Advances in soft computing - AFSS 2002. 2002 AFSS international conference on fuzzy systems, Calcutta, India, February 3–6, 2002. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0988.00084

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2275. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. xvi, 536 p. (2002).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Dubois, D.; Prade, H.; Ughetto, L., A new perspective on reasoning with fuzzy rules, 1-11 [Zbl 1053.68701]
Furuhashi, T., On interpretability of fuzzy models, 12-19 [Zbl 1053.68702]
Intan, Rolly; Mukaidono, Masao, Degree of similarity in fuzzy partition, 20-26 [Zbl 1053.68704]
Raha, Swapan; Hossain, Sanaul, Fuzzy set in default reasoning, 27-33 [Zbl 1053.68710]
Kóczy, László T.; Muresan, Leila, Interpolation in hierarchical rule-bases with normal conclusions, 34-39 [Zbl 1053.68706]
Kim, Young-Chul; Cho, Sung-Bae; Oh, Sang-Rok, The Dempster-Shafer approach to map-building for an autonomous mobile robot with fuzzy controller, 40-46 [Zbl 1053.68715]
Ionita, Silviu; Sofron, Emil, The fuzzy model for aircraft landing control, 47-54 [Zbl 1053.93533]
Himavathi, S.; Umamaheswari, B., Implementation of nonlinear fuzzy models using microcontrollers, 55-61 [Zbl 1053.93518]
Mudi, Rajani K.; Majumdar, Kalyan; Dey, Chanchal, A gain adaptive fuzzy logic controller, 62-68 [Zbl 1053.93521]
Choi, WanKyoo; Yoon, HongSang; Kim, Kyungsu; Chung, IlYong; Lee, SungJoo, A traffic light controlling FLC considering the traffic congestion, 69-75 [Zbl 1053.93516]
Hirota, Kaoru; Dong, Fanyan; Chen, Kewei; Takama, Yasufumi, Vehicle routing, scheduling and dispatching system based on HIMS model, 76-84 [Zbl 1053.90503]
Myung, Hwan-Chun; Bien, Z. Zenn, Similarity between fuzzy multi-objective control and eligibility, 85-90 [Zbl 1053.93522]
Moitra, Bhola Nath; Pal, Bijay Baran, A fuzzy goal programming approach for solving bilevel programming problems, 91-98 [Zbl 1053.90540]
Deb, S. K.; Bhattacharyya, B.; Sorkhel, S. K., Material handling equipment selection by fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods, 99-105 [Zbl 1053.90511]
Pawlak, Zdzisław, The rough set view on Bayes’ theorem, 106-116 [Zbl 1053.68709]
Sugeno, Michio, Verbalizing computers – a way to everyday language computing, 117-120 [Zbl 1053.68722]
Bien, Z. Zenn; Kim, Jung-Bae; Kim, Dae-Jin; Han, Jeong-Su; Do, Jun-Hyeong, Soft computing based emotion/intention reading for service robot, 121-128 [Zbl 1053.68714]
Intan, Rolly; Mukaidono, Masao, Generalization of rough membership function based on \(\alpha\)-coverings of the universe, 129-135 [Zbl 1053.68705]
Taneja, H. C., A class of quantitative-qualitative measures of directed-divergence, 136-140 [Zbl 1061.94532]
Ghosh, Shrabonti; Alam, S. S., (\(\alpha, \beta\)) reduction of decision table: A rough approach, 141-147 [Zbl 1053.68703]
Tiwari, Arvind K.; Shukla, K. K., Wavelet transform based fuzzy inference system for power quality classification, 148-155 [Zbl 1053.68652]
De, Abhinandan; Chatterjee, Nirmalendu, A fuzzy-neural technique for flashover diagnosis of winding insulation in transformers, 156-162 [Zbl 1053.68667]
Mukherjee, Abhik; Adhikari, Partha Pratim; Nandi, P. K., Feature identification for fuzzy logic based adaptive Kalman filtering, 163-170 [Zbl 1053.93543]
Franke, Katrin; Ruiz-del-Solar, Javier, Soft-Biometrics: Soft-computing technologies for biometric-applications, 171-177 [Zbl 1053.68669]
Navarrete, Pablo; Ruiz-del-Solar, Javier, Comparative study between different eigenspace-based approaches for face recognition, 178-184 [Zbl 1053.68678]
Franke, Katrin; Zhang, Yu-Nong; Köppen, Mario, Static signature verification employing a Kosko-neuro-fuzzy approach, 185-190 [Zbl 1053.68670]
Roy, Prasun K.; Miller, John P.; Dutta Majumder, D., A control analysis of neuronal information processing: A study of electrophysiological experimentation and non-equilibrium information theory, 191-203 [Zbl 1061.94529]
Yamakawa, Takeshi; Horio, Keiichi, Modeling of nonlinear systems by employing self-organization and evaluation – SOR network, 204-213 [Zbl 1053.68660]
Ganguly, Niloy; Maji, Pradipta; Das, Arijit; Sikdar, Biplab K.; Chaudhuri, P. Pal, Characterization of non-linear cellular automata model for pattern recognition, 214-220 [Zbl 1053.68671]
Parui, Swapan K.; Datta, Amitava, On convergence of a neural network model computing MSC, 221-227 [Zbl 1053.68634]
Bhattacharya, U.; Das, T. K.; Datta, A.; Parui, S. K.; Chaudhuri, B. B., Recognition of handprinted Bangla numerals using neural network models, 228-235 [Zbl 1053.68665]
Sung, Sang-Kyu; Jung, Jong-Won; Lee, Joon-Tark; Choi, Woo-Jin; Ji, Seok-Jun, Optimal synthesis method for binary neural network using NETLA, 236-244 [Zbl 1053.68645]
Chakraborty, Bishwajit, A neural network based seafloor classification using acoustic backscatter, 245-250 [Zbl 1053.68592]
Chakraborty, Debrup; Pal, Nikhil R., Designing rule-based classifiers with on-line feature selection: A neuro-fuzzy approach, 251-259 [Zbl 1053.68593]
Golob, Marjan; Tovornik, Boris, Decomposed neuro-fuzzy ARX model, 260-266 [Zbl 1053.68605]
Tham, Chien-Wan; Tian, Sion-Hui; Ding, Liya, Weather forecasting system based on satellite imageries using neuro-fuzzy techniques, 267-273 [Zbl 1053.68651]
Velayutham, C. Shunmuga; Paul, Sandeep; Kumar, Satish, Evolutionary subsethood product fuzzy neural network, 274-280 [Zbl 1053.68657]
Yildiran, Ugur; Kaynak, Okyay, VSS learning based intelligent control of a bioreactor system, 281-287 [Zbl 1053.93537]
Bezdek, James C.; Hathaway, Richard J., Some notes on alternating optimization, 288-300 [Zbl 1053.68664]
Lin, Chin-Teng; Liu, Der-Jenq; Wu, Rui-Cheng; Wu, Gin-Der, Noisy speech segmentation/enhancement with multiband analysis and neural fuzzy networks, 301-309 [Zbl 1053.68720]
Ryu, Jungwon; Cho, Sung-Bae, Towards optimal feature and classifier for gene expression classification of cancer, 310-317 [Zbl 1053.68679]
Tran, Dat; Wagner, Michael, Fuzzy c-means clustering-based speaker verification, 318-324 [Zbl 1053.68724]
Tran, Dat; Wagner, Michael, Noise clustering-based speaker verification, 325-331 [Zbl 1053.68725]
Dimitriadou, Evgenia; Weingessel, Andreas; Hornik, Kurt, A combination scheme for fuzzy clustering, 332-338 [Zbl 1053.68668]
Mali, Kalyani; Mitra, Sushmita, Clustering of symbolic data and its validation, 339-344 [Zbl 1053.68626]
Tran, D.; Wagner, M., Generalised fuzzy hidden Markov models for speech recognition, 345-351 [Zbl 1053.68723]
Roy Chowdhury, Pinaki; Shukla, K. K., On generalization and \(k\)-fold cross validation performance of MLP trained with EBPDT, 352-359 [Zbl 1053.68638]
Di Gesú, Vito; Roy, Sisir, Pictorial indexes and soft image distances, 360-366 [Zbl 1053.68768]
Srinivas Kumar, S.; Chatterji, B. N., Stereo correspondence using a fuzzy approach, 367-374 [Zbl 1053.68787]
Prasad, Munaga V. N. K.; Shukla, K. K.; Mukherjee, R. N., Implementation of BTTC image compression algorithm using fuzzy technique, 375-381 [Zbl 1053.68782]
Soria-Frisch, Aureli, Applications of the ILF paradigm in image processing, 382-387 [Zbl 1053.68786]
Garain, U.; Chaudhuri, B. B., On OCR of degraded documents using fuzzy multifactorial analysis, 388-394 [Zbl 1053.68673]
Kumar, Rajeev; Rockett, Peter, A bootstrapped modular learning approach for scaling and generalisation of grey-level corner detection, 395-400 [Zbl 1053.68622]
Jawahar, C. V.; Narayanan, P. J., Towards fuzzy calibration, 401-407 [Zbl 1053.68718]
Tolt, Gustav; Kalaykov, Ivan, Fuzzy-similarity-based image noise cancellation, 408-413 [Zbl 1053.68790]
Mohan, Akshay; Deb, Kalyanmoy, Genetic-fuzzy approach in robot motion planning revisited: Rigorous testing and towards an implementation, 414-420 [Zbl 1053.68716]
Pal, Tandra, Evolutionary approaches to rule extraction – for fuzzy logic controllers, 421-428 [Zbl 1053.93523]
Pawar, Pravin; Nagaraja, G., Regular grammatical inference: A genetic algorithm approach, 429-435 [Zbl 1053.68635]
Nanda, P. K.; Muni, D. P.; Kanungo, P., Parallelized crowding scheme using a new interconnection model, 436-443 [Zbl 1053.68686]
Ghosh, Susmita; Ghosh, Ashish, A GA-FUZZY approach to evolve Hopfield type optimum networks for object extraction, 444-449 [Zbl 1053.68604]
Krishnapuram, Raghu; Kumar, Manoj; Basak, Jayanta; Jain, Vivek, Soft computing in e-commerce, 450-458 [Zbl 1053.68506]
Loia, Vincenzo; Luongo, Paolo; Senatore, Sabrina; Sessa, Maria I., Info-miner: Bridging agent technology with approximate information retrieval, 459-465 [Zbl 1053.68566]
Barone, Joseph M., Fuzzy points and fuzzy prototypes, 466-470 [Zbl 1053.03028]
Srivastava, Arun K., Some injective cogenerators in fuzzy topology, 471-477 [Zbl 1057.54502]
Wu, Congxin; Wang, Guixiang; Wu, Cong, Derivative and differential of convex fuzzy valued functions and application, 478-484 [Zbl 1053.90542]
Srivastava, Arun K.; Tiwari, S. P., A topology for fuzzy automata, 485-490 [Zbl 1053.68578]
Maleki, Hamid Reza; Mishmast N., Hassan; Mashinchi, Mashaallah, Fuzzy number linear programming: A probabilistic approach, 491-496 [Zbl 1053.90538]
Mi, Jusheng; Zhang, Wenxiu, Composition of general fuzzy approximation spaces, 497-501 [Zbl 1053.68708]
Chen, Degang; Zhang, Wenxiu, The lower and upper approximations of fuzzy sets in a fuzzy group., 502-508 [Zbl 1056.20055]
Ameri, Reza; Zahedi, Mohammad Mehdi, \(T\)-fuzzy hyperalgebraic systems., 509-514 [Zbl 1053.08001]
Bhaumik, R. N., On some weaker forms of fuzzy compactness, 515-519 [Zbl 1057.54501]
Bhakat, Sandeep Kumar, Some results on fuzzy commutative and fuzzy cyclic subgroups., 520-526 [Zbl 1056.20504]
Taheri, Seyed Mahmoud; Behboodian, Javad, Fuzzy hypotheses testing with fuzzy data: A Bayesian approach, 527-533 [Zbl 1108.62308]


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