Aggregation operators. New trends and applications. (English) Zbl 0983.00020

Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. 97. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag. xiv, 352 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Calvo, Tomasa; Kolesárova, Anna; Komorníková, Magda; Mesiar, Radko, Aggregation operators: Properties, classes and construction methods, 3-104 [Zbl 1039.03015]
Grabisch, Michel, Aggregation based on integrals: Recent results and trends, 107-123 [Zbl 1041.28014]
Sander, W., Associative aggregation operators, 124-158 [Zbl 1025.03054]
Torra, Vicenç; Godo, Lluís, Continuous WOWA operators with application to defuzzification, 159-176 [Zbl 1023.68679]
Yager, Ronald R., Using importances in group preference aggregation to block strategic manipulation, 177-191 [Zbl 1053.91045]
Pap, Endre, Aggregation operators in engineering design, 195-223 [Zbl 1053.91043]
Marichal, Jean-Luc, Aggregation of interacting criteria by means of the discrete Choquet integral, 224-244 [Zbl 1041.28015]
Herrera, F.; Herrera-Viedma, E.; Martínez, L., Representation models for aggregating linguistic information: Issues and analysis, 245-259 [Zbl 1047.68144]
Domingo-Ferrer, Josep; Torra, Vicenç, Aggregation techniques for statistical confidentiality, 260-271 [Zbl 1021.62107]
Blanco, I.; Delgado, M.; Martín-Bautista, M. J.; Sánchez, D.; Vila, M. A., Quantifer guided aggregation of fuzzy criteria with associated importances, 272-287 [Zbl 1053.03014]
Mareš, Milan; Mesiar, Radko, Verbally generated fuzzy quantities and their aggregation, 291-352 [Zbl 1039.68128]


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