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Solitary waves in a collisionless plasma with isothermal pressure. (English. Russian original) Zbl 0980.76100
Fluid Dyn. 35, No. 5, 738-747 (2000); translation from Izv. Ross. Akad. Nauk, Mekh. Zhidk. Gaza 2000, No. 5, 129-138 (2000).
The authors calculate wave resonances in a hydrodynamical model of isotropic collisionless quasi-neutral hot plasma, with isothermal ions and electrons. It is assumed that characteristic frequencies of the wave processes are much smaller then the Langmuir frequency, the Alfvén and hybrid Alfvén velocities are much smaller than the speed of light, and the Debye radius is much larger then the characteristic linear scale of the event. The authors prove the existence of families of oblique solitary and generalized solitary waves branching out from the quiescent state. The dispersion relation has three branches corresponding to fast magnetosonic, Alfvén and slow magnetosonic waves. Finally, the authors discuss resonances leading to the onset of traveling waves of solitary wave-type. The results can be applicable to wave processes in Earth magnetosphere.
76X05 Ionized gas flow in electromagnetic fields; plasmic flow
35Q51 Soliton equations
85A20 Planetary atmospheres
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