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Wolfgang Pauli: Scientific correspondence with Bohr, Einstein, Heisenberg, et al. Vol. IV, Part III: 1955–1956. (Wolfgang Pauli: Wissenschaftlicher Briefwechsel mit Bohr, Einstein, Heisenberg u. a. Band IV, Teil III: 1955–1956.) (German) Zbl 1007.01018
Sources in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences. 17. Berlin: Springer. lxvi, 994 p. (2001).
In 1999 vol. IV, 2 (see Zbl 0922.01021), in 2001 vol. IV, 3: it is really amazing at which speed one volume follows the other. The present volume covers once again two years. The year 1955 contains 258 letters which are accompanied by 15 commentaries, the year 1956 contains 205 letters which are accompanied by 14 commentaries. The main correspondents during these two years were Werner Heisenberg, Gunnar Källén and Aniela Jaffé.
The appendices are as excellent as in the previous volumes, even a list of the dreams which Pauli mentioned is not missing (p. 958).
As introduction the editor Karl von Meyenn presented a long article on the prehistory and on the early history of the neutrino according to the letters (p. VII–LXV). This is the best and most detailed presentation available on this subject.
Reviewer: K.Reich (Wentorf)

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