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Discrete models: combinatorics, computation, and geometry. Proceedings of the 1st international conference (DM-CCG), Paris, France, July 2–5, 2001. (English) Zbl 0985.00015

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Indexed articles:
Destainville, Nicolas, Mixing times of plane random rhombus tilings, 1-22, electronic only [Zbl 1017.68148]
Linde, Joakim; Moore, Cristopher; Nordahl, Mats G., An \(n\)-dimensional generalization of the rhombus tiling, 23-42, electronic only [Zbl 0999.68219]
Propp, James, The many faces of alternating-sign matrices, 43-58, electronic only [Zbl 0990.05020]
Arnoux, Pierre; Berthé, Valérie; Ei, Hiromi; Ito, Shunji, Tilings, quasicrystals, discrete planes, generalized substitutions, and multidimensional continued fractions, 59-78, electronic only [Zbl 1017.68147]
Barbé, André; von Haeseler, Fritz, Periodic patterns in orbits of certain linear cellular automata, 79-94, electronic only [Zbl 1001.68081]
Barrett, Christopher L.; Hunt, Harry B. III; Marathe, Madhav V.; Ravi, S. S.; Rosenkrantz, Daniel J.; Stearns, Richard E.; Tosic, Predrag T., Gardens of Eden and fixed points in sequential dynamical systems, 95-110, electronic only [Zbl 1017.68055]
Bespamyatnikh, Sergei, Enumerating triangulations of convex polytopes, 111-122, electronic only [Zbl 1001.68171]
Boulier, François; Hivert, Florent; Krob, Daniel; Novelli, Jean-Christophe, Pseudo-permutations. II: Geometry and representation theory, 123-132, electronic only [Zbl 1052.68128]
Del Lungo, Alberto; Mirolli, Massimo; Pinzani, Renzo; Rinaldi, Simone, A bijection for directed-convex polyominoes, 133-144, electronic only [Zbl 1001.68170]
Durand-Lose, Jérôme, Representing reversible cellular automata with reversible block cellular automata, 145-154, electronic only [Zbl 1052.68090]
Emamy-Khansary, M. Reza; Ziegler, Martin, New bounds for hypercube slicing numbers, 155-164, electronic only [Zbl 1001.68172]
Erra, Robert; Lygeros, Nik; Stewart, Nigel, On minimal strings containing the elements of \({S}_{n}\) by decimation, 165-176, electronic only [Zbl 1013.68133]
Evans, Kellie M., Larger than life: Digital creatures in a family of two-dimensional cellular automata, 177-192, electronic only [Zbl 1017.68071]
Herbranson, Travis; Rawlings, Don, A sequential search distribution: Proofreading, Russian roulette, and the incomplete \(q\)-Eulerian polynomials, 193-202, electronic only [Zbl 1001.68031]
Krob, Daniel; Vassilieva, Ekaterina A., Performance evaluation of demodulation methods: A combinatorial approach, 203-214 [Zbl 1001.68086]
Latapy, Matthieu, Partitions of an integer into powers, 215-228, electronic only [Zbl 1002.11074]
Magnien, Clémence; Phan, Ha Duong; Vuillon, Laurent, Characterization of lattices induced by (extended) chip firing games, 229-244, electronic only [Zbl 1007.91503]
Merino, Criel, The chip firing game and matroid complexes, 245-256, electronic only [Zbl 0998.05010]
Meyerowitz, Aaron, Tiling the line with triples, 257-274, electronic only [Zbl 1001.68087]
Novelli, Jean-Christophe; Rossin, Dominique, On the toppling of a sand pile, 275-286, electronic only [Zbl 1001.68182]
Radenne, Gilles, Tilings of a domain on a hexagon mesh with balanced 3-tiles, 287-300, electronic only [Zbl 1052.68776]
Snellman, Jan, A poset classifying non-commutative term orders., 301-314, electronic only [Zbl 1095.20500]
Thiéry, Nicolas M., Computing minimal generating sets of invariant rings of permutation groups with SAGBI-Gröbner basis, 315-328, electronic only [Zbl 1017.68149]
Zvonkin, Alexander, Megamaps: Construction and examples, 329-340, electronic only [Zbl 1007.05099]
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