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Soft methodology and random information systems. Collection of papers presented at the 2nd international conference on soft methods in probability and statistics (SMPS’2004), Oviedo, Spain, September 2–4, 2004. (English) Zbl 1051.68019
Advances in Soft Computing. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-22264-2/pbk). xiv, 761 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop (SMPS 2002) has been reviewed (see Zbl 1051.65006).
Indexed articles:
Zadeh, Lotfi A., Probability theory should be based on fuzzy logic – a contentious view, 3-7 [Zbl 1062.60002]
Molchanov, Ilya S., Applications of random sets in image analysis. How to average a cat and a dog?, 8-18 [Zbl 1094.68109]
Nguyen, Hung T., Choquet weak convergence of capacity functionals of random sets, 19-31 [Zbl 1061.60009]
Ogura, Yukio; Li, Shoumei, On limit theorems for random fuzzy sets including large deviation principles, 32-44 [Zbl 1060.60029]
Ralescu, Dan A., Fuzzy probability and some applications, 45-49 [Zbl 1063.62001]
Bonissone, Piero P., Development and maintenance of fuzzy models in financial applications, 50-66 [Zbl 1140.68497]
Klose, Aljoscha; Kruse, Rudolf, Information mining with semi-supervised learning, 67-74 [Zbl 1140.68377]
Feng, Ding; Nguyen, Hung T., On statistical inference with random sets, 78-84 [Zbl 1065.62001]
Beck, Jan B.; Kreinovich, Vladik; Wu, Berlin, Interval-valued and fuzzy-valued random variables: from computing sample variances to computing sample covariances, 85-92 [Zbl 1065.62020]
Walker, Elbert A., Estimability and admissibility in sample survey models, 93-100 [Zbl 1063.62011]
Kuo, Wen-Chi; Labuschagne, Coenraad C. A.; Watson, Bruce A., Riesz space and fuzzy upcrossing theorems, 101-108 [Zbl 1057.60003]
Inoue, Hiroshi, On laws of large numbers for exchangeable random sets, 109-116 [Zbl 1057.60028]
Guan, Li; Li, Shoumei, Strong and weak laws of large numbers for weighted sums of fuzzy set-valued random variables, 117-124 [Zbl 1060.60022]
Antonucci, Alessandro; Salvetti, Andrea; Zaffalon, Marco, Assessing debris flow hazard by credal nets, 125-132 [Zbl 1140.68498]
Couso, Inés; Miranda, Enrique; de Cooman, Gert, A possibilistic interpretation of the expectation of a fuzzy random variable, 133-140 [Zbl 1061.60003]
Troffaes, Matthias C. M., Learning and optimal control of imprecise Markov decision processes by dynamic programming using the imprecise Dirichlet model, 141-148 [Zbl 1140.90504]
Baudrit, Cédric; Dubois, Didier; Fargier, Hélène, Representation of incomplete probabilistic information, 148-156 [Zbl 1071.60005]
Abellán, Joaquín; Moral, Serafín, Range of entropy for credal sets, 157-164 [Zbl 1088.68791]
De Baets, Bernard; De Meyer, Hans, From the comparison of ordered lists to the construction of copulas, 165-172 [Zbl 1072.60005]
Rodríguez-Lallena, José; Úbeda-Flores, Manuel, Compatibility of three bivariate quasi-copulas: applications to copulas, 173-180 [Zbl 1064.62060]
Klement, Erich Peter; Mesiar, Radko; Pap, Endre, Transformations of copulas and quasi-copulas, 181-188 [Zbl 1063.62078]
Durante, Fabrizio; Sempi, Carlo, Compositions of copulas and quasi-copulas, 189-196 [Zbl 1063.62075]
Albanese, Angela; Sempi, Carlo, Countably generated idempotent copulas, 197-204 [Zbl 1063.62074]
Klement, Erich Peter; Kolesárová, Anna, 1-Lipschitz aggregation operators, quasi-copulas and copulas with given diagonals, 205-211 [Zbl 1071.62048]
Krätschmer, Volker; Oberlinger, Joachim, Few remarks concerning a concept to define normally distributed random fuzzy sets, 212-218 [Zbl 1059.60009]
Bolaños, M. Jorge; Reche, Fernando, Fuzzy integrals on partially-known measures, 219-226 [Zbl 1065.28011]
Casasnovas, Jaume, Characterization of the scalar \((s,t)\)-additive measures: probabilities and cardinalities, 227-234 [Zbl 1059.60005]
Jayakumar, K., On Pareto process, 235-242 [Zbl 1062.60035]
Riečan, Beloslav, Representation of probabilities on IFS events, 243-248 [Zbl 1061.03058]
Sgarro, Andrea, Possibilistic time processes and soft decoding, 249-256 [Zbl 1094.68030]
Coletti, Giulianella; Scozzafava, Romano, Some aspects of conditioning in a coherent setting, 257-264 [Zbl 1055.68105]
Scozzafava, Romano; Vantaggi, Barbara, The role of zero probabilities in dealing with zero frequency problems, 265-272 [Zbl 1099.62003]
De Meyer, Hans; De Baets, Bernard, Generalized stochastic transitivity for probabilistic relations, 273-280 [Zbl 1093.91014]
Kalina, Martin; Nánásiová, Olga, The concept of non-symmetric independence on MV-algebras, 281-288 [Zbl 1057.03056]
Terán, Pedro, On limit theorems for t-normed sums of fuzzy random variables, 289-296 [Zbl 1068.60047]
Gupta, Arjun K.; Nguyen, Truc T.; Pardo, Leandro, Phi-residual based on minimum phi-divergence estimator in the loglinear model of symmetry, 299-306 [Zbl 1084.62049]
Pardo, Leandro, Bahadur efficiency of the phi-divergence test statistic, 307-314 [Zbl 1140.62319]
Morales, Domingo; Pardo, Leandro; Vajda, Igor, Digitalization of observations permits efficient estimation in continuous models, 315-322 [Zbl 1081.62017]
Pérez, Teresa; Pardo, Julio Angel, \(K_\varphi\) divergence statistics in multinomial populations, 323-330 [Zbl 1063.62016]
Marhuenda, Yolanda; Morales, Domingo; Pardo, Julio Angel; Pardo, María del Carmen, On the selection of the best Rukhin’s statistic for the uniform exact distribution function, 331-338 [Zbl 1063.62069]
Molina, Isabel; Morales, Domingo, On testing hypotheses with divergence statistics, 339-346 [Zbl 1115.62310]
Pardo, Julio Angel; Pardo, María del Carmen, Testing a hierarchical sequence of linear logistic models, 347-354 [Zbl 1063.62020]
Pardo, Julio Angel, Inference for three-dimensional contingency tables based on \(\varphi_1\)-divergences, 355-362 [Zbl 1063.62087]
Topsøe, Flemming, Information theory and complexity in probability and statistics, 363-370 [Zbl 1084.62503]
Batsidis, Apostolos; Zografos, Konstantinos, Measures of multivariate association and dependence, 371-378 [Zbl 1063.62088]
Menéndez, María Luisa, Phi-divergence test statistics for trends in binary responses, 379-386 [Zbl 1063.62019]
Näther, Wolfgang, A random set view on fuzzy random variables, 387-391 [Zbl 1062.60003]
Hareter, Dietmar; Viertl, Reinhard, Fuzzy information and Bayesian statistics, 392-398 [Zbl 1063.62003]
Trutschnig, Wolfgang; Hareter, Dietmar, Fuzzy probability distributions, 399-406 [Zbl 1064.60005]
Krätschmer, Volker, Least squares estimation in linear regression models with vague concepts, 407-414 [Zbl 1055.62081]
Wünsche, Andreas, Testing one-sided hypotheses for the expectation of fuzzy random variables, 415-422 [Zbl 1074.62014]
Cascos-Fernández, Ignacio; López-Díaz, Miguel, The zonoid hull of a multivariate probability distribution and its trimmed regions, 423-430 [Zbl 1060.62057]
Montenegro, Manuel; González-Rodríguez, Gil; Colubi, Ana; Gil, María Angeles, Bootstrap approach to test the linear independence between interval-valued random sets, 431-438 [Zbl 1055.62045]
Basaran, Alper; Gunay, Suleyman, Detection of influential case in fuzzy regression, 439-446 [Zbl 1094.62081]
Calero, Julio; Delgado, Gabriel; Serrano, José-María; Sánchez, Daniel; Vila, María-Amparo, A proposal of fuzzy correspondence analysis based on flexible data mining techniques, 447-454 [Zbl 1115.62333]
Bertoluzza, Carlo; De Simoni, Sergio, Uncertainty measures and hierarchical classification, 455-462 [Zbl 1059.62063]
Coppi, Renato; D’Urso, Pierpaolo; Giordani, Paolo, Informational paradigm and entropy-based dynamic clustering in a complete fuzzy framework, 463-470 [Zbl 1071.62055]
González Rodríguez, Inés; Lawry, Jonathan, Induction of fuzzy prototypes with features selection, 471-478 [Zbl 1114.68431]
Groißböck, Werner; Lughofer, Edwin; Klement, Erich Peter, A comparison of variable selection methods with the main focus on orthogonalization, 479-486 [Zbl 1114.68543]
Montenegro, Manuel; González-Rodríguez, Gil; Gil, María Angeles; Colubi, Ana; Casals, María Rosa, Introduction to ANOVA with fuzzy random variables, 487-494 [Zbl 1055.62084]
Grzegorzewski, Przemysław, Distribution-free tests for vague data, 495-502 [Zbl 1064.62052]
Hryniewicz, Olgierd, Measures of association for fuzzy ordered categorical data, 503-510 [Zbl 1063.62089]
Mrówka, Edyta, Designing confidence intervals under vague information, 511-518 [Zbl 1065.62042]
Burduk, Robert, Decision rules for Bayesian hierarchical classifier with fuzzy factor, 519-526 [Zbl 1063.62005]
Grabisch, Michel; Labreuche, Christophe; Marical, Jean Luc; Miranda, Petro, \(k\)-intolerant bi-capacities in veto criteria, 527-534 [Zbl 1131.91314]
Van den Berg, Jan; Kaymak, Uzay, On the notion of statistical fuzzy entropy, 535-542 [Zbl 1063.62004]
Arenas, Mar; Bilbao, Amelia; Pérez-Gladish, Blanca; Rodríguez-Uría, M. Victoria, Fuzzy extended lexicographic goal programming, 543-550 [Zbl 1095.90607]
Kacprzyk, Janusz, Fuzzy dynamic programming with stochastic systems under various aggregation operators: solvability and perceived meaning, 551-558 [Zbl 1083.90050]
León-Rojas, Juan M.; Morales, Montaña, Interval fuzzy Bayesian inference, 559-566 [Zbl 1063.62033]
Stern, Julio Michael, Inconsistency analysis for statistical tests of hypotheses, 567-574 [Zbl 1071.62028]
Mohammadpour, Adel; Mohammad-Djafari, Ali, An alternative criterion to likelihood for parameter estimation accounting for a prior information on a nuisance parameter, 575-580 [Zbl 1055.62023]
Bognár, Tomas; Komorník, Jozef; Komorníková, Magda, Application of regime-switching models of time series with cubic spline transition function, 581-588 [Zbl 1071.62076]
Kirchner, Rosane M.; Souza, Reinaldo C.; Ziegelmann, Flávio A., Identification of the structure of linear and nonlinear time series models, using nonparametric local linear kernel estimation, 589-596 [Zbl 1063.62125]
Rodríguez del Aguila, María del Mar; Requena, Ignacio; Bernier, José Luis; Ros, Eduardo; Mota, Sonia, Neural networks and statistics: a review of the literature, 597-604 [Zbl 1063.62132]
Romero, Vanessa; Salmerón, Antonio, Multivariate imputation of qualitative missing data using Bayesian networks, 605-612 [Zbl 1055.62079]
Pavlenko, Tatjana; Hall, Mikael; von Rosen, Dietrich; Andrushchenko, Zhanna, Towards the optimal feature selection in high-dimensional Bayesian network classifiers, 613-620 [Zbl 1115.62335]
López-Díaz, Miguel; Rodríguez-Muñiz, Luis J., Addition nodes in influence diagrams with fuzzy-valued utilities and variables, 621-627 [Zbl 1097.68635]
Barros, Laécio C.; Bassanezi, Rodney C.; De Oliveira, Renata Z. G., Fuzzy differential inclusion: an application to epidemiology, 631-637 [Zbl 1055.92047]
Breuckmann, Tomas K.; Kudri, Soraya R. T.; Aygün, Halis, About weakly locally compact spaces, 638-644 [Zbl 1070.54001]
Osuna-Gómez, Rafaela; Jiménez-Gamero, María Dolores; Chalco-Cano, Yurilev; Rojas-Medar, Marko Antonio, Hadamard and Jensen inequalities for \(s\)-convex fuzzy processes, 645-652 [Zbl 1113.26031]
Cervelati, Juliana; Jiménez-Gamero, María Dolores; Vilca-Labra, Filidor; Rojas-Medar, Marko Antonio, Continuity for \(s\)-convex fuzzy processes, 653-660 [Zbl 1113.26029]
Hu, Shiyan; Huang, Han; Czarkowski, Dariusz, Fuzzy solution for approximating constrained optimal PWM using quantum evolutionary algorithm, 661-668 [Zbl 1114.90486]
Román-Flores, Heriberto; Chalco-Cano, Yurilev, A note on chaos in fuzzy systems, 669-674 [Zbl 1059.37025]
Alvgargonzález-Rodríguez, Mercedes; López-Menéndez, Ana Jesus; Pérez-Suárez, Rigoberto, The double quadratic uncertainty measures and their economic applications, 677-684 [Zbl 1064.62004]
Campos, F. Alberto; Villar, José, Medium-term electricity generation with fuzzy availability, 685-692 [Zbl 1095.90608]
Carleos, Carlos; Corral, Norberto; Lubiano, M. Asunción; Baro, Jesús Angel, Enhanced QTL linkage analysis with DNA pooling by means of Monte Carlo EM, 693-700 [Zbl 1064.62108]
Chiranjivi, G. V. S.; Nag Choudhuri, D., Characterization of human electrocardiogram by analyses of phase attributes, 701-708 [Zbl 1115.92308]
Fernández-Álvarez, J. Paulino; Fernández-Matínez, Juan Luis; Menéndez-Pérez, C. Omar, A posteriori inference model parameters in a geophysical inverse problem using GA, 709-716 [Zbl 1115.62364]
Flórez, José Luis, Bayesian networks to improve the balanced scorecard, 717-724 [Zbl 1115.62371]
Landajo, Manuel, Classification techniques, sample size and predictive performance: a comparative analysis based on a Spanish case, 725-732 [Zbl 1115.62334]
Magnago, Karine F.; Bassanezi, Rodney C., Metapopulations study with subjective biotic and abiotic processes, 733-740 [Zbl 1055.92044]
Lawry, Jonathan; Han, Dawei; Cluckie, Ian D., Fuzzy rule generation in hydrological modelling, 741-748 [Zbl 1114.68545]
Popescu, Theodor D., Robust change detection method using Akaike information criterion for signal segmentation, 749-756 [Zbl 1062.94523]

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