Recent advances in operator theory, operator algebras, and their applications. Proceedings of the 19th international conference on operator theory (OT 19), Timişoara, Romania, June 27–July 2, 2002. (English) Zbl 1051.46002

Operator Theory: Advances and Applications 153. Basel: Birkhäuser (ISBN 3-7643-7127-7/hbk). xvi, 344 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 17th conference (1998) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0948.00036).
Indexed articles:
Akça, Haydar; Covachev, Valéry; Al-Zahrani, Eada, On existence of solutions of semilinear impulsive functional differential equations with nonlocal conditions, 1-11 [Zbl 1078.34058]
Beltiţă, Daniel, On Banach-Lie algebras, spectral decompositions and complex polarizations, 13-38 [Zbl 1063.58001]
Bînzar, Tudor; Păunescu, Doru, Commuting triples of subnormal operators and related moment problems, 39-59 [Zbl 1087.47025]
Buneci, Mădălina, The equality of the reduced and the full \(C^*\)-algebras and the amenability of a topological groupoid, 61-78 [Zbl 1062.22004]
Carrot, Laurent, \(\rho\)-numerical radius in Banach spaces, 79-101 [Zbl 1083.47009]
Cassier, G.; Mahzouli, H.; Zerouali, E. H., Generalized Toeplitz operators and cyclic vectors, 103-122 [Zbl 1081.47034]
Fidaleo, Francesco; Liverani, Carlangelo, Statistical properties of disordered quantum systems, 123-141 [Zbl 1069.82009]
Gaşpar, Păstorel, On operator periodically correlated random fields, 143-156 [Zbl 1062.60036]
Kumar, Romesh; Partington, Jonathan R., Weighted composition operators on Hardy and Bergman spaces, 157-167 [Zbl 1081.47030]
Martin, Mircea; Szeptycki, Pawel, Integral transforms controlled by maximal functions, 169-184 [Zbl 1067.44005]
Megan, Mihail; Sasu, Adina Luminiţa; Sasu, Bogdan, Uniform exponential dichotomy and admissibility for linear skew-product semiflows, 185-195 [Zbl 1078.34030]
Negrea, Romeo, On a class of stochastic integral operators of McShane type, 197-209 [Zbl 1068.60084]
Pechentsov, A. S., Regularized traces of differential operators, 211-227 [Zbl 1083.47034]
Rădulescu, Florin, Irreducible subfactors derived from Popa’s construction for non-tracial states, 229-247 [Zbl 1081.46041]
Shchukin, Mikhail; Vatkina, Elena, The structure of some \(C^*\)-algebras generated by \(N\) idempotents, 249-254 [Zbl 1086.46039]
Tikhonov, Alexey, Transfer functions for “curved” conservative systems, 255-264 [Zbl 1084.47008]
Tiţa, Nicolae, On the distance between an operator and an ideal, 265-270 [Zbl 1084.47061]
Tu, Jean-Louis, The gamma element for groups which admit a uniform embedding into Hilbert space, 271-286 [Zbl 1074.46049]
Ungureanu, Viorica Mariela, Uniform exponential stability and uniform observability of time-varying linear stochastic systems in Hilbert spaces, 287-306 [Zbl 1062.60064]
Weiss, Gary, \(B(H)\)-commutators: a historical survey, 307-320 [Zbl 1091.47029]
Zielinski, Lech, Semiclassical Weyl formula for elliptic operators with non-smooth coefficients, 321-344 [Zbl 1083.35081]


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Zbl 0948.00036