571]
Moschetta, J.-M., Mass flux computation as a key to the carbuncle phenomenon., 623-629 [Zbl 1064.76573]
Moschetta, J.-M.; Gressier, J., On the positivity of FVS schemes., 631-637 [Zbl 1064.76574]
Moschetta, J.-M.; Gressier, J.; Robinet, J.-C.; Casalis, G., The carbuncle phenomenon: a genuine Euler instability?, 639-645 [Zbl 1064.76575]
Munz, C.-D.; Omnes, P.; Schneider, R., A Godunov-type solver for the Maxwell equations with divergence cleaning, 647-654 [Zbl 0986.78002]
Naldi, G.; Pareschi, L.; Toscani, G., Convergence of kinetic approximation to nonlinear parabolic problems., 655-662 [Zbl 1064.65530]
Neelz, S.; Wallis, S. G.; Manson, J. R., On options for the numerical modelling of the diffusion term in river pollution simulations., 663-670 [Zbl 1064.76576]
Noelle, Sebastian, Multidimensional flux-vector-splitting and high-resolution characteristic schemes, 671-676 [Zbl 0990.65106]
Paillere, H.; Kumbaro, A.; Viozat, C.; Clerc, S.; Broquet, A.; Corre, C., A comparison of Roe, VFFC and AUSM+ schemes for two-phase water/steam flows., 677-683 [Zbl 1064.76577]
Pelanti, M.; Quartapelle, L.; Vigevano, L., Low dissipation entropy fix for positivity preserving Roe’s scheme., 685-690 [Zbl 1064.76578]
Pham, M. H.; Rudgyard, M.; Süli, E., Bicharacteristic methods for multi-dimensional hyperbolic systems, 691-698 [Zbl 0989.65110]
Pons, J. A.; Marti, J. M.; Mueller, E., An exact Riemann solver for multidimensional special relativistic hydrodynamics., 699-705 [Zbl 1064.83500]
Qin, N., Experience with the Osher scheme for applied aerodynamics., 707-715 [Zbl 1064.76590]
Rider, William J.; Bates, Jason W., A high-resolution Godunov method for modeling anomalous fluid behaviour., 717-723 [Zbl 1064.76581]
Roe, Philip L.; Hittinger, Jeffrey A. F., Toward Godunov-type methods for hyperbolic conservation laws with stiff relaxation., 725-744 [Zbl 1036.76041]
Romensky, E. I., Thermodynamics and hyperbolic systems of balance laws in continuum mechanics, 745-761 [Zbl 1017.74004]
Saito, T.; Voinovich, P.; Timofeev, E.; Takayama, K., Development and application of high-resolution adaptive numerical techniques in shock wave research center, 763-784 [Zbl 0989.65098]
Saurel, Richard, Interfaces, detonation waves, cavitation and the multiphase Godunov method., 785-807 [Zbl 1064.76582]
Schramm, Jens; Enk, Susanne; Köngeter, Jürgen, One-dimensional calculation of unsteady open channel flow using adaptive mesh refinement., 809-814 [Zbl 1064.76591]
Schroll, Hans Joachim, Error estimates for Godunov-type schemes in the presence of source terms, 815-821 [Zbl 0989.65107]
Schwane, R., A multi-dimensional Euler solver., 823-832 [Zbl 1064.76592]
Smolarkiewicz, P. K.; Margolin, L. G., MPDATA – a multipass donor cell solver for geophysical flows., 833-839 [Zbl 1064.86500]
Städtke, H.; Worth, B.; Franchello, G., On the hyperbolic nature of two-phase flow equations: Characteristic analysis and related numerical methods., 841-862 [Zbl 1056.76056]
Steinebach, G.; Ngo, A. Q. T., A method of lines flux-difference splitting finite volume approach for 1D and 2D river flow problems., 863-871 [Zbl 1064.76583]
Sun, M.; Takayama, K., A simple smoothing TVD scheme on structured and unstructured grids, 873-878 [Zbl 0989.65097]
Sweby, Peter K., Godunov methods, 879-898 [Zbl 0990.65094]
Toro, E. F.; Hu, W., Centered unsplit finite volume schemes for multi-dimensional hyperbolic conservation laws, 899-906 [Zbl 0990.65095]
Toro, E. F.; Millington, R. C.; Nejad, L. A. M., Towards very high order Godunov schemes, 907-940 [Zbl 0989.65094]
Toro, E. F.; Vazquez-Cendon, M. E., Model hyperbolic systems with source terms: Exact and numerical solutions, 941-948 [Zbl 0989.65095]
van Brummelen, E. H.; Koren, B., A Godunov-type method for capturing water waves, 949-968 [Zbl 0999.76099]
van der Heul, D. R.; Vuik, C.; Wesseling, P., A staggered scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws applied to computation of flow with cavitation., 969-976 [Zbl 1064.76594]
Vanderstraeten, Denis, An expert system to control the CFL number of implicit upwind methods., 977-984 [Zbl 1064.76602]
van der Vegt, J. J. W.; van der Ven, H.; Boelens, O. J., Discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations, 985-1005 [Zbl 0989.65115]
Vincent, S.; Caltagirone, J.-P., Solving incompressible two-phase flows with a coupled TVD interface tracking / local mesh refinement method., 1007-1014 [Zbl 1064.76593]
Walker, B. M.-J. B. D.; Nikiforakis, N., A large timestep Godunov-type model of global atmospheric chemistry and transport., 1015-1022 [Zbl 1064.86501]
Wendroff, B., Approximate Riemann solvers, Godunov schemes and contact discontinuities, 1023-1056 [Zbl 0991.65080]
Wesseling, P.; van der Heul, D. R., A unified method for compressible and incompressible flows with general equation of state, 1057-1064 [Zbl 1015.76057]
Young, Robin, Wave interactions in nonlinear strings., 1065-1071 [Zbl 1052.74031]

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