Geometric aspects of functional analysis. Papers from the Israel seminar (GAFA) 2002–2003. (English) Zbl 1052.46001

Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1850. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-22360-6/pbk). x, 301 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding seminar (2001–2002) has been reviewed (see Zbl 1009.00019).
Indexed articles:
Alesker, S., A topological obstruction to existence of quaternionic Plücker map, 1-7 [Zbl 1063.55016]
Alesker, S., Hard Lefschetz theorem for valuations and related questions of integral geometry, 9-20 [Zbl 1070.52007]
Alesker, S., SU (2)-invariant valuations, 21-29 [Zbl 1064.52010]
Artstein, S., The change in the diameter of a convex body under a random sign-projection, 31-39 [Zbl 1071.52005]
Ball, K., An elementary introduction to monotone transportation, 41-52 [Zbl 1139.49303]
Barthe, F., A continuous version of the Brascamp-Lieb inequalities, 53-63 [Zbl 1084.26011]
Barthe, F.; Cordero-Erausquin, D., Inverse Brascamp-Lieb inequalities along the heat equation, 65-71 [Zbl 1086.26010]
Benjamini, I.; Schramm, O., Pinched exponential volume growth implies an infinite dimensional isoperimetric inequality, 73-76 [Zbl 1063.05125]
Bourgain, J., On localization for lattice Schrödinger operators involving Bernoulli variables, 77-99 [Zbl 1083.35073]
Bourgain, J.; Klartag, B.; Milman, V., Symmetrization and isotropic constants of convex bodies, 101-115 [Zbl 1070.52002]
Gluskin, E., On the multivariable version of Ball’s slicing cube theorem, 117-121 [Zbl 1077.52004]
Gluskin, E.; Milman, V., Geometric probability and random cotype 2, 123-138 [Zbl 1087.46006]
Johnson, W. B.; Schechtman, G., Several remarks concerning the local theory of \(L_p\) spaces, 139-148 [Zbl 1085.46006]
Klartag, B., On John-type ellipsoids, 149-158 [Zbl 1067.52004]
Litvak, A. E.; Milman, V. D.; Tomczak-Jaegermann, N., Isomorphic random subspaces and quotients of convex and quasi-convex bodies, 159-178 [Zbl 1071.52007]
Lyubich, Yu. I., Almost Euclidean subspaces of real \(\ell^n_p\) with \(p\) an even integer, 179-192 [Zbl 1066.46008]
Mendelson, S., Geometric parameters in learning theory, 193-235 [Zbl 1062.68066]
Milman, V. D.; Pajor, A., Essential uniqueness of an M-ellipsoid of a given convex body, 237-241 [Zbl 1067.52005]
Pastur, L., On the thermodynamic limit for disordered spin systems, 243-268 [Zbl 1070.82017]
Pisier, G., On Read’s proof that \(B(\ell_1)\) is not amenable, 269-275 [Zbl 1072.46032]
Zvavitch, A., An isomorphic version of the Busemann-Petty problem for Gaussian measure, 277-283 [Zbl 1079.52004]


46-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to functional analysis
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest


Zbl 1009.00019
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