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The legacy of Niels Henrik Abel. Papers from the Abel bicentennial conference, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, June 3–8, 2002. (English) Zbl 1047.00019
Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-43826-2/hbk). ix, 784 p. with CD ROM. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Stubhaug, Arild, The life of Niels Henrik Abel, 7-20 [Zbl 1060.01528]
Houzel, Christian, The work of Niels Henrik Abel, 21-177 [Zbl 1077.01013]
Griffiths, Phillip, The legacy of Abel in algebraic geometry, 179-205 [Zbl 1072.14001]
Lazard, Daniel, Solving quintics by radicals, 207-225 [Zbl 1137.12002]
Petri, Birgit; Schappacher, Norbert, From Abel to Kronecker: episodes from 19th century algebra, 227-266 [Zbl 1160.12001]
Frei, Günther, On the history of the Artin reciprocity law in Abelian extensions of algebraic number fields: how Artin was led to his reciprocity law, 267-294 [Zbl 1065.11001]
Brigaglia, Aldo; Ciliberto, Ciro; Pedrini, Claudio, The Italian school of algebraic geometry and Abel’s legacy, 295-347 [Zbl 1069.14002]
Catanese, Fabrizio, From Abel’s heritage: transcendental objects in algebraic geometry and their algebraization, 349-394 [Zbl 1070.14001]
Kleiman, Steven L., What is Abel’s theorem anyway?, 395-440 [Zbl 1071.14001]
Ekedahl, Torsten, On Abel’s hyperelliptic curves, 441-466 [Zbl 1069.14032]
Green, Mark; Griffiths, Phillip, Formal deformation of Chow groups, 467-509 [Zbl 1142.14302]
Clemens, Herbert, An analogue of Abel’s theorem, 511-530 [Zbl 1073.14057]
Graber, Tom; Harris, Joe; Mazur, Barry; Starr, Jason, Arithmetic questions related to rationally connected varieties, 531-542 [Zbl 1071.14053]
Siu, Yum-Tong, Hyperbolicity in complex geometry, 543-566 [Zbl 1076.32011]
Henkin, G. M., Abel-Radon transform and applications, 567-584 [Zbl 1075.44002]
Gindikin, Simon, Abel transform and integral geometry, 585-596 [Zbl 1067.43004]
Palamodov, V. P., Abel’s inverse problem and inverse scattering, 597-604 [Zbl 1067.81135]
Björk, Jan-Erik, Residues and \(\mathcal D\)-modules, 605-651 [Zbl 1069.32001]
Passare, Mikael; Tsikh, August, Algebraic equations and hypergeometric series, 653-672 [Zbl 1109.33017]
Hedenmalm, Håkan, Dirichlet series and functional analysis, 673-684 [Zbl 1068.30005]
Manin, Yu. I., Real multiplication and noncommutative geometry (ein Alterstraum), 685-727 [Zbl 1091.11022]
Fulton, W., On the quantum cohomology of homogeneous varieties, 729-736 [Zbl 1083.14065]
Kassel, Christian, Quantum principal bundles up to homotopy equivalence., 737-748 [Zbl 1087.16027]
van den Bergh, Michel, Non-commutative crepant resolutions, 749-770 [Zbl 1082.14005]
Chas, Moira; Sullivan, Dennis, Closed string operators in topology leading to Lie bialgebras and higher string algebra, 771-784 [Zbl 1068.55009]

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