Proceedings of the international colloquium on algebra, arithmetic and geometry, Mumbai, India, January 4–12, 2000. Part I and II. (English) Zbl 1013.00021

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Indexed articles:
Abhyankar, Shreeram S., Symplectic groups and permutation polynomials. I, 1-96 [Zbl 1045.12002]
Avramov, Luchezar L.; Iyengar, Srikanth, Homological criteria for regular homomorphisms and for locally complete intersection homomorphisms, 97-122 [Zbl 1044.13006]
Barquero, P.; Merkurjev, A., Norm principle for reductive algebraic groups., 123-137 [Zbl 1036.20041]
Bhatwadekar, S. M.; Sridharan, Raja, On Euler classes and stably free projective modules, 139-158 [Zbl 1055.13009]
Biswas, Jishnu; Dayal, Gautham; Paranjape, Kapil H.; Ravindra, G. V., Higher Abel-Jacobi maps, 159-169 [Zbl 1069.14007]
Bloch, Spencer; Srinivas, V., Enriched Hodge structures, 171-184 [Zbl 1071.14012]
Colliot-Thélène, J.-L.; Ojanguren, M.; Parimala, R., Quadratic forms over fraction fields of two-dimensional Henselian rings and Brauer groups of related schemes, 185-217 [Zbl 1055.14019]
Friedlander, Eric M.; Walker, Mark E., Semi-topological \(K\)-theory of real varieties, 219-326 [Zbl 1025.19004]
Herzog, Jürgen; Sbarra, Enrico, Sequentially Cohen-Macaulay modules and local cohomology, 327-340 [Zbl 1072.13504]
van der Kallen, Wilberd, From Mennicke symbols to Euler class groups, 341-354 [Zbl 1027.19006]
Knus, M.-A.; Parimala, R.; Sridharan, R., On generic triality, 355-404 [Zbl 1032.16015]
Mehta, V. B.; Subramanian, S., On the Harder-Narasimhan filtration of principal bundles, 405-415 [Zbl 1057.14043]
Mehta, V. B.; Parameswaran, A. J., Geometry of low height representations., 417-426 [Zbl 1060.20039]
Miyanishi, Masayoshi; Masuda, Kayo, Generalized Jacobian conjecture and related topics, 427-466 [Zbl 1053.14071]
Mohan Kumar, N., Construction of rank two vector bundles on projective spaces, 467-470 [Zbl 1047.14028]
Nori, Madhav V., Constructible sheaves, 471-491 [Zbl 1059.14025]
Murthy, M. Pavaman, Cancellation problem for projective modules over certain affine algebras, 493-507 [Zbl 1052.13005]
Popov, Vladimir L., Self-dual algebraic varieties and nilpotent orbits, 509-533 [Zbl 1060.14066]
Roberts, Paul C., Intersection multiplicities and dimension inequalities, 535-555 [Zbl 1096.13019]
Russell, Peter, Some formal aspects of the theorems of Mumford-Ramanujam, 557-584 [Zbl 1083.14020]
Sujatha, R., Euler-Poincaré characteristics of \(p\)-adic Lie groups and arithmetic, 585-619 [Zbl 1028.22018]
Suslin, Andrei, On the vanishing of \(H_3(SL_2(A,I),\mathbb Z/l)\), 621-651 [Zbl 1025.19003]


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