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Operations research proceedings 2000. Selected papers of the symposium, OR 2000, Dresden, Germany, September 9–12, 2000. (English) Zbl 0988.00097
Berlin: Springer. xviii, 537 p. (2001).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium (1999) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0951.00064).
Indexed articles:
Küfer, K.-H.; Hamacher, H. W.; Bortfeld, Th., A multicriteria optimization approach for inverse radiotherapy planning, 3-7 [Zbl 1015.90512]
Schandl, Bernd; Klamroth, Kathrin; Wiecek, Margaret M., Norm-based approximation in convex multicriteria programming., 8-13 [Zbl 1050.90547]
Scheffran, J., Stability and optimal control of a multiplayer dynamic game., 14-19 [Zbl 1119.91303]
Zillober, Ch., Convex approximation methods for practical optimization., 20-25 [Zbl 1050.90540]
Bachman, A.; Janiak, A., Scheduling deteriorating jobs dependent on resources for the makespan minimization, 29-34 [Zbl 1021.90023]
Confessore, G.; Di Gennaro, M.; Ricciardelli, S., A genetic algorithm to design satellite constellations for regional coverage, 35-41 [Zbl 1022.90041]
Demgensky, I.; Wirth, H.-C., Cost flow improvement by upgrading costs and capacities., 42-48 [Zbl 1050.90561]
Devyaterikova, M. V.; Kolokolov, A. A., Analysis of \(L\)-structure stability of convex integer programming problems, 49-54 [Zbl 1022.90007]
Gimadi, E. Kh.; Serdyukov, A. I., A problem of finding the maximal spanning connected subgraph with given vertex degrees., 55-59 [Zbl 1050.90563]
Janiak, A.; Lichtenstein, M., Some single machine scheduling problems with resource dependent set-up and processing times., 60-64 [Zbl 1050.90521]
Kochetov, Y. A.; Goncharov, E. N., Probabilistic tabu search algorithm for the multi-stage uncapacitated facility location problem, 65-70 [Zbl 1020.90037]
Nickel, S., Discrete ordered Weber problems., 71-76 [Zbl 1050.90532]
Nicosia, G.; Oriolo, G., Solving the shortest common supersequence problem., 77-83 [Zbl 1050.90577]
Kallenberg, L., Special solution methods for replacement problems., 87-90 [Zbl 1050.90565]
Kaňková, V., A note on multistage stochastic programming with individual probability constraints., 91-96 [Zbl 1050.90535]
Munkelt, T.; Völker, S.; Döring, Th., Prognosis, diagnosis and control of production by means of dynamic Bayesian networks., 97-102 [Zbl 1119.90313]
van Dijk, N. M.; Sladkỳ, K., Monotonicity and comparison results for nonnegative dynamic systems., 103-109 [Zbl 1119.90369]
Pickl, S., Optimization of the TEM-model co-funding and joint international emissions trading., 113-118 [Zbl 1119.91315]
Polasek, W.; Momtchil, M., Portfolio construction with Bayesian GARCH forecasts, 119-126 [Zbl 1022.91030]
Schmolck, B., Simulation tests: Are they outperforming asymptotic tests?, 127-132 [Zbl 1008.62063]
Confessore, G.; Mancuso, P., R&D spillovers and absorptive capacity in a dynamic oligopoly, 135-140 [Zbl 1030.91022]
Krapp, M., On the optimal design of hierarchical organizations., 141-145 [Zbl 1037.91024]
Nastasi, A.; Reverberi, P., A signalling game in international oligopolistic competition., 146-153 [Zbl 1037.91020]
Weinem, M., Preentry advertising and entry deterrence., 154-159 [Zbl 1037.91021]
Wotschofsky, S., Taking into account of control effects in decision models of investment planning, 160-164 [Zbl 1119.90321]
Heilmann, K.; Läger, V.; Oehler, A., Information aggregation, insider trade and liquidity in experimental call markets., 167-173 [Zbl 1119.91311]
Heilmann, K.; Läger, V.; Oehler, A., The disposition effect – evidence about the investors aversion to realize losses: A contribution to Behavioral Finance through the use of experimental call markets, 174-179 [Zbl 1032.91623]
Locarek-Junge, H.; Prinzler, R.; Straßberger, M., Estimating of the market risk of portfolios of shares and option shares, 180-187 [Zbl 1119.91333]
Pfnür, A.; Schaefer, C., Evaluating corporate real estate with real options, 188-195 [Zbl 1032.91568]
Bennert, R.; Missler-Behr, M., Application of soft computing methods in corporate reorganization, 199-203 [Zbl 1032.91557]
Meyer, S., Representation of fuzzy knowledge as a basis of cost estimates based on case studies, 204-209 [Zbl 1168.90545]
Missler-Behr, M., Constructing fuzzy utility values in conjoint analysis., 210-215 [Zbl 1037.91030]
Richter, C., Computer-assisted analysis of the operators in fuzzy networks proposed by Rommelfanger, 222-226 [Zbl 1168.90367]
Döring, Thomas; Völker, Sven; Munkelt, Torsten, Knowledge-based parametrization of planning processes with case-based deduction, 234-239 [Zbl 1168.90407]
Feldmann, M., A Description model for metaheuristics, 240-245 [Zbl 1168.90653]
Marovac, N.; Stähly, P., CRISIS-2000: A decision support system for major disasters., 246-253 [Zbl 1050.90528]
Reucher, E.; Rödder, W., The modelling of devision problems using probabilistic conditionals, 254-259 [Zbl 1024.91004]
Rödder, W.; Xu, L., Eliminating inconsistencies in the probabilistic expert system shell SPIRIT., 260-265 [Zbl 1168.68581]
Völker, S.; Döring, T.; Munkelt, T., The generation of large test data for the empirical analysis of heuristic procedures for production planning and control., 266-270 [Zbl 1050.90518]
Alicke, Knut, Order sequencing in multistage order-picking systems, 272-277 [Zbl 1021.90013]
Alicke, K.; Eley, M.; Hanne, T.; Melo, T., A heuristic approach for a multistage Lotsizing problem with dynamic product structure, 278-283 [Zbl 1038.90510]
Bock, Stefan; van Brackel, T., Using distributed systems to control mixed-model assembly lines in realtime., 284-289 [Zbl 1050.90513]
Buscher, U.; Lindner, G., How to cover transport processes in the common cycle model, 290-294 [Zbl 1168.90343]
Dümmler, M., Control and optimization of cluster tool in semiconductor manufacturing, 295-300 [Zbl 1168.90542]
Huttner, A.; Böhnlein, C., Market analysis, kinematic classification and development of a model of SMD systems in electronic manufacturing, 301-305 [Zbl 1168.90509]
Inderfurth, K.; de Kok, A. G.; Flapper, S. D. P., Stochastic disposition rules for recycling under multiple alternatives, 306-309 [Zbl 1168.90408]
Kiesmüller, G.; Scherer, C., Approximate optimal policies for a stochastic finite horizon one product recovery inventory model., 310-315 [Zbl 1050.90014]
Krieg, G. N.; Kuhn, H., Production planning of multi-product kanban systems with significant setup times., 316-321 [Zbl 1050.90515]
Minner, S., Economic production and remanufacturing lot-sizing under constant demands and returns., 328-332 [Zbl 1050.90516]
Mönch, L.; Schmalfuß, V., Optimization of the stepper occupation in a semiconductor plant, 333-338 [Zbl 1168.90546]
Schömig, A. K., OR problems in microchip manufacturing, 339-344 [Zbl 1168.90550]
Spengler, Th.; Seefried, O.; Köck, P., Planungsmodell zur kostenminimalen Brammenversorgung eines integrierten Hüttenwerks., 345-350 [Zbl 1137.90472]
Bachman, A.; Janiak, A., Scheduling jobs with decreasing processing times for the total completion time minimization., 353-358 [Zbl 1050.90519]
Błażewicz, J.; Pesch, E.; Sterna, M., Extension of disjunctive graph model for job shop scheduling problem, 359-365 [Zbl 1020.90025]
Devpura, A.; Fowler, J. W.; Carlyle, W. Matthew; Perez, I., Minimizing total weighted tardiness on single batch process machine with incompatible job families., 366-371 [Zbl 1050.90520]
Gawiejnowicz, S.; Kurc, W.; Pankowska, L.; Suwalski, C., Approximate solution of a time-dependent scheduling problem for \(l_p\)-norm-based criteria., 372-377 [Zbl 1050.90016]
Janiak, A.; Lichtenstein, M., Comparison of some heuristic algorithms for the flow shop problem with parallel machines to minimize the total earliness, tardiness and waiting time., 378-383 [Zbl 1050.90522]
Sotskov, Y. N.; Shilak, A. N., Minimization of project-network with given bounds of activity durations., 384-387 [Zbl 1050.90530]
Trautmann, N., Calendars in project scheduling., 388-392 [Zbl 1050.90525]
Doerner, K. F.; Hartl, R. F.; Reimann, M., Ants solve time constrained pickup and delivery problems with full truckloads., 395-400 [Zbl 1050.90015]
Fischer, T.; Gehring, H., A multi-agent approach to the solution of the vehicle routing problem, 401-406 [Zbl 1168.90345]
Hahne, F., Multi-objective optimization for shortest and quickest routes in digital road maps, 407-413 [Zbl 1168.90346]
Homberger, J., Large benchmark problems for the standard problem of route planning under time frame restrictions, 414-419 [Zbl 1168.90377]
Pankratz, G.; Gehring, H., A genetic algorith for a dynamic distribution problem, 420-425 [Zbl 1168.90350]
Behrens, S., A model to simulate public transport, 429-434 [Zbl 1168.90374]
Dobos, I.; Kistner, K.-P., A dynamic environmental theory of production., 435-438 [Zbl 1037.91064]
Letmathe, Peter; Fredendall, Lawrence D., The role of environmental and quality management systems in supply chains., 452-457 [Zbl 1168.90514]
Fumero, F.; Vercellis, C., Salesforce performance evaluation and determinants analysis via DEA and regression techniques, 471-476 [Zbl 1021.90032]
Kulmann, F.; Rödder, W., Probabilistic modelling based on scoring schemes, 477-482 [Zbl 1168.90529]
Meyer, M., Decision support for product placement using genetic algorithms, 483-489 [Zbl 1168.90530]
Izhutkin, V. S.; Sushenzov, A. A., Study of methods of nonlinear optimization using computer means., 493-496 [Zbl 1045.90536]
Prümer, B.; Kulmann, F., Neue Medien in der Lehre: Computerunterstützter Unterricht in der Wirtschaftsmathematik., 497-502 [Zbl 1042.00504]
Scheubrein, R.; Bossert, B., State of the art and tendencies of computer-assisted education, 503-507 [Zbl 1168.90373]
Werners, B., Internet-based tutorials in Operations Research., 508-512 [Zbl 1168.90553]
Schoner, P., Modelling and solution of a capacity location problem with collected and distributed routing, 515-520 [Zbl 1168.90595]
Schwarz, M., Inventory of multiple products: The K-curve method, 521-526 [Zbl 1168.90596]
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