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Number theory for the millennium I. Proceedings of the millennial conference on number theory, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, May 21–26, 2000. (English) Zbl 1002.00005
Natick, MA: A K Peters. xix, 461 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Baker, R. C., Small fractional parts of quadratic forms., 1-20 [Zbl 1033.11035]
Balazard, Michel, Completeness problems and the Riemann hypothesis: an annotated bibliography., 21-48 [Zbl 1044.11083]
Bernstein, Daniel J., Arbitrarily tight bounds on the distribution of smooth integers., 49-66 [Zbl 1039.11058]
Beukers, F.; Smyth, C. J., Cyclotomic points on curves, 67-85 [Zbl 1029.11009]
Bourgain, J., On the distribution of Dirichlet sums. II., 87-109 [Zbl 1042.11054]
Boxall, John; Grant, David, Theta functions and singular torsion on elliptic curves., 111-126 [Zbl 1195.11076]
Boyd, David W., Mahler’s measure and invariants of hyperbolic manifolds, 127-143 [Zbl 1030.11055]
Bugeaud, Yann; Mignotte, Maurice, On the Diophantine equation \((x^n -1)/(x-1)=y^q\) with negative \(x\), 145-151 [Zbl 1031.11019]
Cardon, David A.; Li, Xian-Jin, A Dirichlet series related to eigenvalues of the Laplacian for congruence subgroups., 153-181 [Zbl 1042.11029]
Cardon, David A.; Nielsen, Pace P., Convolution operators and entire functions with simple zeros., 183-196 [Zbl 1043.44004]
Chan, Heng Huat, Ramanujan’s elliptic functions to alternative bases and approximations to \(\pi\)., 197-213 [Zbl 1140.11358]
Chapman, Robin; van der Poorten, Alfred J., Binary quadratic forms and the eta function., 215-227 [Zbl 1038.11024]
Chinburg, Ted; Pappas, Georgios; Taylor, Martin J., Discriminants and Arakelov Euler characteristics., 229-255 [Zbl 1042.11040]
Chung, Fan; Erdős, Paul; Graham, Ronald, On sparse sets hitting linear forms., 257-272 [Zbl 1101.11006]
Cochrane, Todd; Zheng, Zhiyong, A survey on pure and mixed exponential sums modulo prime powers, 273-300 [Zbl 1032.11035]
Conrey, J. B.; Keating, Jonathan P.; Rubinstein, M. O.; Snaith, Nina C., On the frequency of vanishing of quadratic twists of modular \(L\)-functions., 301-315 [Zbl 1044.11035]
Davidson, Morley, Partition polynomials: zero distribution problems., 317-328 [Zbl 1036.11049]
Diamond, Harold G.; Halberstam, H., A comparison of two sieves. II., 329-341 [Zbl 1128.11315]
Dilcher, Karl, Bernoulli numbers and confluent hypergeometric functions., 343-363 [Zbl 1140.11309]
Doud, Darrin, Three-dimensional Galois representations with conjectural connections to arithmetic cohomology., 365-375 [Zbl 1035.11024]
Eie, Minking; Ong, Yao Lin, A new approach to congruences of Kummer type for Bernoulli numbers., 377-391 [Zbl 1033.11009]
Elliott, P. D. T. A., The least prime primitive root and Linnik’s theorem, 393-418 [Zbl 1032.11040]
Elsholtz, Christian, Some remarks on the additive structure of the set of primes., 419-427 [Zbl 1035.11049]
Evans, Ronald, Twisted hyper-Kloosterman sums over finite rings of integers, 429-448 [Zbl 1030.11038]
Evertse, Jan-Hendrik; Hirata-Kohno, Noriko, Wirsing systems and resultant inequalities., 449-461 [Zbl 1049.11113]

00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
11-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to number theory