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MICAI 2002: Advances in artificial intelligence. 2nd Mexican international conference, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, April 22–26, 2002. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0992.00042
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2313. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. xiii, 548 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Sánchez L., Abraham; Zapata, René; Arenas B., J. Abraham, Motion planning for car-like robots using lazy probabilistic roadmap method, 1-10 [Zbl 1077.68871]
Murrieta-Cid, Rafael; Parra, Carlos; Devy, Michel; Tovar, Benjamín; Esteves, Claudia, A vision system for environment representation: From landscapes to landmarks, 11-20 [Zbl 1077.68880]
de la Cueva, Victor; Ramos, Fernando, Adapting the messy genetic algorithm for path planning in redundant and non-redundant manipulators, 21-30 [Zbl 1077.68873]
Gomez, G.; Sucar, L. Enrique; Gillies, Duncan F., Navigation advice from \(pq\)-histograms, 31-40 [Zbl 1077.68877]
Sánchez-Ante, Gildardo, Path planning using a single-query bi-directional lazy collision checking planner, 41-50 [Zbl 1077.68872]
Romero, Leonardo; Morales, Eduardo F.; Sucar, L. Enrique, An exploration approach for indoor mobile robots reducing odometric errors, 51-60 [Zbl 1077.68870]
Martínez Nuño, Jesús A.; Sossa Azuela, Juan Humberto, Feature matching using accumulation spaces, 61-68 [Zbl 1077.68879]
Gomez, G.; Sanchez, M.; Sucar, L. Enrique, On selecting an appropriate colour space for skin detection, 69-78 [Zbl 1077.68876]
Kuri-Morales, Angel Fernando, A methodology for the statistical characterization of genetic algorithms, 79-88 [Zbl 1077.68833]
Sanvicente-Sánchez, Héctor; Frausto-Solís, Juan, MPSA: A methodology to parallelize simulated annealing and its application to the traveling salesman problem, 89-97 [Zbl 1077.68841]
Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Landa Becerra, Ricardo, A cultural algorithm for constrained optimization, 98-107 [Zbl 1077.68822]
Kuri-Morales, Angel Fernando; Gutiérrez-García, Jesús, Penalty function methods for constrained optimization with genetic algorithms: a statistical analysis, 108-117 [Zbl 1077.68834]
Pérez, Joaquín; Pazos, Rodolfo; Velez, Laura; Rodríguez, Guillermo, Automatic generation of control parameters for the threshold accepting algorithm, 118-127 [Zbl 1077.68838]
Islas Pérez, E.; Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Hernández-Aguirre, Arturo; Villavicencio Ramírez, Alejandro, Genetic algorithms and case-based reasoning as a discovery and learning machine in the optimization of combinational logic circuits, 128-137 [Zbl 1077.68829]
Mayora-Ibarra, O.; Curatelli, F., Time-domain segmentation and labelling of speech with fuzzy-logic post-correction rules, 138-145 [Zbl 1077.68887]
Peral, Jesús; Ferrández, Antonio, IL MT system. Evaluation for Spanish-English pronominal anaphora generation, 146-155 [Zbl 1077.68889]
Cuayáhuitl, Heriberto; Serridge, Ben, Out-of-vocabulary word modeling and rejection for Spanish keyword spotting systems, 156-165 [Zbl 1077.68884]
Pineda, L. A.; Massé, A.; Meza, I.; Salas, M.; Schwarz, E.; Uraga, E.; Villaseñor, L., The DIME project, 166-175 [Zbl 1077.68890]
Montes-y-Gómez, M.; Gelbukh, A.; López-López, A., Detecting deviations in text collections: An approach using conceptual graphs, 176-184 [Zbl 1077.68888]
Llopis, Fernando; Ferrández, Antonio; Vicedo, José Luis, Using long queries in a passage retrieval system, 185-193 [Zbl 1077.68636]
Ringwelski, Georg, Object-oriented constraint programming with J.CP, 194-203 [Zbl 1077.68839]
Heinemann, Bernhard, A hybrid treatment of evolutionary sets, 204-213 [Zbl 1077.68848]
Pietarinen, Ahti, Games and logics of knowledge for multi-agent systems, 214-223 [Zbl 1077.68850]
Quintana, Ma. Guadalupe; Morales, Rafael, Modelling learners of a control task with inductive logic programming: A case study, 224-233 [Zbl 1077.68780]
Morales-Luna, Guillermo, Simple epistemic logic for relational database, 234-241 [Zbl 1077.68630]
Tomás, Ana Paula, Solving optimal location of traffic counting points at urban intersections in CLP(FD), 242-251 [Zbl 1077.68842]
Palacios, José Juan, Flexible agent programming in linear logic, 252-261 [Zbl 1077.68900]
Hernández-Aguirre, Arturo; Koutsougeras, Cris; Buckles, Bill P., Sample complexity for function learning tasks through linear neural networks, 262-271 [Zbl 1077.68765]
Milaré, Claudia Regina; Ponce Leon Ferreira de Carvalho, André Carlos; Monard, Maria Carolina, Extracting knowledge from artificial neural networks: An empirical comparison of trepan and symbolic learning algorithms, 272-281 [Zbl 1077.68773]
Rayón Villela, Patricia; Sossa Azuela, Juan Humberto, Improving pattern recognition using several feature vectors, 282-291 [Zbl 1077.68807]
Bonet Cruz, Isis; Díaz Sardiñas, Adolfo; Bello Pérez, Rafael; Sardiñas Oliva, Yanetsy, Learning optimization in a MLP neural network applied to OCR, 292-300 [Zbl 1077.68755]
Barros, B.; Verdejo, M. F.; Read, T.; Mizoguchi, R., Applications of a collaborative learning ontology, 301-310 [Zbl 1077.68753]
Geng, Liqiang; Chan, Christine W., Automated case generation from databases using similarity-based rough approximation, 311-320 [Zbl 1077.68865]
Castillo, Lourdes Peña; Wrobel, Stefan, On the stability of example-driven learning systems: A case study in multirelational learning, 321-330 [Zbl 1077.68757]
Liu, Yang; Yu, Xiaohui; Han, Jiqing, Sharpe ratio-oriented active trading: A learning approach, 331-339 [Zbl 1077.68770]
El Fallah-Seghrouchni, Amal; Lemaître, Christian, A framework for social agents’ interaction based on communicative action theory and dynamic deontic logic, 340-350 [Zbl 1077.68847]
Favela, Jesús; Alba, Manuel; Rodríguez, Marcela, Autonomous agents for ubiquitous collaborative environments, 351-360 [Zbl 1077.68893]
Caballero, Alberto; Alfonso, Ronny, A framework for agent based network management systems, 361-366 [Zbl 1077.68892]
de Barros Costa, Evandro; Oliveira de Almeida, Hyggo; Ferreira de Araújo Lima, Emerson; Gomes Nunes Filho, Ricardo Rubens; dos Santos Silva, Klebson; Maia Assunção, Fernando, A multi-agent cooperative intelligent tutoring system: The case of musical harmony domain, 367-376 [Zbl 1077.68863]
Guzmán, Adolfo; Domínguez, Carmen; Olivares, Jesús, Reacting to unexpected events and communicating in spite of mixed ontologies, 377-386 [Zbl 1077.68895]
Alvarado, Matías; Sheremetov, Leonid; Germán, Ernesto; Alva, Erick, Logic of interaction for multiagent systems, 387-400 [Zbl 1077.68846]
Saab, Rosa; Monroy, Raúl; Godínez, Fernando, Towards a model for an immune system, 401-410 [Zbl 1077.68784]
Pappas, Alexandros; Gillies, Duncan F., A new measure for the accuracy of a Bayesian network, 411-419 [Zbl 1077.68853]
Puch, Roberto O.; Smith, Jim Q., FINDS: A training package to assess forensic fibre evidence, 420-429 [Zbl 1077.68779]
Ruz Hernández, José Antonio; Suárez Cerda, Dionisio A.; Shelomov, Evgen; Villavicencio Ramírez, Alejandro, Predictive control based on an auto-regressive neuro-fuzzy model applied to the steam generator startup process at a fossil power plant, 430-439 [Zbl 1077.93518]
Arroyo-Figueroa, Gustavo; Herrera-Avelar, Raúl, Modeling dynamical causal interactions with fuzzy temporal networks for process operation support systems, 440-449 [Zbl 1077.93517]
Padilla Castañeda, Miguel A.; Arámbula Cosío, Fernando, Resection simulation with local tissue deformations for computer assisted surgery of the prostate, 450-459 [Zbl 1077.68899]
Gutiérrez, Francisco J.; Lerma-Rascón, Margarita M.; Salgado-Garza, Luis R.; Cantú, Francisco J., Biometrics and data mining: Comparison of data mining-based keystroke dynamics methods for identity verification, 460-469 [Zbl 1077.68894]
Flores, Juan J.; Pastor, Nelio, Qualitative systems identification for linear time invariant dynamic systems, 470-476 [Zbl 1077.93505]
Valdéz, José Guillermo; Ibargüengoytia, Pablo H., Monitoring the execution of an intelligent planning system, 477-485 [Zbl 1077.68901]
Li, Xiaoou; Medina Marín, Joselito; Chapa, Sergio V., A structural model of ECA rules in active database, 486-493 [Zbl 1077.68628]
Sánchez-Parra, Marino; Vite-Hernández, René, Use of a rule-based system for process control: Flow instabilities in axial compressors case study, 494-505 [Zbl 1077.93519]
Decouchant, Dominique; Martínez-Enríquez, Ana María; Favela, Jesus; Morán, Alberto L.; Mendoza, Sonia; Jafar, Samir, A distributed event service for adaptive group awareness, 506-515 [Zbl 1077.68855]
Morales, Eduardo F.; Heredia, Dulce Ma.; Rodríguez, Andrés F., Mining road accidents, 516-525 [Zbl 1077.68774]
Martínez-Enríquez, Ana María; Muhammad, Aslam; Decouchant, Dominique; Favela, Jesús, An inference engine for web adaptive cooperative work, 526-535 [Zbl 1077.68861]
Garza, Luis E.; Cantú, Francisco J.; Acevedo, Salvador, Faults diagnosis in industrial processes with a hybrid diagnostic system, 536-545 [Zbl 1077.68860]

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