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Winter school on mirror symmetry, vector bundles and Lagrangian submanifolds. Proceedings of the winter school on mirror symmetry, Cambridge, MA, USA, January 1999. (English) Zbl 0980.00027
AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics. 23. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). Somerville, MA: International Press, ix, 377 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Acharya, B. S., Exeptional mirror symmetry, 1-14 [Zbl 0998.81092]
Fukaya, Kenji, Floer homology and mirror symmetry. I, 15-43 [Zbl 1015.53057]
Gopakumar, Rajesh; Vafa, Cumrun, On the gauge theory. Geometry correspondence, 45-63 [Zbl 1026.81029]
Gross, Mark, Special Lagrangian fibrations. I: Topology, 65-93 [Zbl 1028.14014]
Gross, Mark, Special Lagrangian fibrations. II: Geometry. A survey of techniques in the study of special Lagrangian fibrations., 95-150 [Zbl 1079.14521]
Hitchin, Nigel, Lectures on special Lagrangian submanifolds., 151-182 [Zbl 1079.14522]
Klemm, Albrecht; Zaslow, Eric, Local mirror symmetry at higher genus., 183-207 [Zbl 1079.14523]
Leung, Naichung Conan; Yau, Shing-Tung; Zaslow, Eric, From special Lagrangian to Hermitian-Yang-Mills via Fourier-Mukai transform., 209-225 [Zbl 1081.53516]
Berglund, P.; Mayr, P., \(N=1\) heterotic string vacua from mirror symmetry., 227-246 [Zbl 1082.14523]
Polishchuk, A., Homological mirror symmetry with higher products, 247-259 [Zbl 0999.32013]
Arinkin, D.; Polishchuk, A., Fukaya category and Fourier transform., 261-274 [Zbl 1082.14522]
Polishchuk, Alexander; Zaslow, Eric, Categorical mirror symmetry in the elliptic curve., 275-295 [Zbl 1079.14525]
Ruan, Wei-Dong, Lagrangian torus fibration of quintic hypersurfaces. I: Fermat quintic case., 297-332 [Zbl 1079.14526]
Strominger, Andrew; Yau, Shing-Tung; Zaslow, Eric, Mirror symmetry is \(T\)-duality, 333-347 [Zbl 0998.81091]
Thomas, R. P., Derived categories for the working mathematician, 349-361 [Zbl 1008.18011]
Thomas, R. P., Mirror symmetry and actions of braid groups on derived categories., 363-377 [Zbl 1079.14530]

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53D12 Lagrangian submanifolds; Maslov index
14F05 Sheaves, derived categories of sheaves, etc. (MSC2010)
14J32 Calabi-Yau manifolds (algebro-geometric aspects)