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Advances in artificial intelligence – IBERAMIA 2002. 8th Ibero-American conference on AI, Seville, Spain, November 12–15, 2002. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1007.00051
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2527. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. xviii, 955 p. (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0952.00052).
Indexed articles:
Bressan, Marco; Vitrià, Jordi, Improving naive Bayes using class-conditional ICA, 1-10 [Zbl 1036.68526]
Pons-Porrata, Aurora; Berlanga-Llavori, Rafael; Ruíz-Shulcloper, José, Detecting events and topics by using temporal references, 11-20 [Zbl 1036.68546]
Guo, Gongde; Wang, Hui; Bell, David, Asymmetric neighbourhood selection and support aggregation for effective classification, 21-31 [Zbl 1036.68536]
Roure Alcobé, Josep, Incremental learning of tree augmented naive Bayes classifiers, 32-41 [Zbl 1036.68551]
Macías-Macías, Miguel; García-Orellana, Carlos J.; González-Velasco, Horacio M.; Gallardo-Caballero, Ramón; Serrano-Pérez, Antonio, A comparison of PCA and GA selected features for cloud field classification, 42-49 [Zbl 1036.68539]
Quevedo Pérez, José Ramón; García, María Dolores; Montañés, Elena, Filtering noisy continuous labeled examples, 50-59 [Zbl 1036.68548]
Abidi, Syed Sibte Raza, Designing adaptive hypermedia for internet portals: A personalization strategy featuring case base reasoning with compositional adaptation, 60-69 [Zbl 1036.68521]
Solorio, Thamar; Fuentes, Olac, Improving classification accuracy of large test sets using the ordered classification algorithm, 70-79 [Zbl 1036.68554]
Soares, Carlos; Brazdil, Pavel, A comparative study of some issues concerning algorithm recommendation using ranking methods, 80-89 [Zbl 1036.68553]
Brito, Luís; Neves, José, Properties and complexity in feasible logic-based argumentation for electronic commerce, 90-100 [Zbl 1036.68527]
Fdez-Riverola, Florentino; Corchado, Juan M., A hybrid CBR model for forecasting in complex domains, 101-110 [Zbl 1036.68531]
Truck, Isis; Borgi, Amel; Akdag, Herman, Generalized modifiers as an interval scale: Towards adaptive colorimetric alterations, 111-120 [Zbl 1036.68577]
Medina Ramírez, R. Carolina; Corby, Olivier; Dieng-Kuntz, Rose, A conceptual graph and RDF(S) approach for representing and querying document content, 121-130 [Zbl 1036.68575]
Moreno, Ginés, Automatic optimization of multi-paradigm declarative programs, 131-140 [Zbl 1036.68504]
Cordero, Pablo; Enciso, Manolo; Mora, Angel; de Guzmán, Inmaculada P., \(\text{SL}_{\text{FD} }\) logic: Elimination of data redundancy in knowledge representation, 141-150 [Zbl 1037.68136]
Olmedo-Aguirre, Oscar; Morales-Luna, Guillermo, Indeed: Interactive deduction on Horn clause theories, 151-160 [Zbl 1036.68505]
de Guzmán, Inma P.; Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel; Valverde, Agustín, Restricted \(\Delta\)-trees and reduction theorems in multiple-valued logics, 161-171 [Zbl 1037.68132]
Ceballos, R.; Gasca, R. M.; Del Valle, Carmelo; Toro, Miguel, Max-CSP approach for software diagnosis, 172-181 [Zbl 1036.68506]
de Campos, Luis Miguel; Fernández-Luna, Juan Manuel; Puerta, Jose Miguel, Local search methods for learning Bayesian networks using a modified neighborhood in the space of DAGs, 182-192 [Zbl 1036.68555]
Gutiérrez-Naranjo, Miguel A.; Alonso-Jiménez, José A.; Borrego-Díaz, Joaquín, A quasi-metric for machine learning, 193-203 [Zbl 1037.68114]
Estruch, Victor; Ferri, Cesar; Hernández-Orallo, Jose; Ramírez-Quintana, Maria Jose, Shared ensemble learning using multi-trees, 204-213 [Zbl 1036.68530]
Cano, J. R.; Cordón, O.; Herrera, F.; Sánchez, L., A GRASP algorithm for clustering, 214-223 [Zbl 1036.68562]
Monekosso, Ndedi; Remagnino, Paolo, An analysis of the pheromone Q-learning algorithm, 224-232 [Zbl 1036.68541]
Ruiz, Roberto; Aguilar-Ruiz, Jesús S.; Riquelme, José C., SOAP: Efficient feature selection of numeric attributes, 233-242 [Zbl 1036.68552]
Sicilia, Miguel Ángel; Gutiérrez, José Antonio; García, Elena, Designing fuzzy relations in orthogonal persistence object-oriented database engines, 243-253 [Zbl 1036.68576]
Fernández del Pozo, Juan A.; Bielza, Concha, An interactive framework for open queries in decision support systems, 254-264 [Zbl 1036.68580]
Garza, Luis E.; Cantú, Francisco; Acevedo, Salvador, Integration of fault detection and diagnosis in a probabilistic logic framework, 265-274 [Zbl 1036.68581]
Bosch, Alfonso; Guil, Francisco; Martinez, Carmen; Marin, Roque, Series-parallel and tree-decomposition approaches for fuzzy constraint networks, 275-284 [Zbl 1036.68579]
Velloso, Maria Luiza F.; de Souza, Flávio J., Change-detection using contextual information and fuzzy entropy principle, 285-293 [Zbl 1036.68582]
Alcalá, Rafael; Casillas, Jorge; Cordón, Oscar; Herrera, Francisco, Improving simple linguistic fuzzy models by means of the weighted COR methodology, 294-302 [Zbl 1036.68523]
Ortega, Juan Antonio; Gasca, Rafael M.; Toro, Miguel; Torres, Jesús, A semiquantitative approach to study semiqualitative systems, 303-312 [Zbl 1036.68544]
de Toro, Francisco; Ros, Eduardo; Mota, Sonia; Ortega, Julio, Multi-objective optimization evolutionary algorithms applied to paroxysmal atrial fibrillation diagnosis based on the \(k\)-nearest neighbours classifier, 313-318 [Zbl 1036.68574]
Mendes, Alexandre; França, Paulo; Moscato, Pablo; Garcia, Vinícius, Population studies for the gate matrix layout problem, 319-328 [Zbl 1036.68569]
Affenzeller, Michael, New generic hybrids based upon genetic algorithms, 329-339 [Zbl 1036.68561]
Ribeiro, Simone J. M.; da Silva, João C. P., Genetic algorithms and biological images restoration: Preliminary report, 340-349 [Zbl 1036.68570]
Bacardit, Jaume; Garrell, Josep Maria, Evolution of multi-adaptive discretization intervals for a rule-based genetic learning system, 350-360 [Zbl 1036.68524]
Cutello, Vincenzo; Nicosia, Giuseppe, An immunological approach to combinatorial optimization problems, 361-370 [Zbl 1036.68564]
Garcia, Jose Manuel; Lozano, Sebastian; Guerrero, Fernando; Eguia, Ignacio, A genetic algorithm for solving a production and delivery scheduling problem with time windows, 371-380 [Zbl 1036.68566]
Cordón, O.; Herrera, F.; de la Montaña, J.; Sánchez, A. M.; Villar, P., A prediction system for cardiovascularity diseases using genetic fuzzy rule-based systems, 381-391 [Zbl 1036.68563]
Herrera, Francisco; Lozano, Manuel; Pérez, E.; Sánchez, Ana M.; Villar, Pedro, Multiple crossover per couple with selection of the two best offspring: An experimental study with the BLX-\(\alpha\) crossover operator for real-coded genetic algorithms, 392-401 [Zbl 1036.68568]
Aguilar, Jose, Adaptive random fuzzy cognitive maps, 402-410 [Zbl 1036.68522]
Osuna, Edgar; De Castro, Osberth, Convex hull in feature space for support vector machines, 411-419 [Zbl 1036.68545]
Rojas, Fernando; Alvarez, M. R.; Puntonet, C. G.; Martin-Clemente, Ruben, Applying neural networks and genetic algorithms to the separation of sources, 420-429 [Zbl 1036.68550]
López Aligué, Francisco J.; Acevedo Sotoca, Isabel; Alvarez Troncoso, Ignacio; García Orellana, Carlos J.; González Velasco, Horacio, A neural associative pattern classifier, 430-439 [Zbl 1036.68537]
Núñez, Haydemar; Angulo, Cecilio; Català, Andreu, Rule extraction from radial basis function networks by using support vectors, 440-449 [Zbl 1036.68543]
Guerrero Vázquez, Elisa; Pizarro Junquera, Joaquín; Yáñez Escolano, Andrés; Riaño Galindo, Pedro L., Empirical performance assessment of nonlinear model selection techniques, 450-459 [Zbl 1036.68535]
Dominguez Merino, Enrique; Muñoz Perez, José, An efficient neural network algorithm for the p-median problem, 460-469 [Zbl 1036.68529]
Preciado, Víctor M., Improving cellular nonlinear network computational capabilities, 470-480 [Zbl 1036.68547]
Díez, J.; del Coz, J. J.; Luaces, O.; Goyache, F.; Alonso, J.; Peña, A. M.; Bahamonde, A., Learning to assess from pair-wise comparisons, 481-490 [Zbl 1036.68528]
Montañés, Elena; Quevedo, José R.; Prieto, Maria M.; Menéndez, César O., Forecasting time series combining machine learning and Box-Jenkins time series, 491-499 [Zbl 1036.68542]
Crespo, J. L.; Duro, R. J.; López-Peña, F., Gaussian synapse networks for hyperspectral image segmentation, 500-508 [Zbl 1036.68610]
Mérida-Casermeiro, Enrique; Muñoz-Pérez, José; García-Bernal, M. A., An associative multivalued recurrent network, 509-518 [Zbl 1036.68540]
Rocco, Claudio M.; Moreno, José A., Machine learning models for online dynamic security assessment of electric power systems, 519-525 [Zbl 1036.68549]
Graña, Manuel; Raducanu, Bogdan; Sussner, Peter; Ritter, Gerhard, On endmember detection in hyperspectral images with morphological associative memories, 526-535 [Zbl 1036.68613]
García, Cristina; Moreno, José Alí, Application of learning machine methods to 3D object modeling, 536-545 [Zbl 1036.68602]
Giménez-Lugo, Gustavo A.; Amandi, Analia; Sichman, Jaime Simão; Godoy, Daniela, Enriching information agents’ knowledge by ontology comparison: A case study, 546-555 [Zbl 1036.68534]
Lopes, Fernando; Mamede, Nuno; Novais, A. Q.; Coelho, Helder, Negotiation among autonomous computational agents, 556-565 [Zbl 1036.68514]
Lahlouhi, Ammar; Sahnoun, Zaidi; Benbrahim, Med Lamine; Boussaha, Abdelouahab, Interface agents development in MASA for human integration in multiagent systems, 566-574 [Zbl 1036.68513]
Bianchi, Reinaldo A. C.; Costa, Anna H. R., Comparing distributed reinforcement learning approaches to learn agent coordination, 575-584 [Zbl 1036.68525]
López y López, Fabiola; Luck, Michael, Empowered situations of autonomous agents, 585-595 [Zbl 1036.68515]
da Silva, João L. T.; Demazeau, Yves, Distributed agenda management through decentralised vowels co-ordination approach, 596-605 [Zbl 1036.68519]
Gómez-Sanz, Jorge J.; Pavón, Juan, Meta-modelling in agent oriented software engineering, 606-615 [Zbl 1036.68512]
dos Santos, Nelson; Varejão, Flávio Miguel; de Lira Tavares, Orivaldo, Multi-agent systems and network management – A positive experience on Unix environments, 616-624 [Zbl 1036.68520]
Vauvert, Guillaume; El Fallah-Seghrouchni, Amal, Formal specification of opinions applied to the consensus problem, 625-634 [Zbl 1036.68517]
Vilares, Jésus; Barcala, F. Mario; Alonso, Miguel A.; Graña, Jorge; Vilares, Manuel, Practical NLP-based text indexing, 635-644 [Zbl 1036.68600]
Muñoz, Rafael; Montoyo, Andrés, Definite description resolution enrichment with WordNet domain labels, 645-654 [Zbl 1036.68595]
Molina, Antonio; Pla, Ferran; Segarra, Encarna, A hidden Markov model approach to word sense disambiguation, 655-663 [Zbl 1036.68594]
Castro, María José; Sanchis, Emilio, A simple connectionist approach to language understanding in a dialogue system, 664-673 [Zbl 1036.68592]
Carreras, Xavier; Màrquez, Lluís; Padró, Lluís, Wide-coverage Spanish named entity extraction, 674-683 [Zbl 1036.68591]
Peñas, Anselmo; Verdejo, Felisa; Gonzalo, Julio, Terminology retrieval: Towards a synergy between thesaurus and free text searching, 684-693 [Zbl 1036.68596]
Alonso, Miguel A.; Carrillo, Vicente; Díaz, Víctor J., Mixed parsing of tree insertion and tree adjoining grammars, 694-703 [Zbl 1036.68590]
Trevisan Roman, Norton; Rizzoni Carvalho, Ariadne Maria Brito, Task oriented dialogue processing using multiagents theory, 704-713 [Zbl 1036.68598]
Ñeco, Ramón P.; Reinoso, Oscar; Azorín, José M.; Sabater, José M.; Vicente, M. Asunción; García, Nicolás, Automatic adaptation of a natural language interface to a robotic system, 714-723 [Zbl 1036.68584]
Gounon, Patricia; Lemaire, Benoît, Semantic comparison of texts for learning environments, 724-733 [Zbl 1036.68593]
Read, Timothy; Bárcena, Elena; Barros, Beatriz; Verdejo, Felisa, I-PETER: Modelling personalised diagnosis and material selection for an online English course, 734-744 [Zbl 1036.68597]
Rosatelli, Marta C.; Self, John A.; Christofoletti, Tulio V. D., An agent-based system for supporting learning from case studies, 745-754 [Zbl 1036.68516]
Webber, Carine; Pesty, Sylvie, Emergent diagnosis via coalition formation, 755-764 [Zbl 1036.68518]
Gama, João; Castillo, Gladys, Adaptive Bayes, 765-774 [Zbl 1036.68533]
Campos, Antonio M.; García, Daniel F., A dynamic scheduling algorithm for real-time expert systems, 775-784 [Zbl 1036.68578]
De Lara Jayme, Salvador Carlos; Garduño Ramírez, Raul; Sánchez Parra, Marino; Castelo Cuevas, Luis; Carretero Reyes, Marco Antonio, A process knowledge-based controller for maneuverability improvement of a nonlinear industrial process, 785-794 [Zbl 1036.93508]
de Jesús González-Noriega, Luis; Ibargüengoytia, Pablo H., An architecture for online diagnosis of gas turbines, 795-804 [Zbl 1036.68601]
Sebastia, Laura; Onaindia, Eva; Marzal, Eliseo, STeLLa v2.0: Planning with intermediate goals, 805-814 [Zbl 1036.68572]
Varela, Ramiro; Soto, Elena, Scheduling as heuristic search with state space reduction, 815-824 [Zbl 1036.68573]
Sapena, Oscar; Onaindía, Eva, Domain-independent online planning for STRIPS domains, 825-834 [Zbl 1036.68571]
Del Valle, Carmelo; Toro, Miguel; Ceballos, Rafael; Aguilar-Ruiz, Jesús S., A pomset-based model for estimating workcells’ setups in assembly sequence planning, 835-844 [Zbl 1036.68565]
Pomares, H.; Rojas, I.; González, J., New methodology for structure identification of fuzzy controllers in real time, 845-854 [Zbl 1036.93506]
Avila-García, Orlando; Cañamero, Lola, Comparing a voting-based policy with winner-takes-all to perform action selection in motivational agents, 855-864 [Zbl 1036.68511]
Valverde, Francisco L.; Guil, Nicolás; Muñoz, Jose, Bayesian approach based on geometrical features for validation and tuning of solution in deformable models, 865-874 [Zbl 1036.68589]
Díaz de León, Rocío; Sucar, L. Enrique, Recognition of continuous activities, 875-881 [Zbl 1036.68585]
Gracia, Luis; Tornero, Josep, Kinematic control system for car-like vehicles, 882-892 [Zbl 1036.93510]
Lorenzo, Javier; Hernández, Mario, Habituation based on spectrogram analysis, 893-902 [Zbl 1036.68538]
Cañas, José M.; Matellán, Vicente, Dynamic schema hierarchies for an autonomous robot, 903-912 [Zbl 1036.68583]
Sáez, Juan Manuel; Escolano, Francisco, Monte Carlo localization in 3D maps using stereo vision, 913-922 [Zbl 1036.68587]
Merchán, P.; Adán, A.; Salamanca, S.; Cerrada, C., 3D complex scenes segmentation from a single range image using virtual exploration, 923-932 [Zbl 1036.68586]
Lozano, Miguel Angel; Escolano, Francisco, Recognizing indoor images with unsupervised segmentation and graph matching, 933-942 [Zbl 1037.68763]
López-Martínez, M.; Vargas, M.; Rubio, F. R., Vision-based system for the safe operation of a solar power tower plant, 943-952 [Zbl 1037.68762]

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