Rigorous methods for the study of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in periodic wave-guides. (Méthode rigoureuse pour l’étude de la propagation des ondes électromagnétiques dans les guides périodiques.) (French) Zbl 1043.78541

Summary: We propose an exact method for studying electromagnetic propagation in perfectly conducting periodical wave-guides with glide reflection symmetry. Maxwell’s equations, written in a covariant form, are solved in a nonrectangular coordinate system in order to satisfy the boundary conditions. As a result, the dispersion (Brillouin) diagrams are given by the eigenvalues of a matrix which characterizes the waveguide, and the eigenvectors of this matrix determine the components of the electromagnetic field. Computed and measured results are compared for an ‘echelette’ wave-guide with glide reflection symmetry.


78A50 Antennas, waveguides in optics and electromagnetic theory
78-04 Software, source code, etc. for problems pertaining to optics and electromagnetic theory
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