Man – art – mathematics. Papers of the summer school on the history of mathematics. (Člověk – umění – matematika.) (Czech) Zbl 0989.00021

Dějiny Matematiky / History of Mathematics. 4. Prague: Prometheus. 186 p., open access (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Folta, Jaroslav, Vision and imaging (geometry and art)., 7-48 [Zbl 1274.00024]
Veselý, Jiří, Remarks to the history of the gamma function., 49-71 [Zbl 1274.33002]
Čižmár, Ján, The creation and development of algebraic geometry., 72-105 [Zbl 1274.01001]
Hejný, Milan, Discovering non-Euclidean geometry (a teacher’s viewpoint)., 106-126 [Zbl 1274.01010]
Žitný, Karel, The contribution of F. Riesz to the theory of the Lebesgue integral, 127-136 [Zbl 1274.28002]
Veselý, Jiří, On some important infinite series., 137-154 [Zbl 1274.40007]
Šišma, Pavel, The creation and development of graph theory., 155-165 [Zbl 1274.05002]
Trojovský, Pavel, The roots and the development of the notion of convergent series., 166-177 [Zbl 1274.40002]
Kraemer, Pavel, The law of reciprocity in number theory., 178-186 [Zbl 1274.11002]


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