Lattice theory. Its birth and life. (English) Zbl 1009.01014

Fuchs, Eduard (ed.), Mathematics throughout the ages. Contributions from the summer school and seminars on the history of mathematics and from the 10th and 11th Novembertagung on the history and philosophy of mathematics, Prague, Czech Republic, October 28-31, 1999 and November 2-5, 2000. Prague: Prometheus. Děj. Mat. / Hist. Math. 17, 250-257 (2001).
Relying mostly upon an article by G.-C. Rota [Notices Am. Math. Soc. 44, 1440-1445 (1997; Zbl 0908.06001)] and on monographs of G. Birkhoff [Lattice Theory. New York (1940; Zbl 0063.00402), rev. ed. (1948; Zbl 0033.10103), 3rd new ed. (1967; Zbl 0153.02501), repr. (1979; Zbl 0505.06011)] and of G. Grätzer [General Lattice Theory. Birkhäuser, Basel (1978; Zbl 0385.06015), 2nd ed. (1998; Zbl 0909.06002)], the author presents a rather common view that the lattice theory has begun in the 19th century with G. Boole, E. Schröder and R. Dedekind, blossomed in the mid-20th century, somewhat faded later on, but still has a great role to play.
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01A60 History of mathematics in the 20th century
06-03 History of ordered structures
01A55 History of mathematics in the 19th century