Higher degree Hilbert-symbol equivalence of number fields. (English) Zbl 0978.11058

Quadratic Hilbert-symbol equivalence has been studied so far as a convenient set of local conditions for the Witt equivalence (i.e. the existence of an isomorphism between Witt rings of quadratic forms) of global fields. The authors generalize the set-up to higher degree Hilbert symbols and study the higher degree Hilbert-symbol equivalence. In the absence of Witt ring theory for higher dimensional forms the authors use a substitute for Witt equivalence called the Harrison equivalence, and they compare the higher degree Hilbert-symbol equivalence and higher degree Harrison equivalence of number fields.
More specifically, let \(n \geq 2\) be a fixed integer and assume throughout that all fields considered contain primitive \(n\)th roots of unity.
Two number fields \(K\) and \(L\) are said to be degree \(n\) Hilbert-symbol equivalent when there is an isomorphism \(f:\mu _n(K) \to \mu _n(L)\) of the groups of \(n\)th roots of unity, a group isomorphism \(t:K^*/K^{*n} \to L^*/L^{*n}\) and a bijective map \(T:\Omega (K) \to \Omega (L)\) between the sets of all primes of the two fields, preserving Hilbert symbols of degree \(n\), \[ (a,b)^f_P = (ta,tb)_{TP} \] for all \(n\)-th power classes \(a,b \in K^*/K^{*n}\) and all primes \(P \in \Omega (K).\)
A Harrison map of degree \(n\) is a group isomorphism \(t:K^*/K^{*n} \to L^*/L^{*n}\) sending the coset of \(-1\) onto the coset of \(-1\), and preserving the norm groups of cyclic extensions of degree \(n.\) If such a map exists, the fields \(K\) and \(L\) are said to be degree \(n\) Harrison equivalent.
The main result of the paper states that, for any \(n\), Hilbert-symbol equivalence of degree \(n\) implies the Harrison equivalence of degree \(n\), and when \(n\) is a prime, the two equivalences coincide.
The authors’ approach is based on a proof of these results for \(n=2\) [the reviewer, Tatra Mt. Math. Publ. 11, 7-16 (1997; Zbl 0978.11012)].


11R21 Other number fields
11R20 Other abelian and metabelian extensions
11E81 Algebraic theory of quadratic forms; Witt groups and rings
19F15 Symbols and arithmetic (\(K\)-theoretic aspects)


Zbl 0978.11012