Advances in time-delay systems. (English) Zbl 1051.34002

Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 38. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-20890-9/pbk). xiv, 446 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Verduyn Lunel, Sjoerd M., Basic theory for linear delay equations, 3-27 [Zbl 1060.34034]
Kharitonov, Vladimir L., Complete type Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals, 31-42 [Zbl 1062.34083]
Chen, Jie; Niculescu, Silviu-Iulian, Robust stability conditions of quasipolynomials by frequency sweeping, 43-60 [Zbl 1062.34081]
Sipahi, Rifat; Olgac, Nejat, Improvements on the cluster treatment of characteristic roots and the case studies, 61-73 [Zbl 1060.34046]
Bliman, Pierre-Alexandre, From Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals for delay independent stability to LMI conditions for \(\mu\)-analysis, 75-85 [Zbl 1060.34040]
Mondié, Sabine; Loiseau, Jean Jacques, Finite eigenstructure assignment for input delay systems, 89-101 [Zbl 1134.93350]
Răsvan, Vladimir; Popescu, Dan, Control of systems with input delay – an elementary approach, 103-110 [Zbl 1134.93400]
Mazenc, Frédéric; Mondié, Sabine; Niculescu, Silviu-Iulian, On the stabilization of systems with bounded and delayed input, 111-122 [Zbl 1063.34076]
Belkoura, Lotfi; Dambrine, Michel; Orlov, Yuri; Richard, Jean-Pierre, Identifiability and identification of linear systems with delays, 123-135 [Zbl 1063.34074]
Fattouh, Anas; Sename, Olivier, A model matching solution of robust observer design for time-delay systems, 137-152 [Zbl 1070.93009]
Bellen, Alfredo; Zennaro, Marino, Adaptive integration of delay differential equations, 155-165 [Zbl 1067.65066]
Roose, Dirk; Luzyanina, Tatyana; Engelborghs, Koen; Michiels, Wim, Software for stability and bifurcation analysis of delay differential equations and applications to stabilization, 167-181 [Zbl 1065.34077]
Datko, Richard, Empirical methods for determining the stability of certain linear delay systems, 183-192 [Zbl 1060.34042]
Louisell, James, Stability exponent and eigenvalue abscissas by way of the imaginary axis eigenvalues, 193-206 [Zbl 1072.34081]
Michiels, Wim; Mondié, Sabine; Roose, Dirk; Dambrine, Michel, The effect of approximating distributed delay control laws on stability, 207-222 [Zbl 1134.93392]
Hale, Jack K., Synchronization through boundary interaction, 225-232 [Zbl 1062.35154]
Fridman, Emilia, Output regulation of nonlinear neutral systems, 233-244 [Zbl 1134.93342]
Bonnet, Catherine; Partington, Jonathan R., Robust stability analysis of various classes of delay systems, 245-255 [Zbl 1063.34075]
Rabah, Rabah; Sklyar, Grigory M.; Rezounenko, Alexandr V., On strong stability and stabilizability of linear systems of neutral type, 257-268 [Zbl 1060.34051]
Rodriguez, Salvador A.; Dion, Jean-Michel; Dugard, Luc, Robust delay dependent stability analysis of neutral systems, 269-283 [Zbl 1060.34045]
Yuan, Xin; Efe, Mehmet Önder; Özbay, Hitay, On delay-based linear models and robust control of cavity flows, 287-298 [Zbl 1060.34053]
Annaswamy, Anuradha M., Active-adaptive control of acoustic resonances in flows, 299-309 [Zbl 1134.93352]
Lozano, Rogelio; Gil, Pedro Garcia; Castillo, Pedro; Dzul, Alejandro, Robust prediction-based control for unstable delay systems, 311-325 [Zbl 1060.34050]
Taoutaou, Damia; Niculescu, Silviu-Iulian; Gu, Keqin, Robust stability of teleoperation schemes subject to constant and time-varying communication delays, 327-338 [Zbl 1060.34047]
Tarbouriech, Sophie; Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Ariola, Marco, Bounded control of multiple-delay systems with applications to ATM networks, 339-353 [Zbl 1060.34052]
Birdwell, J. Douglas; Chiasson, John; Tang, Zhong; Abdallah, Chaouki; Hayat, Majeed M.; Wang, Tsewei, Dynamic time delay models for load balancing. I: Deterministic models, 355-370 [Zbl 1060.34056]
Hayat, Majeed M.; Dhakal, Sagar; Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Birdwell, J. Douglas; Chiasson, John, Dynamic time delay models for load balancing. II: A stochastic analysis of the effect of delay uncertainty, 371-385 [Zbl 1060.34055]
Verriest, Erik I., Asymptotic properties of stochastic delay systems, 389-420 [Zbl 1063.34079]
Haddad, Wassim M.; Chellaboina, Vijay Sekhar, Stability and dissipativity theory for nonnegative and compartmental dynamical systems with time delay, 421-435 [Zbl 1062.34082]


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