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Logic for programming, artificial intelligence, and reasoning. 8th international conference, LPAR 2001, Havana, Cuba, December 3–7, 2001. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1046.03001
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2250. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-42957-3/pbk). xv, 738 p. (2001).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0952.00026)
Indexed articles:
Hodkinson, Ian; Wolter, Frank; Zakharyaschev, Michael, Monodic fragments of first-order temporal logics: 2000–2001 A.D., 1-23 [Zbl 1275.03088]
Kupferman, Orna; Vardi, Moshe Y., On bounded specifications, 24-38 [Zbl 1275.68094]
Schneider, Klaus, Improving automata generation for linear temporal logic by considering the automaton hierarchy, 39-54 [Zbl 1275.68096]
Diekert, Volker; Gastin, Paul, Local temporal logic is expressively complete for cograph dependence alphabets, 55-69 [Zbl 1275.68089]
Berwanger, Dietmar; Grädel, Erich, Games and model checking for guarded logics, 70-84 [Zbl 1275.68087]
Georgieva, Lilia; Hustadt, Ullrich; Schmidt, Renate A., Computational space efficiency and minimal model generation for guarded formulae, 85-99 [Zbl 1275.68091]
Alechina, Natasha; Logan, Brian, Logical omniscience and the cost of deliberation, 100-109 [Zbl 1275.68133]
Sardiña, Sebastian, Local conditional high-level robot programs, 110-124 [Zbl 1275.68152]
Engelhardt, Kai; Van Der Meyden, Ron; Moses, Yoram, A refinement theory that supports reasoning about knowledge and time for synchronous agents, 125-141 [Zbl 1275.68137]
Letz, Reinhold; Stenz, Gernot, Proof and model generation with disconnection tableaux, 142-156 [Zbl 1275.03081]
Horton, Joseph D., Counting the number of equivalent binary resolution proofs, 157-171 [Zbl 1275.03080]
de Nivelle, Hans, Splitting through new proposition symbols, 172-185 [Zbl 1275.03083]
Lynch, Christopher; Morawska, Barbara, Complexity of linear standard theories, 186-200 [Zbl 1275.68127]
Baaz, Matthias; Ciabattoni, Agata; Fermüller, Christian G., Herbrand’s theorem for prenex Gödel logic and its consequences for theorem proving, 201-216 [Zbl 1275.03098]
Baader, Franz; Küsters, Ralf, Unification in a description logic with transitive closure of roles, 217-232 [Zbl 1275.68134]
Perrier, Guy, Intuitionistic multiplicative proof nets as models of directed acyclic graph descriptions, 233-248 [Zbl 1275.03160]
Luo, Yong; Luo, Zhaohui, Coherence and transitivity in coercive subtyping, 249-265 [Zbl 1275.03077]
Schürmann, Carsten, A type-theoretic approach to induction with higher-order encodings, 266-281 [Zbl 1275.03078]
Smaus, Jan-Georg, Analysis of polymorphically typed logic programs using ACI-unification, 282-298 [Zbl 1275.68052]
Koshimura, Miyuki; Fujita, Hiroshi; Hasegawa, Ryuzo, Model generation with Boolean constraints, 299-308 [Zbl 1275.68126]
Afshordel, Bijan; Hillenbrand, Thomas; Weidenbach, Christoph, First-order atom definitions extended, 309-319 [Zbl 1275.68125]
Rasmussen, Thomas Marthedal, Automated proof support for interval logics, 320-329 [Zbl 1275.68129]
Leivant, Daniel, The functions provable by first order abstraction, 330-346 [Zbl 1234.03028]
Brünnler, Kai; Tiu, Alwen Fernanto, A local system for classical logic, 347-361 [Zbl 1275.03150]
Rintanen, Jussi, Partial implicit unfolding in the Davis-Putnam procedure for quantified Boolean formulae, 362-376 [Zbl 1275.03082]
Walsh, Toby, Permutation problems and channelling constraints, 377-391 [Zbl 1273.68365]
del Val, Alvaro, Simplifying binary propositional theories into connected components twice as fast, 392-406 [Zbl 1275.68130]
Eiter, Thomas; Fink, Michael; Sabbatini, Giuliana; Tompits, Hans, Reasoning about evolving nonmonotonic knowledge bases, 407-421 [Zbl 1275.68136]
Behrend, Andreas, Efficient computation of the well-founded model using update propagation, 422-437 [Zbl 1275.68044]
Amato, Gianluca; Lipton, James, Indexed categories and bottom-up semantics of logic programs, 438-454 [Zbl 1275.68042]
López-Fraguas, F. J.; Sánchez-Hernández, J., Functional logic programming with failure: a set-oriented view, 455-469 [Zbl 1275.68047]
Kreutzer, Stephan, Operational semantics for fixed-point logics on constraint databases, 470-484 [Zbl 1275.68066]
Muñoz, Susana; Moreno, Juan José; Hermenegildo, Manuel, Efficient negation using abstract interpretation, 485-494 [Zbl 1275.68049]
Boulmé, Sylvain; Hamon, Grégoire, Certifying synchrony for free, 495-506 [Zbl 1275.68057]
McMath, David; Rozenfeld, Marianna; Sommer, Richard, A computer environment for writing ordinary mathematical proofs, 507-516 [Zbl 1275.68128]
Serebrenik, Alexander; De Schreye, Danny, On termination of meta-programs, 517-530 [Zbl 1275.68050]
Borralleras, Cristina; Rubio, Albert, A monotonic higher-order semantic path ordering, 531-547 [Zbl 1275.68082]
Franconi, Enrico; Palma, Antonio Laureti; Leone, Nicola; Perri, Simona; Scarcello, Francesco, Census data repair: a challenging application of disjunctive logic programming, 561-578 [Zbl 1275.68045]
Bagnara, Roberto; Zaffanella, Enea; Gori, Roberta; Hill, Patricia M., Boolean functions for finite-tree dependencies, 579-594 [Zbl 1275.68043]
Comini, Marco; Gori, Roberta; Levi, Giorgio, How to transform an analyzer into a verifier, 595-609 [Zbl 1275.68088]
Arieli, Ofer; Van Nuffelen, Bert; Denecker, Marc; Bruynooghe, Maurice, Coherent composition of distributed knowledge-bases through abduction, 624-638 [Zbl 1275.68064]
Fermüller, Christian G.; Moser, Georg; Zach, Richard, Tableaux for reasoning about atomic updates, 639-653 [Zbl 1275.68065]
Serebrenik, Alexander; De Schreye, Danny, Inference of termination conditions for numerical loops in Prolog, 654-669 [Zbl 1275.68051]
Lucas, Salvador, Termination of rewriting with strategy annotations, 669-684 [Zbl 1275.68084]
Genaim, Samir; Codish, Michael, Inferring termination conditions for logic programs using backwards analysis, 685-694 [Zbl 1275.68046]
Genet, Thomas; Tong, Valérie Viet Triem, Reachability analysis of term rewriting systems with Timbuk, 695-706 [Zbl 1275.68083]
Vanhoof, Wim; Bruynooghe, Maurice, Binding-time annotations without binding-time analysis, 707-722 [Zbl 1275.68053]
Monroy, Raúl, Concept formation via proof planning failure, 723-736 [Zbl 1275.68140]
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03B70 Logic in computer science
68T27 Logic in artificial intelligence
68N30 Mathematical aspects of software engineering (specification, verification, metrics, requirements, etc.)
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