Analysis of symbolic data. Exploratory methods for extracting statistical information from complex data. (English) Zbl 1039.62501

Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-66619-2). xviii, 425 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Diday, Edwin, Symbolic data analysis and the SODAS project: purpose, history, perspective, 1-23 [Zbl 0984.62003]
Bock, Hans-Hermann, The classical data situation, 24-38 [Zbl 0978.62001]
Bock, Hans-Hermann, Symbolic data, 39-53 [Zbl 0978.62002]
Bock, Hans-Hermann; Diday, Edwin, Symbolic objects, 54-77 [Zbl 0978.62003]
Stéphan, Véronique; Hébrail, Georges; Lechevallier, Yves, Generation of symbolic objects from relational databases, 78-105 [Zbl 0979.68034]
Bertrand, Patrice; Goupil, Françoise, Descriptive statistics for symbolic data, 106-124 [Zbl 0978.62005]
Noirhomme-Fraiture, Monique; Rouard, Manuel, Visualizing and editing symbolic objects, 125-138 [Zbl 0978.62004]
Esposito, F.; Malerba, D.; Tamma, V.; Bock, H. H., Classical resemblance measures, 139-152 [Zbl 0977.62069]
Bock, Hans-Hermann, Dissimilarity measures for probability distributions, 153-160 [Zbl 0977.62065]
Bacelar-Nicolau, Helena, The affinary coefficient, 160-165 [Zbl 0977.62066]
Esposito, F.; Malerba, D.; Tamma, V., Dissimilarity measures for symbolic objects, 165-185 [Zbl 0977.62005]
Esposito, F.; Malerba, D.; Lisi, F. A., Matching symbolic objects, 186-197 [Zbl 0977.62006]
Bock, Hans-Hermann, Classical principal component analysis, 198-199 [Zbl 0977.62064]
Chouakria, A.; Gazes, P.; Diday, E., Symbolic principal component analysis, 200-212 [Zbl 0977.62063]
Lauro, N. Carlo; Verde, R.; Palumbo, F., Factorial discriminant analysis on symbolic objects, 212-233 [Zbl 0977.62070]
Rasson, Jean-Paul; Lissoir, Sandrine, Classical methods of discrimination, 234-240 [Zbl 0977.62071]
Rasson, Jean-Paul; Lissoir, Sandrine, Symbolic kernel discriminant analysis, 240-244 [Zbl 0977.62072]
Périnel, Emmanuel; Lechevallier, Yves, Symbolic discrimination rules, 244-265 [Zbl 0976.62061]
Bravo Llatas, M. C.; García-Santesmases, J. M., Segmentation trees for stratified data, 266-293 [Zbl 0977.62067]
Chavent, Marie; Bock, Hans-Hermann, The clustering problem and clustering methods for classical data, 294-299 [Zbl 0977.62068]
Chavent, Marie, Criterion-based divisive clustering for symbolic data, 299-311 [Zbl 0976.62060]
Brito, Paula, Hierarchical and pyramidal clustering with complete symbolic objects, 312-324 [Zbl 0976.62059]
Polaillon, Géraldine, A pyramidal classification for interval data using Galois lattice reduction, 324-341 [Zbl 0977.62008]
Gettler-Summa, Mireille; Pardoux, Catherine, Symbolic approaches for three-way data, 342-354 [Zbl 0977.62007]
Bisdorff, Raymond, Professional careers of retired working persons, 356-374 [Zbl 0976.68194]
Iztueta, Anjeles; Calvo, Patricia, Comparing European labour force survey results from the Basque country and Portugal, 374-381 [Zbl 0976.68196]
Goupil, Francoise; Touati, Myriam; Diday, Edwin; Moult, Richard, Processing census data from ONS, 382-385 [Zbl 0976.68193]
Morineau, Alain, The SODAS software package, 386-391 [Zbl 0976.68195]


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