Statistical analysis of the fractional Ornstein–Uhlenbeck type process. (English) Zbl 1021.62061

Summary: We consider the fractional analogue of the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process, that is, the solution of a one-dimensional homogeneous linear stochastic differential equation driven by a fractional Brownian motion in place of the usual Brownian motion. The statistical problem of estimation of the drift and variance parameters is investigated on the basis of a semimartingale which generates the same filtration as the observed process.
The asymptotic behaviour of the maximum likelihood estimator of the drift parameter is analyzed. Strong consistency is proved and explicit formulas for the asymptotic bias and mean square error are derived. Preparing for the analysis, a change of probability method is developed to compute the Laplace transform of a quadratic functional of some auxiliary process.


62M05 Markov processes: estimation; hidden Markov models
62F12 Asymptotic properties of parametric estimators
60G48 Generalizations of martingales
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