Complex geometry. Collection of papers dedicated to Hans Grauert on the occasion of his 70th birthday. (English) Zbl 0989.00069

Berlin: Springer. xxii, 340 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Barth, Wolf, Even sets of eight rational curves on a \(K3\)-surface, 1-25 [Zbl 1046.14015]
Bauer, Thomas; Campana, Frédéric; Eckl, Thomas; Kebekus, Stefan; Peternell, Thomas; Rams, Sławomir; Szemberg, Tomasz; Wotzlaw, Lorenz, A reduction map for nef line bundles, 27-36 [Zbl 1054.14019]
Bauer, Ingrid C.; Catanese, Fabrizio; Pignatelli, Roberto, Canonical rings of surfaces whose canonical system has base points, 37-72 [Zbl 1052.14043]
Bonifant, Araceli M.; Fornæss, John Erik, Attractors, 73-84 [Zbl 1022.37018]
Ciliberto, Ciro; Hulek, Klaus, A bound on the irregularity of abelian scrolls in projective space, 85-92 [Zbl 1005.14018]
Demailly, Jean-Pierre, On the Frobenius integrability of certain holomorphic \(p\)-forms, 93-98 [Zbl 1011.32019]
Flenner, Hubert; Lübke, Martin, Analytic moduli spaces of simple (co)framed sheaves, 99-109 [Zbl 1009.32011]
Huckleberry, Alan T.; Wolf, Joseph A., Cycle spaces of real forms of SL\(_n(\mathbb{C})\), 111-133 [Zbl 1015.32011]
Kawamata, Yujiro, On a relative version of Fujita’s freeness conjecture, 135-146 [Zbl 1058.14010]
Kebekus, Stefan, Characterizing the projective space after Cho, Miyaoka and Shepherd-Barron, 147-155 [Zbl 1046.14028]
Kebekus, Stefan; Peternell, Thomas; Sommese, Andrew J., Manifolds with nef rank 1 subsheaves in \(\Omega_X^1\), 157-164 [Zbl 1054.14012]
Oguiso, Keiji; Zhang, De-Qi, The simple group of order 168 and K3 surfaces, 165-184 [Zbl 1046.14017]
Ohsawa, Takeo, A precise \(L^2\) division theorem, 185-191 [Zbl 1014.32030]
Schröer, Stefan; Siebert, Bernd, Irreducible degenerations of primary Kodaira surfaces, 193-222 [Zbl 1060.14053]
Siu, Yum-Tong, Extension of twisted pluricanonical sections with plurisubharmonic weight and invariance of semipositively twisted plurigenera for manifolds not necessarily of general type, 223-277 [Zbl 1007.32010]
Viehweg, Eckart; Zuo, Kang, Base spaces of non-isotrivial families of smooth minimal models, 279-328 [Zbl 1006.14004]
Wiśniewski, Jarosław A., Uniform vector bundles on Fano manifolds and an algebraic proof of Hwang-Mok characterization of Grassmannians, 329-340 [Zbl 1054.14056]
List of research publications and list of doctoral students of Hans Grauert, vii-xiii [Zbl 0997.01508]


00B30 Festschriften
14-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to algebraic geometry
32-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to several complex variables and analytic spaces

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