Progress in discovery science. Final report of the Japanese discovery science project. (English) Zbl 0988.00034

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2281. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. xiv, 684 p. (2002).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Takahashi, Koichi; Hagiya, Masami, Searching for mutual exclusion algorithms using BDDs, 1-18 [Zbl 1052.68692]
Ida, Tetsuo; Marin, Mircea; Suzuki, Taro, Reducing search space in solving higher-order equations, 19-30 [Zbl 1052.68659]
Noé, Keiichi, The structure of scientific discovery: From a philosophical point of view, 31-39 [Zbl 1052.03512]
Okada, Mitsuhiro, Ideal concepts, intuitions, and mathematical knowledge acquisitions in Husserl and Hilbert, 40-77 [Zbl 1052.03505]
Sato, Masahiko, Theory of judgments and derivations, 78-122 [Zbl 1052.03520]
Arimura, Hiroki; Sakamoto, Hiroshi; Arikawa, Setsuo, Efficient data mining from large text databases, 123-139 [Zbl 1052.68647]
Kobayashi, Ikuo; Furukawa, Koichi; Ozaki, Tomonobu; Imai, Mutsumi, A computational model for children’s language acquisition using inductive logic programming, 140-155 [Zbl 1052.68666]
Haraguchi, Makoto; Kudoh, Yoshimitsu, Some criterions for selecting the best data abstractions, 156-167 [Zbl 1052.68653]
Ohsawa, Yukio, Discovery of chances underlying real data, 168-177 [Zbl 1052.68679]
Sakama, Chiaki, Towards the integration of inductive and nonmonotonic logic programming, 178-188 [Zbl 1052.68684]
Sato, Taisuke, EM learning for symbolic-statistical models in statistical abduction, 189-200 [Zbl 1052.68687]
Sato, Masako; Mukouchi, Yasuhito; Terada, Mikiharu, Refutable/inductive learning from neighbor examples and its application to decision trees over patterns, 201-213 [Zbl 1052.68686]
Satoh, Ken, Constructing a critical casebase to represent a lattice-based relation, 214-223 [Zbl 1052.68688]
Shinohara, Takeshi; Ishizaka, Hiroki, On dimension reduction mappings for approximate retrieval of multi-dimensional data, 224-231 [Zbl 1052.68610]
Tsukimoto, Hiroshi; Kakimoto, Mitsuru; Morita, Chie; Kikuchi, Yoshiaki, Rule discovery from fMRI brain images by logical regression analysis, 232-245 [Zbl 1052.68699]
Yamamoto, Akihiro; Fronhöfer, Bertram, A theory of hypothesis finding in clausal logic, 246-257 [Zbl 1052.68707]
Mamitsuka, Hiroshi; Abe, Naoki, Efficient data mining by active learning, 258-267 [Zbl 1052.68671]
Okazaki, Takumi; Sadakane, Kunihiko; Imai, Hiroshi, Data compression method combining properties of PPM and CTW, 268-283 [Zbl 1052.68680]
Tsuchiya, Masatoshi; Kurohashi, Sadao; Sato, Satoshi, Discovery of definition patterns by compressing dictionary sentences, 284-295 [Zbl 1052.68698]
Maruoka, Akira; Takimoto, Eiji, On-line algorithm to predict nearly as well as the best pruning of a decision tree, 296-306 [Zbl 1052.68672]
Shinohara, Ayumi; Takeda, Masayuki; Arikawa, Setsuo; Hirao, Masahiro; Hoshino, Hiromasa; Inenaga, Shunsuke, Finding best patterns practically, 307-317 [Zbl 1052.68690]
Takasu, Atsuhiro, Classification of object sequences using syntactical structure, 318-326 [Zbl 1052.68693]
Takimoto, Eiji; Maruoka, Akira, Top-down decision tree boosting and its applications, 327-337 [Zbl 1052.68695]
Uehara, Kuniaki; Shimada, Mitsuomi, Extraction of primitive motion and discovery of association rules from human motion data, 338-348 [Zbl 1052.68701]
Watanabe, Osamu, Algorithmic aspects of boosting, 349-359 [Zbl 1052.68705]
Nagao, Hiromichi; Higuchi, Tomoyuki; Iyemori, Toshihiko; Araki, Tohru, Automatic detection of geomagnetic jerks by applying a statistical time series model to geomagnetic monthly means, 360-371 [Zbl 1052.68676]
Ueno, Genta; Nakamura, Nagatomo; Higuchi, Tomoyuki; Tsuchiya, Takashi; Machida, Shinobu; Araki, Tohru, Application of multivariate Maxwellian mixture model to plasma velocity distribution, 372-383 [Zbl 1052.68702]
Hasegawa, Hiroshi H.; Washio, Takashi; Ishimiya, Yukari, Inductive thermodynamics from time series data analysis, 384-394 [Zbl 1052.68654]
Honda, Rie; Iijima, Yuichi; Konishi, Osamu, Mining of topographic feature from heterogeneous imagery and its application to lunar craters, 395-407 [Zbl 1052.68656]
Ikeda, Yuji; Mazurkiewicz, Dariusz, Application of neural network technique to combustion spray dynamics analysis, 408-425 [Zbl 1052.68660]
Kasahara, Yoshiya; Niitsu, Ryotaro; Sato, Toru, Computational analysis of plasma waves and particles in the auroral region observed by scientific satellite, 426-437 [Zbl 1052.68661]
Goto, Yoshitaka; Kasahara, Yoshiya; Sato, Toru, A flexible modeling of global plasma profile deduced from wave data, 438-448 [Zbl 1052.68651]
Kitagawa, Genshiro; Takanami, Tetsuo; Kuwano, Asako; Murai, Yoshio; Shimamura, Hideki, Extraction of signal from high dimensional time series: Analysis of ocean bottom seismograph data, 449-458 [Zbl 1052.68665]
Tamada, Yoshinori; Bannai, Hideo; Maruyama, Osamu; Miyano, Satoru, Foundations of designing computational knowledge discovery processes, 459-470 [Zbl 1052.68696]
Morishita, Shinichi, Computing optimal hypotheses efficiently for boosting, 471-481 [Zbl 1052.68674]
Nakano, Ryohei; Saito, Kazumi, Discovering polynomials to fit multivariate data having numeric and nominal variables, 482-493 [Zbl 1052.68677]
Niijima, Koichi; Takano, Shigeru, Finding of signal and image by integer-type Haar lifting wavelet transform, 494-503 [Zbl 1052.68678]
Suzuki, Einoshin, In pursuit of interesting patterns with undirected discovery of exception rules, 504-517 [Zbl 1052.68691]
Takeda, Masayuki; Fukuda, Tomoko; Nanri, Ichiro, Mining from literary texts: Pattern discovery and similarity computation, 518-531 [Zbl 1052.68694]
Tanaka, Takehiko, Second difference method reinforced by grouping: A new tool for assistance in assignment of complex molecular spectra, 532-542 [Zbl 1052.68697]
Tsumoto, Shusaku, Discovery of positive and negative knowledge in medical databases using rough sets, 543-552 [Zbl 1052.68700]
Washio, Takashi; Motoda, Hiroshi, Toward the discovery of first principle based scientific law equations, 553-564 [Zbl 1052.68703]
Hamuro, Yukinobu; Kawata, Hideki; Katoh, Naoki; Yada, Katsutoshi, A machine learning algorithm for analyzing string patterns helps to discover simple and interpretable business rules from purchase history, 565-575 [Zbl 1052.68652]
Abe, Hidenao; Yamaguchi, Takahira, Constructing inductive applications by meta-learning with method repositories, 576-585 [Zbl 1052.68646]
Sakamoto, Hiroshi; Arimura, Hiroki; Arikawa, Setsuo, Knowledge discovery from semistructured texts, 586-599 [Zbl 1052.68685]
Fukushima, Masaki; Goto, Shigeki, Packet analysis in congested networks, 600-615 [Zbl 1052.68508]
Hirokawa, Sachio; Ikeda, Daisuke, Visualization and analysis of web graphs, 616-627 [Zbl 1052.68871]
Kuroda, Hisayasu; Katagiri, Takahiro; Kanada, Yasumasa, Knowledge discovery in auto-tuning parallel numerical library, 628-639 [Zbl 1052.68668]
Kawano, Hiroyuki; Kawahara, Minoru, Extended association algorithm based on ROC analysis for visual information navigator, 640-649 [Zbl 1052.68662]
Hiraishi, Hironori; Mizoguchi, Fumio, WWW visualization tools for discovering interesting web pages, 650-660 [Zbl 1052.68796]
Shibayama, Etsuya; Toyoda, Masashi; Yabe, Jun; Takahashi, Shin, Scalable and comprehensible visualization for discovery of knowledge from the internet, 661-671 [Zbl 1052.68689]
Tanaka, Yuzuru, Meme media for re-editing and redistributing intellectual assets and their application to interactive virtual information materialization, 672-681 [Zbl 1052.68797]


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