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Exposés de séminaires. 1950–1999. (Exposes of seminars. 1950–1999). Reprints. (Exposés de séminaires. 1950–1999.) (French) Zbl 1005.01012
Documents Mathématiques 1. Paris: Société Mathématique de France (ISBN 2-85629-103-1/hbk). vi, 259 p. (2001).
These are the exposés the author made in the seminars of Bourbaki, Cartan, Chevalley and Delange-Pisot-Poitou, mainly in the period 1950-1960, with four more up to 1999.
The list of topics is as follows: Extensions of locally compact groups (after Iwasawa and Gleason, 1949-1950), Algebraic applications of the cohomology of groups I, Theory of simple algebras II (1950-1951), Automorphic functions of one variable: application of the Riemann-Roch theorem (1953-1954)), Two theorems on the completely continuous functions (1953-1954), Analytic sheaves on a projective space (1953-1954), Automorphic functions (1953-1954), Linear representations (homomorphisms) and homogeneous Kählerian spaces of the compact Lie groups (after A. Borel, and A. Weil, 1953-1954), The spaces \(K(\Pi,n)\) (1954-1955), The homotopy groups of bouquets of spheres (1954-1955), Algebraic fibred spaces (1958), Universal morphisms and Albanese varieties (1958-1959), Universal morphisms and differentials of the third kind (1958-1959), Rationality of the functions \(\zeta\) of the algebraic varieties (after B. Dwork, 1959-1960), Ramified coverings of the projective plane (after S. Abhyankar, 1959-1960), Finite groups with periodic cohomologies (after R. Swan, 1960-1961), \(p\)-adic dependence of the exponentials (1965-1966), \(p\)-divisible groups (1966-1967), Rational points of the modular curves \(X_0(N)\) (after B. Mazur, 1977-1978), Finite subgroups of the Lie groups (1998-1999).
The value of this book is in development of concepts and theories in their historical context. Everyone working in the areas covered will find something useful including unsolved problems. Notes throughout the text are useful and interesting, but there is no index.

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