Handbook of the geometry of Banach spaces. Volume 2. (English) Zbl 1013.46001

Amsterdam: North-Holland. xii, 1007-1866 (2003).

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Indexed articles:
Argyros, Spiros A.; Godefroy, Gilles; Rosenthal, Haskell P., Descriptive set theory and Banach spaces, 1007-1069 [Zbl 1121.46008]
Gowers, W. T., Ramsey methods in Banach spaces, 1071-1097 [Zbl 1043.46018]
Kalton, Nigel, Quasi-Banach spaces, 1099-1130 [Zbl 1059.46004]
Kalton, Nigel; Montgomery-Smith, Stephen, Interpolation of Banach spaces, 1131-1175 [Zbl 1041.46012]
Ledoux, M.; Zinn, J., Probabilistic limit theorems in the setting of Banach spaces, 1177-1200 [Zbl 1039.60003]
Mankiewicz, Piotr; Tomczak-Jaegermann, Nicole, Quotients of finite-dimensional Banach spaces; random phenomena, 1201-1246 [Zbl 1057.46010]
Maurey, Bernard, Banach spaces with few operators, 1247-1297 [Zbl 1044.46011]
Maurey, Bernard, Type, cotype and \(K\)-convexity, 1299-1332 [Zbl 1074.46006]
Odell, Edward; Schlumprecht, Th., Distortion and asymptotic structure, 1333-1360 [Zbl 1039.46007]
Pełczyński, Aleksander; Wojciechowski, Michał, Sobolev spaces, 1361-1423 [Zbl 1044.46031]
Pisier, Gilles, Operator spaces, 1425-1458 [Zbl 1041.46042]
Pisier, Gilles; Xu, Quanhua, Non-commutative \(L^p\)-spaces, 1459-1517 [Zbl 1046.46048]
Preiss, David, Geometric measure theory in Banach spaces, 1519-1546 [Zbl 1064.46068]
Rosenthal, Haskell P., The Banach spaces \(C(K)\), 1547-1602 [Zbl 1040.46018]
Schechtman, Gideon, Concentration, results and applications, 1603-1634 [Zbl 1057.46011]
Tzafriri, Lior, Uniqueness of structure in Banach spaces, 1635-1669 [Zbl 1058.46006]
Wojtaszczyk, P., Spaces of analytic functions with integral norm, 1671-1702 [Zbl 1061.46021]
Zippin, M., Extension of bounded linear operators, 1703-1741 [Zbl 1048.46016]
Zizler, Václav, Nonseparable Banach spaces, 1743-1816 [Zbl 1041.46009]
Addenda and corrigenda to Chapter 7, Approximation properties by Peter G. Casazza, 1817-1818 [Zbl 1112.46303]
Addenda and corrigenda to Chapter 8, Local operator theory, random matrices and Banach spaces by K. R. Davidson and S. J. Szarek, 1819-1820 [Zbl 1112.46302]
Addenda and corrigenda to Chapter 15, Infinite dimensional convexity by V. P. Fonf, J. Lindenstrauss and R. R. Phelps, 1823 [Zbl 1112.46300]


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