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History of mathematics I. Papers from the 1st seminar, Jevíčko, Czech Republic, August 19–22, 1993. (Historie matematiky I.) (Czech) Zbl 0989.00027
Dějiny Matematiky / History of Mathematics. 1. Brno: JČMF, 241 p., open access (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Fuchs, Eduard, A survey of mathematics development., 4-19 [Zbl 1413.01004]
Bečvář, Jindřich, The heroic age of Greek mathematics., 20-107 [Zbl 1413.01005]
Fuchs, Eduard, From the measurement of areas and volumes to infinitesimal calculus., 108-125 [Zbl 1413.26001]
Šimša, Jaromír, Archimedean statics in geometry., 126-139 [Zbl 1413.01006]
Fuchs, Eduard, What we still do not know about prime numbers., 140-161 [Zbl 1413.11001]
Šimša, Jaromír, Euclid’s proof of the infinitude of prime numbers., 162-169 [Zbl 1413.01007]
Šarounová, Alena, Science and art., 170-171 [Zbl 1413.00003]
Šarounová, Alena, Geometry of Gothic architecture., 172-189 [Zbl 1413.00004]
Šarounová, Alena, Geometry and painting., 190-219 [Zbl 1413.00002]
Morkes, František, Dr. Jiří Guth-Jarkovský, secondary school teacher of mathematics and physics., 220-225 [Zbl 1413.01018]
Bečvář, Jindřich, From the memories of Jiří Stanislav Guth-Jarkovský., 226-230 [Zbl 1413.01015]
Štemberková, Marie, History of the Charles University Archives., 231-233 [Zbl 1413.01022]
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
01-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to history and biography
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