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Proceedings of the second ISAAC congress. Vol. 2. Proceedings of the International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation congress, Fukuoka, Japan, August 16–21, 1999. (English) Zbl 1022.00010
International Society for Analysis, Applications and Computation. 8. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xiv, 799-1617 (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (1, 1997) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0933.00034, Zbl 0908.00019, Zbl 0890.00039 and Zbl 0891.00025).
Indexed articles:
Morimoto, Mitsuo; Suwa, Masanori, A characterization of analytic functionals on the sphere. II., 799-807 [Zbl 1039.46035]
Nakamura, Yayoi; Tajima, Shinichi, An algorithm for the local residues with the viewpoint of \(\mathcal D\)-module., 809-817 [Zbl 1037.32005]
Park, Young Sik, On non quasi-analytic classes of functions and the space of Whitney jets of class \(M\)., 819-827 [Zbl 1041.46017]
Tajima, Shinichi, Algebraic analysis of multivariate Hermite interpolation formulas., 829-838 [Zbl 1038.32012]
Tsuji, Miki, Deformation of singularities via quivers., 839-848 [Zbl 1037.32027]
Yamane, Hideshi, Fuchsian Cauchy problem for entire functions., 849-853 [Zbl 1033.35018]
Chuvenkov, A. F., Imbedding theorems in Sobolev-Orlicz spaces., 855-862 [Zbl 1045.46017]
Bhatt, S. J.; Inouue, Atsushi; Ogi, Hideaki, Unbounded \(C\)*-seminorms on *-algebras., 863-870 [Zbl 1039.46043]
Imayoshi, Yoichi; Ito, Manabu; Yamamoto, Hiroshi, A remark on the Bers type of some self-maps of Riemann surfaces with two specified points., 871-875 [Zbl 1037.32014]
Lassalle, Silvia, Some results concerning the determination of the polynomials on \(E\) by the dual space \(E'\)., 877-883 [Zbl 1043.46032]
Li, Zhong, A note on Strebel differentials., 885-893 [Zbl 1035.30012]
Partykai, Darlusz; Sakan, Ken-ichi, A pseudo-metric on the space of generalized quasisymmetric automorphisms of a Jordan curve., 895-902 [Zbl 1034.30015]
Wang, Yuefei, Fatou sets of permutable functions satisfying functional equations., 903-908 [Zbl 1037.39006]
Qi, Yi; Wu, Shengjian, Hamilton sequences and point shift differentials., 909-918 [Zbl 1330.30030]
Zhou, Jianying, Chaos in two-dimensional mappings, 919-927 [Zbl 1032.37019]
Tsuji, Kumiko, Round-off error of optimal control problems in floating-point number systems., 929-944 [Zbl 1036.65046]
Cheon, Eun Ju; Kim, Seon Jeong, Some codes determined by their weight enumerators., 945-953 [Zbl 1035.94013]
Homma, Masaaki; Kim, Seon Jeong, Goppa codes supported by two points on a curve., 955-965 [Zbl 1036.94014]
Kaneta, Hitoshi; Marcugini, S.; Pambianco, F., The most symmetric non-singular plane curves, 967-969 [Zbl 1032.14008]
Cho, Kyung-Hye; Keem, Changho; Ohbuchi, Akira, Variety of special nets of degree \(g-1\) on double coverings of a smooth plane quartic of genus 9., 971-983 [Zbl 1045.14504]
Narzullaev, Ulugbek, Cohomologies of elliptic curves., 985-991 [Zbl 1038.14007]
Kim, Seon Jeong; Komeda, Jiryo, Non-cyclic Weierstrass semigroups., 993-1005 [Zbl 1034.14014]
Kimura, Hideyuki, Finite group actions on compact Riemann surfaces of genus 4., 1007-1014 [Zbl 1108.14303]
Fujikawa, Ege; Shiga, Hiroshige; Taniguchi, Masahiko, Discreteness of the mapping class group for Riemann surfaces of infinite analytic type., 1015-1021 [Zbl 1053.30037]
Ito, Kentaro, Schottky groups and Bers boundary of Teichmüller space., 1023-1036 [Zbl 1079.30061]
Obitsu, Kunio, The asymptotic behavior of Eisenstein series and a comparison of the Weil-Petersson and the Zograf-Takhtajan metrics., 1037-1048 [Zbl 1093.11508]
Boyd, Christopher; Dineen, Seán; Rueda, Maria Pilar, Asplund operators on locally convex spaces., 1049-1056 [Zbl 1047.46002]
Maegawa, Kazutoshi, Three dimensional shift-like mappings of dynamical degree golden ratio, 1057-1062 [Zbl 1032.37032]
Shinohara, Tomoko, Iteration of some birational polynomial maps in \(\mathbb{P}^2\), 1063-1070 [Zbl 1032.37033]
Suzuki, Masski, On the Fatou component of polynomial maps in \(\mathbb{C}^2\)., 1071-1078 [Zbl 1033.37024]
Tyurina, S. D., Closure of Drinfeld’s associator and the Kontsevich integral for \((2,n)\)-torus knots., 1079-1089 [Zbl 1036.57005]
Huang, Xinzhong, Extremal quasiconformal extension and quadrilateral modulus, 1091-1101 [Zbl 1032.30016]
Okuyama, Yûsuke, On the non-linearizability of analytic germs and irrationally indifferent fixed points., 1103-1107 [Zbl 1036.37508]
Komori, Yohei, A note on a paper of T. Sasaki: “The slice determined by moduli equation \(xy=2z\) in the deformation space of once punctured tori”, 1109-1115 [Zbl 1136.30312]
Sugawa, Toshiyuki, Unified approach to conformally invariant metrics on Riemann surfaces., 1117-1127 [Zbl 1075.30021]
Kanemaru, Tadayoshi, A remark on a normal domain., 1129-1134 [Zbl 1037.32009]
Burenkov, V. I., Extension theorems for Sobolev and more general spaces for degenerate open sets., 1135-1141 [Zbl 1045.46016]
Hakobyan, Gennadii H.; Margarjan, Vachagan N., Behavior of the higher order derivatives of solutions of a class of nonhypoelliptic equations in the infinite cylinder., 1143-1147 [Zbl 1136.35335]
Kamiya, Shigeyasu, Generalized isometric spheres of elements of \(PU(1,n;\mathbb{C})\), 1149-1154 [Zbl 1037.32023]
Kalyabin, Gagik A., Asymptotic formula for minimal eigenvalues of Hilbert-type matrices., 1155-1161 [Zbl 1036.15010]
Samko, Stefan G., Approximative approach to fractional powers of operators., 1163-1170 [Zbl 1059.47501]
Suzuki, Motoko, Some explicit curves of genus three over finite fields of characteristic two with rational points., 1171-1177 [Zbl 1033.14017]
Tararykova, T. V., Inequalities with sharp constants for operators satisfying the conditions of \(p\)-convexity or \(p\)-concavity type., 1179-1186 [Zbl 1054.47501]
Ng, Tuen Wai, Recent progress in unique factorization of entire functions, 1187-1199 [Zbl 1032.30018]
Kwon, E. G., Weighted subspaces of Hardy spaces and Bloch functions., 1201-1206 [Zbl 1330.30039]
Lyan, Gregory M.; Woo, Gyungsoo, Poincaré series operator with Petersson inner product, 1207-1211 [Zbl 1032.30029]
Kim, Jeong-Hoon, Asymptotic analysis of electromagnetic wave propagation in a random multilayer, 1213-1221 [Zbl 1092.78505]
Guliev, Vagif S., Some aspects of B-harmonic analysis., 1223-1240 [Zbl 1041.42016]
Guliyev, Huseyn V., Boundedness of anisotropic singular operators on generalized anisotropic Morrey spaces., 1241-1248 [Zbl 1048.42018]
Gasimov, Zaid M., Inverse Hochstadt problem for singular Sturm-Liouville equation., 1249-1254 [Zbl 1041.34503]
Gasimov, Zaid M., Primal and inverse problems for Sturm-Liouville equation on the finite interval with singularities at the ends., 1255-1263 [Zbl 1041.34506]
Fukuchi, Satoshi; Horimoto, Katsuhisa, Classification of linear chromosomes., 1265-1274 [Zbl 1040.92007]
Suzuki, Hiromi; Fukuchi, Satoshi; Horimoto, Katsuhisa, A procedure for detecting similarity between distantly related protein families, 1275-1284 [Zbl 1032.92016]
Alexandrov, A. G., Fuchsian systems of differential equations with logarithmic singularities., 1285-1299 [Zbl 1037.32026]
Begehr, H., Integral decomposition of differentiable functions., 1301-1312 [Zbl 1330.30040]
Begehr, H.; Dai, D.-Q., On problems of linear conjugacy for analytic functions of several complex variables., 1313-1318 [Zbl 1037.32002]
Belinsky, Boris P., Wave propagation in the ice-covered ocean wave guide and operator polynomials., 1319-1333 [Zbl 1163.86304]
Dreher, M., Propagation of singularities for semilinear weakly hyperbolic differential equations., 1335-1344 [Zbl 1163.35440]
Dubinskii, J., The general form of arbitrary linear functionals on the analytic Sobolev spaces., 1345-1353 [Zbl 1049.46014]
Galstian, A.; Reissig, M., \(L_p\)-\(L_q\) decay estimates for a Klein-Gordon type model equation., 1355-1369 [Zbl 1052.35045]
Golubeva, V. A.; Leksin, V., On a generalization of the Drinfeld-Kohno theorem., 1371-1386 [Zbl 1037.32015]
Gürlebeck, K., On some weighted spaces of quaternion-valued functions., 1387-1401 [Zbl 1060.30060]
Hayashi, Y., A nonlinear Cauchy-Riemann system in several complex variables., 1403-1420 [Zbl 1037.32034]
Jangibekov, G., On a class of two-dimensional singular integral operators and its applications to boundary value problems for elliptic systems of equations in the plane., 1421-1430 [Zbl 1274.35090]
Kähler, U., The Navier-Stokes equations over unbounded domains., 1431-1446 [Zbl 1038.35055]
Lai, H. C., Complex fractional programming involving \((\mathcal L,\rho,\theta)\)-convex analytic functions., 1447-1457 [Zbl 1163.90760]
Le, Hung Son, Extension theorems for monogenic functions with parameter taking values in a Clifford algebra., 1459-1469 [Zbl 1074.30529]
Lin, W.; Shen, Y. J., Wavelet solutions to the natural integral equations of the plane elasticity problem., 1471-1480 [Zbl 1163.74476]
Malonek, H. R., Beltrami systems in the context of Clifford analysis., 1481-1495 [Zbl 1047.30036]
Rocha-Chávez, R.; Shapiro, Michael; Sommen, Frank, Analysis of functions and differential forms in \(\mathbb{C}^m\)., 1497-1506 [Zbl 1037.32003]
Rocha-Chávez, R.; Shapiro, Michael; Sommen, Frank, Integral theorems for solutions of the complex Hodge-Dolbeault system., 1507-1514 [Zbl 1037.32004]
Safarov, D. Kh., A kind of Riemann-Hilbert problem for non-classical systems of partial differential equations., 1515-1521 [Zbl 1038.35051]
Vasilevski, N. L., Bergman space on tube domains and commuting Toeplitz operators., 1523-1537 [Zbl 1041.32003]
Wen, G.-C., Oblique derivative problems for second order equations of mixed type in multiply connected domains., 1539-1546 [Zbl 1040.35047]
Yagdjian, K., The Lax-Mizohata theorem for nonlinear gauge invariant equations., 1547-1561 [Zbl 1040.35015]
Cerejeiras, P., \(S^{n-1}\)-harmonic functions for the spherical model of hyperbolic spaces., 1563-1575 [Zbl 1047.30035]
Xiong, Weiling, The unicity theorem of meromorphic functions with deficient values, 1577-1584 [Zbl 1032.30020]
He, Min; Xu, Yongzhi, Continuity and determination of parameters for quasistatic thermoelastic system., 1585-1597 [Zbl 1163.74490]
Xu, Yongzhi; Mawata, Christopher; Lin, Wei, Generalized dual space indicator method for imaging obstacles in a homogeneous medium., 1599-1606 [Zbl 1163.35448]

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