Invariants of knots and 3-manifolds. Proceedings of the workshop, Kyoto, Japan, September 17–21, 2001. (English) Zbl 0996.00037

Geometry and Topology Monographs. 4. Coventry: Geometry and Topology Publications, 311 p. (electronic) (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Bar-Natan, Dror, Bracelets and the Goussarov filtration of the space of knots, 1-12 [Zbl 1011.57004]
Baseilhac, Stéphane; Benedetti, Riccardo, QHI, \(3\)-manifolds scissors congruence classes and the volume conjecture, 13-28 [Zbl 1012.57013]
Bigelow, Stephen, A homological definition of the Jones polynomial, 29-41 [Zbl 1035.57004]
Garoufalidis, Stavros, Periodicity of Goussarov-Vassiliev knot invariants, 43-54 [Zbl 1022.57008]
Habiro, Kazuo, On the quantum \(sl_2\) invariants of knots and integral homology spheres, 55-68 [Zbl 1040.57010]
Hansen, Søren Kold; Takata, Toshie, Quantum invariants of Seifert \(3\)-manifolds and their asymptotic expansions, 69-87 [Zbl 1017.57003]
Jeong, Myeong-Ju; Park, Chan-Young, Polynomial invariants and Vassiliev invariants, 89-101 [Zbl 1029.57010]
Kamada, Seiichi, Knot invariants derived from quandles and racks, 103-117 [Zbl 1037.57005]
Kerler, Thomas, \(p\)-Modular TQFT’s, Milnor torsion and the Casson-Lescop invariant, 119-141 [Zbl 1013.57018]
Kohno, Toshitake, Loop spaces of configuration spaces and finite type invariants, 143-160 [Zbl 1043.57004]
Kricker, Andrew, A surgery formula for the 2-loop piece of the LMO invariant of a pair, 161-181 [Zbl 1014.57011]
Lescop, Christine, On configuration space integrals for links, 183-199 [Zbl 1013.57009]
Masbaum, Gregor, Matrix-tree theorems and the Alexander-Conway polynomial, 201-214 [Zbl 1012.57006]
Matveev, Sergei; Polyak, Michael, Cubic complexes and finite type invariants, 215-233 [Zbl 1012.55025]
Morton, Hugh R., Power sums and Homfly skein theory, 235-244 [Zbl 1035.57007]
Roberts, Justin, Asymptotics and \(6j\)-symbols, 245-261 [Zbl 1012.22037]
Roberts, Justin; Sawon, Justin, Generalisations of Rozansky-Witten invariants, 263-279 [Zbl 1029.53056]
Sato, Nobuya; Wakui, Michihisa, \((2+1)\)-dimensional topological quantum field theory with a Verlinde basis and Turaev-Viro-Ocneanu invariants of \(3\)-manifolds, 281-294 [Zbl 1035.57017]
Turaev, Vladimir, Torsions of \(3\)-manifolds, 295-302 [Zbl 1012.57034]
Yokota, Yoshiyuki, On the potential functions for the hyperbolic structures of a knot complement, 303-311 [Zbl 1052.57022]
Przytycki, Józef H., Skein module deformations of elementary moves on links, 313-335 [Zbl 1163.57300]
Thurston, Dylan P., The algebra of knotted trivalent graphs and Turaev’s shadow world, 337-362 [Zbl 1163.57301]
Stanford, Ted, Some computational results on mod 2 finite-type invariants of knots and string links, 363-376 [Zbl 1163.57303]
Ohtsuki, T., Problems on invariants of knots and 3-manifolds, 377-572 [Zbl 1163.57302]


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57-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to manifolds and cell complexes
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