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Mathematics – key technology for the future. Joint projects between universities and industry. (English) Zbl 1016.00014
Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-44220-0/hbk). xiv, 732 p. (2003).

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Bock, Hans Georg; Longman, Richard W.; Schlöder, Johannes P.; Winckler, Michael J., Synthesis of automotive cams using multiple shooting-SQP methods for constrained optimization, 3-21 [Zbl 1045.65055]
Kröner, D.; Klassen, L.; Klimmek, A.; Trescher, D., Numerical optimization of scavenging in two-stroke engines with transfer ducts, an exhaust port and a moving piston, 22-32 [Zbl 1034.92036]
Rannacher, Rolf; Heuveline, Vincent, A numerical tool for flow simulation in a Wankel motor, 33-42 [Zbl 1076.76572]
Rannacher, R.; Becker, Chr.; Turek, S., An efficient Navier-Stokes solver for automotive aerodynamics, 43-54 [Zbl 1076.76571]
Rjasanow, S.; Bebendorf, M., Numerical simulation of exhaust systems in car industry – efficient calculation of radiation heat transfer, 55-62 [Zbl 1043.80510]
Lengauer, Thomas; Schäfer, Mike, Combinatorial optimization techniques for three-dimensional arrangement problems, 63-73 [Zbl 1077.90552]
Pesch, H. J.; Gerdts, M., Simulation of test-drives of automobiles at driving limit, 74-83 [Zbl 1076.93522]
Bulirsch, Roland; Vögel, Martin; von Stryk, Oskar; Chucholowski, Cornelius; Wolter, Thieß-Magnus, An optimal control approach to real-time vehicle guidance, 84-102 [Zbl 1039.49033]
Kirchgässner, Klaus; Sharma, Som Deo; Chen, Xue-Nong; Stuntz, Norbert, Theoretical and experimental studies of an S-catamaran, 103-124 [Zbl 1076.76512]
Fuhrmann, Jürgen; Petzoldt, Martin, Robust error estimators for interface problems occuring in transport processes in porous media, 127-136 [Zbl 1076.65536]
Jäger, Willi; Wittum, Gabriel; Schäfer, Wolfgang; Wagner, Christian; Willershausen, Harald, Modelling and simulation of a planned bio-chemical in situ remediation, 137-151 [Zbl 1034.92035]
Knabner, P.; Bitterlich, S.; Iza Teran, R.; Prechtel, A.; Schneid, E., Influence of surfactants on spreading of contaminants and soil remediation, 152-161 [Zbl 1076.76600]
Maaß, P.; Böckmann, Christine; Mekler, Alexander, Improvement of environment observing remote sensing devices by regularization techniques, 162-172 [Zbl 1034.92037]
Fiedler, B.; Efendiev, M. A.; Lerman, L.; Rademacher, J.; Schuppert, A., Stability analysis for reactors from chemical industry, 175-183 [Zbl 1034.92043]
Grund, Friedrich; Ehrhardt, Klaus; Borchardt, Jürgen; Horn, Dietmar, Heterogeneous dynamic process flowsheet simulation of chemical plants, 184-193 [Zbl 1034.92047]
Tobiska, Lutz; Thiele, Angela, Numerical simulation of annular chromatography, 194-203 [Zbl 1054.92029]
Wittum, Gabriel; Schulz, Volker; Maar, Bernd; Logashenko, Dmitriy, Numerical methods for parameter estimation in Bingham fluids, 204-215 [Zbl 1076.76573]
Niggemann, M.; Holtzmann, M.; Schmidt, D.; Soldner, K., A viscoelastic turbulence model based on renormalization group theory, 216-232 [Zbl 1076.76531]
Hömberg, D.; Dreyer, W.; Duderstadt, F., Modelling and simulation of capacitor impulse welding, 233-242 [Zbl 1043.80505]
Neunzert, H.; Zemitis, A.; Velten, K.; Iliev, O., Analysis of transport processes for layered porous materials used in industrial applications, 243-251 [Zbl 1076.76602]
Grigorieff, Rolf Dieter; Köcher, Ralf, Modelling and numerical simulation of district heating networks with time-saving solution methods, 252-262 [Zbl 1043.80514]
Prätzel-Wolters, D.; Lang, P.; Wirsen, A.; Kulig, S., Sensitivity and robustness analysis for construction and monitoring of turbine-generator shafts, 263-276 [Zbl 1076.65519]
Deuflhard, Peter; Schmidt, Frank; Friese, Tilmann; Zschiedrich, Lin, Adaptive multigrid methods for the vectorial Maxwell eigenvalue problem for optical waveguide design, 279-292 [Zbl 1065.78020]
Elschner, Johannes; Hinder, Rainer; Schmidt, Gunther, Direct and inverse problems for diffractive structures – optimization of binary gratings, 293-304 [Zbl 1065.78012]
Hackbusch, Wolfgang; Börm, Steffen, Computation of electromagnetic fields for a humidity sensor, 305-312 [Zbl 1065.78018]
Dziuk, Gerhard; Boschert, Stefan; Schmidt, Alfred; Siebert, Kunibert G.; Bänsch, Eberhard; Benz, Klaus-Werner; Kaiser, Thomas, Simulation of industrial crystal growth by the vertical Bridgman method, 315-342 [Zbl 1052.80507]
Hoffmann, Karl-Heinz; Voigt, Axel; Metzger, Michael, Numerical simulation and control of industrial crystal growth processes, 331-342 [Zbl 1052.80508]
Sprekels, Jürgen; Klein, Olaf; Philip, Peter; Wilmański, Krzysztof, Optimal control of sublimation growth of SiC crystals, 343-354 [Zbl 1052.80509]
Gajewski, H.; Kaiser, H.-Chr.; Langmach, H.; Nürnberg, R.; Richter, R. H., Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of semiconductor detectors, 355-364 [Zbl 1036.82029]
Hoppe, Ronald H. W.; Böhm, Peter; Mazurkevitch, George; Petrova, Svetozara; Wachutka, Gerhard; Wolfgang, Eckhard, Optimal design of high power electronic devices by topology optimization, 365-376 [Zbl 1077.94525]
Kaiser, Hans-Christoph; Bandelow, Uwe; Koprucki, Thomas; Rehberg, Joachim, Modelling and simulation of strained quantum wells in semiconductor lasers, 377-390 [Zbl 1161.78326]
Bulirsch, Roland; Neubert, Rolf; Schwarz, Angela, Efficient analysis of oscillatory circuits, 393-400 [Zbl 1037.94549]
Hünlich, Rolf; Albinus, Günter; Gajewski, Herbert; Glitzky, Annegret; Röpke, Wilfried; Knopke, Jürgen, Modelling and simulation of power devices for high-voltage integrated circuits, 401-412 [Zbl 1037.94550]
März, Roswitha; Estévez Schwarz, Diana; Feldmann, Uwe; Sturtzel, Sandra; Tischendorf, Caren, Finding beneficial DAE structures in circuit simulation, 413-428 [Zbl 1037.94553]
Rentrop, P.; Günther, M.; Hoschek, M.; Feldmann, U., CHORAL – a charge-oriented algorithm for the numerical integration of electrical circuits, 429-438 [Zbl 1037.94555]
Gritzmann, Peter; de Vries, Sven, Reconstructing crystalline structures from few images under high resolution transmission electron microscopy, 441-459 [Zbl 1034.82061]
Louis, A. K.; Dörr, P.; Gruss, C.; Petry, H., Measurement of paint layer thickness with photothermal infrared radiometry, 460-471 [Zbl 1065.78014]
Louis, Alfred K.; Schmitt, Uwe; Darvas, Felix; Buchner, Helmut; Fuchs, Manfred, Spatio-temporal current density reconstruction from EEG-/MEG-data, 472-482 [Zbl 1161.78327]
Peitgen, Heinz-Otto; Boskamp, Tobias; Singer, Peter, Signal correction in NMR spectroscopy, 483-492 [Zbl 1161.94351]
Mathé, Peter; Zacharias-Langhans, Johann Hinrich, On scattering of ultrasonic waves, 493-502 [Zbl 1044.74022]
Saupe, D.; Wagner, M., Video coding with adaptive vector quantization and rate distortion optimization, 520-529 [Zbl 1036.68624]
Böhning, Dankmar; Malzahn, Uwe; Schlattmann, Peter; Dammann, Uwe-Peter; Mehnert, Wolfgang; Holling, Heinz; Schulze, Ralf, The application of statistical methods of meta-analysis for heterogeneity modelling in medicine and pharmacy, psychology, quality control and assurance, 533-553 [Zbl 1040.62097]
Honerkamp, Josef; Lauk, Michael; Timmer, Jens; Lücking, Carl-Herrmann; Deuschl, Günther, An application for the analysis of human tremor time-series, 554-569 [Zbl 1034.92015]
Zowe, Jochen; Kočvara, Michal, Free material optimization, 573-583 [Zbl 1037.74038]
Mutzel, Petra; Klau, Gunnar W., Automatic layout and labelling of state diagrams, 584-608 [Zbl 1044.68131]
Pott, Alexander; Glaab, Holger, Optimization problems in a semi-automatic device for cutting leather, 609-622 [Zbl 1047.93037]
Schultz, Rüdiger; Nowak, Matthias P.; Nürnberg, Robert; Römisch, Werner; Westphalen, Markus, Stochastic programming for power production and trading under uncertainty, 623-636 [Zbl 1161.90451]
Möhring, Rolf H.; Uetz, Marc, Scheduling scarce resources in chemical engineering, 637-650 [Zbl 1077.90531]
Grötschel, Martin; Borndörfer, Ralf; Löbel, Andreas, Duty scheduling in public transit, 653-674 [Zbl 1077.90527]
Jünger, M.; Elf, M.; Kaibel, V., Rotation planning for the continental service of a European airline, 675-689 [Zbl 1077.90505]
Zimmermann, Uwe T.; Lübbecke, Marco E., Computer aided scheduling of switching engines, 690-702 [Zbl 1077.90534]
Zimmermann, U. T.; Lindner, T., Train schedule optimization in public rail transport, 703-716 [Zbl 1048.90114]
Mathar, Rudolf; Schmeink, Michael, An integrated planning approach for cellular radio networks, 717-730 [Zbl 1037.94501]

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