Formal methods for open object-based distributed systems. 6th IFIP WG 6.1 international conference, FMOODS 2003, Paris, France, November 19–21, 2003. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1029.00058

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2884. Berlin: Springer. x, 293 p. (2003).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0989.00045).
Indexed articles:
Jacobs, Bart, Java’s integral types in PVS., 1-15 [Zbl 1253.68081]
Lüdtke Ferreira, Ana Paula; Ribeiro, Leila, Towards object-oriented graphs and grammars., 16-31 [Zbl 1253.68086]
Kumar, Nirman; Sen, Koushik; Meseguer, José; Agha, Gul, A rewriting based model for probabilistic distributed object systems., 32-46 [Zbl 1253.68244]
Prinz, Andreas; von Löwis, Martin, Engineering the SDL formal language definition., 47-63 [Zbl 1253.68222]
Pierik, Cees; de Boer, Frank S., A syntax-directed Hoare logic for object-oriented programming concepts., 64-78 [Zbl 1253.68087]
Wehrheim, Heike, Inheritance of temporal logic properties., 79-93 [Zbl 1253.68223]
Colin, Matthias; Thirioux, Xavier; Pantel, Marc, Temporal logic based static analysis for non-uniform behaviours., 94-108 [Zbl 1253.68084]
Bidinger, Philippe; Stefani, Jean-Bernard, The Kell calculus: operational semantics and type system., 109-123 [Zbl 1253.68235]
Bocchi, Laura; Laneve, Cosimo; Zavattaro, Gianluigi, A calculus for long-running transactions., 124-138 [Zbl 1253.68056]
Gorrieri, Roberto; Martinelli, Fabio; Petrocchi, Marinella; Vaccarelli, Anna, Formal analysis of some timed security properties in wireless protocols., 139-154 [Zbl 1253.68055]
Ábrahám, Erika; de Boer, Frank S.; de Roever, Willem-Paul; Steffen, Martin, Inductive proof outlines for monitors in Java., 155-169 [Zbl 1253.68080]
Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi, Proof scores in the OTS/CafeOBJ method., 170-184 [Zbl 1253.68249]
Rasch, Holger; Wehrheim, Heike, Checking consistency in UML diagrams: classes and state machines., 229-243 [Zbl 1253.68096]
Dotti, Fernando L.; Foss, Luciana; Ribeiro, Leila; dos Santos, Osmar M., Verification of distributed object-based systems., 261-275 [Zbl 1253.68059]


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68M14 Distributed systems


Zbl 0989.00045
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