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Discovering the world with fuzzy logic. (English) Zbl 0979.00015
Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. 57. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag. xii, 555 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Zadeh, Lotfi A., Toward a logic of perceptions based on fuzzy logic., 4-28 [Zbl 1096.68743]
Klir, George J., Uncertainty-based information: A critical review, 29-53 [Zbl 0999.68217]
Klement, Erich Peter; Mesiar, Radko; Pap, Endre, Triangular norms – basic properties and representation theorems, 63-81 [Zbl 1010.03046]
Paris, Jeff, Semantics for fuzzy logic supporting truth functionality, 82-104 [Zbl 1006.03025]
Di Nola, Antonio; Georgescu, George; Leiştean, Ioana, States on perfect MV-algebras, 105-125 [Zbl 1016.06007]
Trillas, Enric; de Soto, Adolfo R.; Cubillo, Susanna, A glance at implication and T-conditional functions, 126-147 [Zbl 1006.03027]
Hájek, Petr, On the metamathematics of fuzzy logic, 155-174 [Zbl 1007.03022]
Gerla, Giangiacomo, Fuzzy metalogic for crisp logics, 175-191 [Zbl 1005.03028]
Lehmke, Stephan, Degrees of truth and degrees of validity, 192-236 [Zbl 1005.03029]
Turunen, Esko, Fuzzy propositional logic, 243-270 [Zbl 1006.03024]
Novák, Vilém; Perfilieva, Irina, Some consequences of Herbrand and McNaughton theorems in fuzzy logic, 271-295 [Zbl 1006.03026]
Hájek, Petr, Many, 302-309 [Zbl 1007.03023]
Mesiar, Radko; Thiele, Helmut, On T-quantifiers and S-quantifiers, 310-326 [Zbl 1005.03030]
Mundici, Daniele, Reasoning on imprecisely defined functions, 331-366 [Zbl 1007.03024]
Esteva, Fracesc; Garcia, Pere; Godo, Lluis, Similarity-based reasoning, 367-396 [Zbl 1007.03025]
Gottwald, Siegfried, Generalized solvability behaviour for systems of fuzzy equations, 401-430 [Zbl 1006.03033]
Klawonn, Frank, Fuzzy points, fuzzy relations and fuzzy functions, 431-453 [Zbl 1010.03045]
Bělohlávek, Radim, Fuzzy Galois connections and fuzzy concept lattices: From binary relations to conceptual structures, 462-494 [Zbl 1006.06005]
Broda, Krysia; Russo, Alessandra; Gabbay, Dov, A unified compilation style labelled deductive system for modal, substructural and fuzzy logics, 495-547 [Zbl 1012.03013]

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