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Finite fields with applications to coding theory, cryptography and related areas. Proceedings of the 6th international conference on finite fields and applications, Oaxaca, México, May 21–25, 2001. (English) Zbl 0995.00009
Berlin: Springer. ix, 334 p. (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (5, 1999) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0959.00027).
Indexed articles:
Ball, Simeon; Lavrauw, Michel, Commutative semifields of rank 2 over their middle nucleus., 1-21 [Zbl 1102.12300]
Barbero, Ángela I.; Tena Ayuso, Juan G., A Rao-Nam like cryptosystem with product codes, 22-36 [Zbl 1017.94529]
Beelen, P. H. T.; Doumen, J. M., Pseudorandom sequences from elliptic curves., 37-52 [Zbl 1059.11044]
Carlet, Claude, On cryptographic complexity of Boolean functions, 53-69 [Zbl 1021.94524]
Castro, F. N.; Moreno, O., On divisibility of exponential sums over finite fields of characteristic 2., 70-79 [Zbl 1102.11313]
Das, Pinaki; Mullen, Gary L., Value sets of polynomials over finite fields, 80-85 [Zbl 1031.11072]
Duursma, Iwan; Enjalbert, Jean-Yves, Bounds for completely decomposable Jacobians., 86-93 [Zbl 1058.14052]
Effinger, Gove W.; Hicks, Kenneth H.; Mullen, Gary L., Twin irreducible polynomials over finite fields., 94-111 [Zbl 1037.11081]
Fleischmann, Peter, Invariants of finite groups over finite fields: Recent progress and new conjectures., 112-122 [Zbl 1033.13002]
Frium, Hege Reithe, The group law on elliptic curves on Hesse form., 123-151 [Zbl 1057.14038]
Garcia, Arnaldo, On curves with many rational points over finite fields., 152-163 [Zbl 1045.11045]
García-Martínez, Mario Alberto; Morales-Luna, Guillermo, VHDL specification of a FPGA to divide and multiply in \(GF(2^m)\), 164-176 [Zbl 1014.94561]
Hicks, Kenneth H.; Mullen, Gary L.; Sato, Ikura, Distribution of irreducible polynomials over \(\mathbb{F}_2\)., 177-186 [Zbl 1037.11082]
Holzapfel, Rolf-Peter; Nicolae, Florin, Arithmetic on a family of Picard curves., 187-208 [Zbl 1101.14043]
Kim, Jon-Lark, New quantum error-correcting codes from Hermitian self-orthogonal codes over GF(4), 209-213 [Zbl 1014.94560]
Langevin, Philippe; Zanotti, Jean-Pierre, A note on the counter-example of Patterson-Wiedemann., 214-219 [Zbl 1041.94016]
Lasjaunias, Alain, Continued fractions for certain algebraic power series over a finite field., 220-228 [Zbl 1102.11308]
Meidl, Wilfried; Winterhof, Arne, Linear complexity and polynomial degree of a function over a finite field., 229-238 [Zbl 1053.11089]
Mills, Donald; McNay, Gavin, Primitive roots in cubic extensions of finite fields., 239-250 [Zbl 1034.11067]
Nakagawa, Nobuo, On polynomial families in \(n\) indeterminates over finite prime fields coming from planar functions., 251-262 [Zbl 1037.11084]
Qu, Minghua; Stinson, Doug; Vanstone, Scott, Cryptanalysis of the Sakazaki-Okamoto-Mambo ID-based key distribution system over elliptic curves, 263-269 [Zbl 1016.94516]
Roelse, Peter, Differential and linear distributions of substitution boxes for symmetric-key cryptosystems, 270-285 [Zbl 1014.94555]
Shparlinski, Igor E., Exponential sums and lattice reduction: Applications to cryptography, 286-298 [Zbl 1013.94543]
Stein, Greg, An alternate construction of the Berlekamp subalgebra, 299-305 [Zbl 1017.11063]
Tapia-Recillas, H.; Vega, G., On the \(\mathbb F_p\)-linearity of the generalized Gray map image of a \(\mathbb Z_{p^{k+1}}\)-linear code, 306-312 [Zbl 1013.94026]
Tavernier, Cédric, Construction of modular curves and computation of their cardinality over \(\mathbb F_p\)., 313-327 [Zbl 1102.11307]
Tsfasman, M. A., Asymptotic properties of global fields, 328-334 [Zbl 1027.11087]

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