Recent advances in parallel virtual machine and message passing interface. 9th European PVM/MPI users’ group meeting, Linz, Austria, September 29–October 2, 2002. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1011.68745

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2474. Berlin: Springer. xvi, 462 p. (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding meeting has been reviewed (see Zbl 0970.68728).
Indexed articles:
Dongarra, Jack, High performance computing, computational grid, and numerical libraries, 1-2 [Zbl 1015.68689]
Sunderam, Vaidy, Performance, scalability, and robustness in the Harness metacomputing framework, 3 [Zbl 1015.68754]
van Albada, Dick; Sloot, Peter, Surfing the grid – dynamic task migration in the Polder metacomputer project, 4-5 [Zbl 1015.68800]
Geist, Al, Petascale virtual machine: Computing on 100,000 processors, 6 [Zbl 1015.68756]
Gropp, William, MPICH2: A new start for MPI implementations, 7 [Zbl 1015.68728]
Juhasz, Zoltan, Making grid computing mainstream, 8 [Zbl 1015.68713]
Lusk, Ewing, Process management for scalable parallel programs, 9 [Zbl 1015.68762]
Miller, Barton P., A security attack and defense in the grid environment, 10 [Zbl 1015.68592]
Gerndt, Michael, Performance analysis: Necessity or add-on in grid computing, 11 [Zbl 1015.68753]
Gropp, William; Lusk, Ewing, MPI on the grid, 12 [Zbl 1015.68726]
Chapman, Barbara, Parallel application development with the hybrid MPI+OpenMP programming model, 13 [Zbl 1015.68749]
Bubak, Marian; Turała, Michał, CrossGrid and its relatives in Europe, 14-15 [Zbl 1015.68643]
Bubak, Marian; Malawski, Maciej; Zajac, Katarzyna, Towards the CrossGrid architecture, 16-24 [Zbl 1015.68817]
Dutka, Łukasz; Kitowski, Jacek, Application of component-expert technology for selection of data-handlers in CrossGrid, 25-32 [Zbl 1015.68904]
Ponce, O.; Cuevas, J.; Fuentes, A.; Marco, J.; Marco, R.; Martínez-Rivero, C.; Menéndez, R.; Rodríguez, D., Training of neural networks: Interactive possibilities in a distributed framework, 33-40 [Zbl 1015.68875]
Balis, Bartosz; Bubak, Marian; Funika, Włodzimierz; Szepieniec, Tomasz; Wismüller, Roland, An infrastructure for grid application monitoring, 41-49 [Zbl 1015.68609]
Bubak, Marian; Funika, Włodzimierz; Wismüller, Roland, The CrossGrid performance analysis tool for interactive grid applications, 50-60 [Zbl 1015.68803]
Trinitis, Carsten; Schulz, Martin, Current trends in numerical simulation for parallel engineering environments, 61 [Zbl 1015.68644]
Höfinger, Siegfried, Automatic runtime load balancing of dedicated applications in heterogeneous environments, 62-69 [Zbl 1015.68895]
Blaszczyk, Andreas; Uhl, Axel, A contribution to industrial grid computing, 70-77 [Zbl 1015.68569]
Causin, Paola; Miglio, Edie, Parallel computing for the simulation of 3D free surface flows in environmental applications, 78-87 [Zbl 1015.68847]
Rotaru, Tiberiu; Nägeli, Hans-Heinrich, Testbed for adaptive numerical simulations in heterogeneous environments, 88-95 [Zbl 1015.68802]
Freitas, Conceição; Dias, Luís; Dias, Miguel, Simulating cloth free-form deformation with a Beowulf cluster, 96-104 [Zbl 1015.68783]
Hluchy, Ladislav; Tran, Viet Dinh; Habala, Ondrej; Astalos, Jan; Simo, Branislav; Froehlich, David, Concept of a problem solving environment for flood forecasting, 105-113 [Zbl 1015.68634]
Trinitis, Carsten; Schulz, Martin; Karl, Wolfgang, A comprehensive electric field simulation environment on top of SCI, 114-121 [Zbl 1015.68566]
Kasprzyk, Leszek; Nawrowski, Ryszard; Tomczewski, Andrzej, Application of a parallel virtual machine for the analysis of a luminous field, 122-129 [Zbl 1015.68617]
Macías, Elsa M.; Suárez, Alvaro, Solving engineering applications with LAMGAC over MPI-2, 130-137 [Zbl 1015.68789]
Kabir, Yacine; Belhadj-Aissa, A., Distributed image segmentation system by a multi-agents approach (under PVM environment), 138-147 [Zbl 1015.68889]
Höfinger, Siegfried; Schindler, Torsten; Aszódi, András, Parallel global optimization of high-dimensional problems, 148-155 [Zbl 1015.68750]
Giné, Francesc; Solsona, Francesc; Hernández, Porfidio; Luque, Emilio, Adjusting the lengths of time slices when scheduling PVM jobs with high memory requirements, 156-164 [Zbl 1015.68863]
Lazzarino, Oscar; Sanna, Andrea; Zunino, Claudio; Lamberti, Fabrizio, A PVM-based parallel implementation of the REYES image rendering architecture, 165-173 [Zbl 1015.68588]
Piriyakumar, Douglas Antony Louis; Levi, Paul; Rabenseifner, Rolf, Enhanced file interoperability with parallel MPI file-I/O in image processing, 174-182 [Zbl 1015.68659]
Tischler, Florian; Uhl, Andreas, Granularity levels in parallel block-matching motion compensation, 183-190 [Zbl 1015.68685]
Song, Ha Yoon; Kim, Junghwan; Chong, Kyun Rak, An analytical model of scheduling for conservative parallel simulation, 191-198 [Zbl 1015.68606]
Bekas, Constantine; Kokiopoulou, Efrosini; Gallopoulos, Efstratios; Simoncini, Valeria, Parallel computation of pseudospectra using transfer functions on a MATLAB-MPI cluster platform, 199-207 [Zbl 1015.68882]
Czarnul, Pawel, Development and tuning of irregular divide-and-conquer applications in DAMPVM/DAC, 208-216 [Zbl 1015.68851]
Pagourtzis, Aris; Potapov, Igor; Rytter, Wojciech, Observations on parallel computation of transitive and max-closure problems, 217-225 [Zbl 1015.68741]
Di Serio, Angela; Ibáñez, María B., Evaluation of a nearest-neighbor load balancing strategy for parallel molecular simulations in MPI environment, 226-233 [Zbl 1015.68902]
Nguyen, Giang Thu; Tran, Viet Dinh; Kotocova, Margareta, Application recovery in parallel programming environment, 234-242 [Zbl 1015.68618]
Malouin, Éric; Dompierre, Julien; Guibault, François; Roy, Robert, \(\mathbb{P}\)-OO\(\mathcal{R}\mathcal{T}\): A parallel remeshing toolkit, 243-251 [Zbl 1015.68748]
Cotronis, Yiannis; Tsiatsoulis, Zacharias, Modular MPI and PVM components, 252-259 [Zbl 1015.68724]
Bernholdt, David E.; Elwasif, Wael R.; Kohl, James A., Communication infrastructure in high-performance component-based scientific computing, 260-270 [Zbl 1015.68915]
Worsch, Thomas; Reussner, Ralf; Augustin, Werner, On benchmarking collective MPI operations, 271-279 [Zbl 1015.68742]
Gropp, William, Building library components that can use any MPI implementation, 280-287 [Zbl 1015.68627]
Tsujita, Yuichi; Imamura, Toshiyuki; Takemiya, Hiroshi; Yamagishi, Nobuhiro, Stampi-I/O: A flexible parallel-I/O library for heterogeneous computing environment, 288-295 [Zbl 1015.68862]
Plachetka, Tomas, (Quasi-) thread-safe PVM and (quasi-) thread-safe MPI without active polling, 296-305 [Zbl 1015.68765]
Calderón, Alejandro; García, Félix; Carretero, Jesús; Pérez, Jose M.; Fernández, Javier, An implementation of MPI-IO on expand: A parallel file system based on NFS servers, 306-313 [Zbl 1015.68897]
Huang, Wei; Wang, Zhe; Ma, Jie, Design of DMPI on DAWNING-3000, 314-322 [Zbl 1015.68648]
Selikhov, Anton; Bosilca, George; Germain, Cecile; Fedak, Gilles; Cappello, Franck, MPICH-CM: A communication library design for a P2P MPI implementation, 323-330 [Zbl 1015.68727]
Brightwell, Ron; Maccabe, Arthur B.; Riesen, Rolf, Design and implementation of MPI on Portals 3. 0, 331-340 [Zbl 1015.68647]
Espenica, Roberto; Medeiros, Pedro, Porting PVM to the VIA architecture using a fast communication library, 341-348 [Zbl 1015.68760]
Coli, Moreno; Palazzari, Paolo; Rughi, Rodolfo, LICO: A multi-platform channel-based communication library, 349-356 [Zbl 1015.68706]
Kranzlmüller, Dieter; Schulz, Martin, Notes on nondeterminism in message passing programs, 357-367 [Zbl 1015.68738]
Jorba, Josep; Bustos, Rafael; Casquero, Ángel; Margalef, Tomàs; Luque, Emilio, Web remote services oriented architecture for cluster management, 368-375 [Zbl 1015.68832]
Krysztop, Bartosz; Krawczyk, Henryk, Improving flexibility and performance of PVM applications by distributed partial evaluation, 376-384 [Zbl 1015.68840]
Brightwell, Ron, Ready-mode receive: An optimized receive function for MPI, 385-391 [Zbl 1015.68768]
Träff, Jesper Larsson, Improved MPI all-to-all communication on a Giganet SMP cluster, 392-400 [Zbl 1015.68693]
Bißeling, Georg; Hoppe, Hans-Christian; Supalov, Alexander; Lagier, Pierre; Latour, Jean, Fujitsu MPI-2: Fast locally, reaching globally, 401-409 [Zbl 1015.68680]
Rabenseifner, Rolf, Communication and optimization aspects on hybrid architectures, 410-420 [Zbl 1015.68633]
Truong, Hong-Linh; Fahringer, Thomas; Geissler, Michael; Madsen, Georg, Performance analysis for MPI applications with SCALEA, 421-431 [Zbl 1015.68752]
Michailidis, Panagiotis D.; Margaritis, Konstantinos G., A performance study of load balancing strategies for approximate string matching on an MPI heterogeneous system environment, 432-440 [Zbl 1015.68842]
Almeida, F.; González, D.; Moreno, L. M.; Rodríguez, C., An analytical model for pipeline algorithms on heterogeneous clusters, 441-449 [Zbl 1015.68605]
Furtado, A.; Rebouças, A.; de Souza, J. R.; Rexachs, D.; Luque, E., Architectures for an efficient application execution in a collection of HNOWS, 450-460 [Zbl 1015.68621]


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