Computational science – ICCS 2004. 4th international conference, Kraków, Poland, June 6–9, 2004. Proceedings, Part I. (English) Zbl 1051.68008

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3036. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-22114-X/pbk). lxvi, 713 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (Zbl 1020.00019; Zbl 1049.68013; Zbl 1049.68014; Zbl 1049.68015).
Indexed articles:
Sławiñska, Magdalena, Hunting for bindings in distributed object-oriented systems, 35-42 [Zbl 1095.68541]
Ampuła, Tomasz; Kurzyniec, Dawid; Sunderam, Vaidy; Witek, Henryk, The genetic algorithms population pluglet for the H2O metacomputing system, 140-147 [Zbl 1094.68525]
Lo Presti, Giuseppe; Lo Re, Giuseppe; Storniolo, Pietro; Urso, Alfonso, A grid enabled parallel hybrid genetic algorithm for SPN, 156-163 [Zbl 1094.68649]
Ray, Abhijit; Jigang, Wu; Thambipillai, Srikanthan, Knapsack model and algorithm for HW/SW partitioning problem, 200-205 [Zbl 1094.68653]
Zhang, Defu; Huang, Wenqi, A simulated annealing algorithm for the circles packing problem, 206-214 [Zbl 1095.90591]
Kokosiński, Zbigniew; Kołodziej, Marcin; Kwarciany, Krzysztof, Parallel genetic algorithm for graph coloring problem, 215-222 [Zbl 1095.68625]
Hsieh, Sun-Yuan, Characterization of efficiently parallel solvable problems on a class of decomposable graphs, 223-230 [Zbl 1095.68624]
Mielikäinen, Taneli; Ravantti, Janne; Ukkonen, Esko, The computational complexity of orientation search in cryo-electron microscopy, 231-238 [Zbl 1095.68597]
Imre, Sándor; Balázs, Ferenc, Maximum likelihood based quantum set separation, 318-325 [Zbl 1095.68640]
González-Castaño, Francisco J.; Meyer, Robert R., Chunking-coordinated-synthetic approaches to large-scale kernel machines, 326-333 [Zbl 1095.68636]
Moon, Sanghoon; Byun, Yanga; Han, Kyungsook, Computational identification of \(-1\) frameshift signals, 334-341 [Zbl 1095.68647]
Erciyes, Kayhan; Şahan, Ahmet, A real-time total order multicast protocol, 357-364 [Zbl 1095.68537]
Loulergue, Frédéric, Communication primitives for minimally synchronous parallel ML, 401-404 [Zbl 1095.68559]
Qi, Xiaofang; Xu, Baowen, Dependence analysis of concurrent programs based on reachability graph and its applications, 405-408 [Zbl 1095.68564]
Xu, Baowen; Kang, Dazhou; Lu, Jianjiang, A structural complexity measure for UML class diagrams, 421-424 [Zbl 1095.68571]
Petcu, Dana; Dubu, Diana; Paprzycki, Marcin, Towards a grid-aware computer algebra system, 490-494 [Zbl 1095.68752]
Rodionova, Olga K.; Rodionov, Alexey S.; Choo, Hyunseung, Network probabilistic connectivity: Exact calculation with use of chains, 565-568 [Zbl 1095.68545]
Kim, Moonseong; Bang, Young-Cheol; Choo, Hyunseung, Advanced multicasting for DVBMT solution, 582-585 [Zbl 1095.68515]
Kim, Moonseong; Bang, Young-Cheol; Choo, Hyunseung, On balancing delay and cost for routing paths, 602-606 [Zbl 1094.68526]
Bang, Young-Cheol; Hong, Inki; Choo, Hyunseung, On algorithm for all-pairs most reliable quickest paths, 611-614 [Zbl 1094.68514]
Beletskyy, Vladimir; Burak, Dariusz, Parallelization of the IDEA algorithm, 635-638 [Zbl 1094.68564]
Tomašević, Violeta; Bojanić, Slobodan, Reducing the state space of RC4 stream cipher, 644-647 [Zbl 1094.68566]
Cha, Woosuck; Wang, Gicheol; Cho, Gihwan, A pair-wise key agreement scheme in ad hoc networks, 648-651 [Zbl 1094.94526]
Dubey, Priyanka; Chen, Zhengxin; Shi, Yong, Using branch-grafted \(R\)-trees for spatial data mining, 657-660 [Zbl 1094.68547]
Montañés, E.; Combarro, E. F.; Díaz, I.; Ranilla, J.; Quevedo, J. R., Words as rules: Feature selection in text categorization, 666-669 [Zbl 1094.68673]
Kang, Seung-Shik, Proper noun learning from unannotated corpora for information extraction, 670-674 [Zbl 1094.68672]
Wozniak, Michal, Proposition of boosting algorithm for probabilistic decision support system, 675-678 [Zbl 1094.68691]
Tadonki, Claude; Vial, Jean-Philippe, Efficient algorithm for linear pattern separation, 679-682 [Zbl 1094.68631]
Cuyt, Annie; Verdonk, Brigitte, Combining the Radon, Markov, and Stieltjes transforms for object reconstruction, 695-698 [Zbl 1094.68671]


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