Graph drawing. 9th international symposium, GD 2001, Vienna, Austria, September 23–26, 2001. Revised papers. (English) Zbl 0984.00060

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2265. Berlin: Springer. xv, 524 p. (2002).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium (8th, 2000) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0954.00048).
Indexed articles:
Dujmović, V.; Fellows, M.; Hallett, M.; Kitching, M.; Liotta, Giuseppe; McCartin, C.; Nishimura, N.; Ragde, P.; Rosamond, F.; Suderman, M.; Whitesides, S.; Wood, David R., A fixed-parameter approach to two-layer planarization, 1-15 [Zbl 1054.68576]
Healy, Patrick; Nikolov, Nikola S., How to layer a directed acyclic graph, 16-30 [Zbl 1054.68589]
Brandes, Ulrik; Köpf, Boris, Fast and simple horizontal coordinate assignment, 31-44 [Zbl 1054.68569]
Six, Janet M.; Tollis, Ioannis G., Automated visualization of process diagrams, 45-59 [Zbl 1054.68605]
Di Battista, Giuseppe; Didimo, Walter; Marcandalli, A., Planarization of clustered graphs, 60-74 [Zbl 1054.68573]
Edwards, Keith; Farr, Graham, An algorithm for finding large induced planar subgraphs, 75-83 [Zbl 1054.68580]
de Fraysseix, Hubert; Ossona de Mendez, Patrice, A characterization of DFS cotree critical graphs, 84-95 [Zbl 1054.68608]
Djidjev, Hristo; Vrt’o, Imrich, An improved lower bound for crossing numbers, 96-101 [Zbl 1054.68575]
Hliněný, Petr, Crossing-critical graphs and path-width, 102-114 [Zbl 1054.68590]
Muñoz, Xavier; Unger, W.; Vrt’o, Imrich, One sided crossing minimization is NP-hard for sparse graphs, 115-123 [Zbl 1054.68598]
Eiglsperger, Markus; Kaufmann, Michael, Fast compaction for orthogonal drawings with vertices of prescribed size, 124-138 [Zbl 1054.68581]
Binucci, Carla; Didimo, Walter; Liotta, Giuseppe; Nonato, Maddalena, Labeling heuristics for orthogonal drawings, 139-153 [Zbl 1054.68568]
Pach, János; Tardos, Gábor, Untangling a polygon, 154-161 [Zbl 1054.68600]
Duncan, Christian A.; Efrat, Alon; Kobourov, Stephen G.; Wenk, Carola, Drawing with fat edges, 162-177 [Zbl 1054.68577]
Buchheim, Christoph; Jünger, Michael, Detecting symmetries by branch & cut, 178-188 [Zbl 1054.68571]
Hong, Seok-Hee, Drawing graphs symmetrically in three dimensions, 189-204 [Zbl 1054.68591]
do Nascimento, Hugo A. D.; Eades, Peter, User hints for directed graph drawing, 205-219 [Zbl 1054.68610]
Friedrich, Carsten; Houle, Michael E., Graph drawing in motion. II, 220-231 [Zbl 1054.68587]
North, Stephen C.; Woodhull, Gordon, Online hierarchical graph drawing, 232-246 [Zbl 1054.68599]
Pach, János; Tóth, Géza, Recognizing string graphs is decidable, 247-260 [Zbl 1054.68601]
Černý, Jakub; Král’, Daniel; Nyklová, Helena; Pangrác, Ondřej, On intersection graphs of segments with prescribed slopes, 261-271 [Zbl 1054.68560]
Kruja, Eriola; Marks, Joe; Blair, Ann; Waters, Richard, A short note on the history of graph drawing, 272-286 [Zbl 1054.68500]
Adamec, Jan; Nešetřil, Jaroslav, Towards an aesthetic invariant for graph drawing, 287-296 [Zbl 1054.68561]
Biedl, Therese; Johansen, John R.; Shermer, Thomas; Wood, David R., Orthogonal drawings with few layers, 297-311 [Zbl 1054.68567]
Wood, David R., Bounded degree book embeddings and three-dimensional orthogonal graph drawing, 312-327 [Zbl 1054.68607]
Felsner, Stefan; Liotta, Giuseppe; Wismath, Stephen, Straight-line drawings on restricted integer grids in two and three dimensions, 328-342 [Zbl 1054.68584]
Babilon, Robert; Matoušek, Jiří; Maxová, Jana; Valtr, Pavel, Low-distortion embeddings of trees, 343-351 [Zbl 1054.68562]
Gröller, Eduard, Insight into data through visualization, 352-366 [Zbl 1054.68745]
Liao, Chien-Chih; Lu, Hsueh-I.; Yen, Hsu-Chun, Floor-planning via orderly spanning trees, 367-377 [Zbl 1054.68597]
Freivalds, Karlis; Dogrusoz, Ugur; Kikusts, Paulis, Disconnected graph layout and the polyomino packing approach, 378-391 [Zbl 1054.68586]
Rahman, Md. Saidur; Naznin, Mahmuda; Nishizeki, Takao, Orthogonal drawings of plane graphs without bends, 392-406 [Zbl 1054.68602]
Duncan, Christian A.; Kobourov, Stephen G., Polar coordinate drawing of planar graphs with good angular resolution, 407-421 [Zbl 1054.68578]
Hutchinson, Joan P., On polar visibility representations of graphs, 422-434 [Zbl 1054.68593]
David, Auber, Tulip, 435-437 [Zbl 1054.68572]
Sander, Georg; Vasiliu, Adrian, The ILOG JViews graph layout module, 438-439 [Zbl 1054.68604]
di Giacomo, Emilio; Liotta, Giuseppe, WAVE, 440-441 [Zbl 1054.68609]
Dwyer, Tim; Eckersley, Peter, WilmaScope – an interactive 3D graph visualisation system, 442-443 [Zbl 1054.68579]
Barbagallo, Gabriele; Carmignani, Andrea; Di Battista, Giuseppe; Didimo, Walter; Pizzonia, Maurizio, Exploration and visualization of computer networks: Polyphemus and Hermes, 444-445 [Zbl 1054.68737]
Lewerentz, Claus; Simon, Frank; Steinbrückner, Frank, CrocoCosmos, 446-447 [Zbl 1054.68596]
Bridgeman, Stina; Tamassia, Roberto, The Graph Drawing Server, 448-450 [Zbl 1054.68570]
Di Battista, Giuseppe; Didimo, Walter; Patrignani, Maurizio; Pizzonia, Maurizio, Drawing database schemas with DBdraw, 451-452 [Zbl 1054.68742]
Wiese, Roland; Eiglsperger, Markus; Kaufmann, Michael, yFiles: Visualization and automatic layout of graphs, 453-454 [Zbl 1054.68606]
Brandenburg, Franz J.; Forster, Michael; Pick, Andreas; Raitner, Marcus; Schreiber, Falk, BioPath, 455-456 [Zbl 1054.68739]
Bertault, François; Feng, Wendy; Fößmeier, Uli; Grigorescu, Gabe; Madden, Brendan, Graph visualization API library for application builders, 457-458 [Zbl 1054.68565]
Bagga, Jay; Heinz, Adrian, JGraph – a Java based system for drawing graphs and running graph algorithms, 459-460 [Zbl 1054.68563]
Gutwenger, Carsten; Jünger, Michael; Klein, Karsten; Kupke, Joachim; Leipert, Sebastian; Mutzel, Petra, Caesar automatic layout of UML class diagrams, 461-462 [Zbl 1054.68746]
Baur, Michael; Benkert, Marc; Brandes, Ulrik; Cornelsen, Sabine; Gaertler, Marco; Köpf, Boris; Lerner, Jürgen; Wagner, Dorothea, Visone, 463-464 [Zbl 1054.68738]
Lauther, Ulrich; Stübinger, Andreas, Generating schematic cable plans using springembedder methods, 465-466 [Zbl 1054.68595]
Eichelberger, Holger, SugiBib, 467-468 [Zbl 1054.68743]
Delahousse, Jean; Auillans, Pascal, Knowledge index manager, 469-470 [Zbl 1054.68669]
Hotz, Günter; Lohse, Steffen, Planarity testing of graphs on base of a spring model, 471-472 [Zbl 1054.68592]
Gutwenger, Carsten; Jünger, Michael; Klau, Gunnar W.; Leipert, Sebastian; Mutzel, Petra; Weiskircher, René, AGD: a library of algorithms for graph drawing., 473-474 [Zbl 1054.68588]
Didimo, Walter; Patrignani, Maurizio; Pizzonia, Maurizio, Industrial Plant Drawer, 475-476 [Zbl 1054.68574]
Batagelj, Vladimir; Mrvar, Andrej, Pajek – analysis and visualization of large networks, 477-478 [Zbl 1054.68564]
Ryall, Kathy, GLIDE, 479-480 [Zbl 1054.68603]
Castelló, Rodolfo; Mili, Rym; Tollis, Ioannis G., ViSta, 481-482 [Zbl 1054.68740]
Ellson, John; Gansner, Emden; Koutsofios, Lefteris; North, Stephen C.; Woodhull, Gordon, Graphviz – open source graph drawing tools, 483-484 [Zbl 1054.68583]
Winter, Andreas, Exchanging graphs with GXL, 485-500 [Zbl 1054.68544]
Brandes, Ulrik; Eiglsperger, Markus; Herman, Ivan; Himsolt, Michael; Marshall, M. Scott, GraphML progress report. Structural layer proposal., 501-512 [Zbl 1054.68543]
Biedl, Therese; Brandenburg, Franz J., Graph-drawing contest report, 513-521 [Zbl 1054.68566]


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