Information security. 7th international conference, ISC 2004, Palo Alto, CA, USA, September 27–29, 2004. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1056.68020

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3225. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-23208-7/pbk). xii, 442 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1028.00038).
Indexed articles:
Kwon, Taekyoung, Practical authenticated key agreement using passwords, 1-12 [Zbl 1109.68468]
Zhang, Muxiang, Further analysis of password authenticated key exchange protocol based on RSA for imbalanced wireless networks, 13-24 [Zbl 1109.68494]
Wang, Pan; Ning, Peng; Reeves, Douglas S., Storage-efficient stateless group key revocation, 25-38 [Zbl 1109.68491]
Backes, Michael; Pfitzmann, Birgit; Waidner, Michael, Low-level ideal signatures and general integrity idealization, 39-51 [Zbl 1109.68442]
Cathalo, Julien; Libert, Benoît; Quisquater, Jean-Jacques, Cryptanalysis of a verifiably committed signature scheme based on GPS and RSA, 52-60 [Zbl 1109.68444]
Backes, Michael; Hofheinz, Dennis, How to break and repair a universally composable signature functionality, 61-72 [Zbl 1109.68441]
Gentry, Craig; Ramzan, Zulfikar, RSA accumulator based broadcast encryption, 73-86 [Zbl 1109.68453]
Chen, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Fangguo; Kim, Kwangjo, Chameleon hashing without key exposure, 87-98 [Zbl 1109.68445]
Takagi, Tsuyoshi; Yen, Sung-Ming; Wu, Bo-Ching, Radix-\(r\) non-adjacent form., 99-110 [Zbl 1109.94352]
Phan, Raphael C.-W.; Handschuh, Helena, On related-key and collision attacks: The case for the IBM 4758 cryptoprocessor, 111-122 [Zbl 1109.68483]
Wang, Guilin; Deng, Robert H.; Kwak, DongJin; Moon, SangJae, Security analysis of two signcryption schemes, 123-133 [Zbl 1109.68489]
Adams, Carlisle; Kramer, Guenther; Mister, Serge; Zuccherato, Robert, On the security of key derivation functions, 134-145 [Zbl 1109.68440]
Wang, Hai; Liu, Peng; Li, Lunqun, Evaluating the impact of intrusion detection deficiencies on the cost-effectiveness of attack recovery, 146-157 [Zbl 1109.68490]
Meier, Michael, A model for the semantics of attack signatures in misuse detection systems, 158-169 [Zbl 1109.68477]
Foster, Mark; Wilson, Joseph N.; Chen, Shigang, Using greedy Hamiltonian call paths to detect stack smashing attacks, 183-194 [Zbl 1109.68451]
Bertino, Elisa; Leggieri, Teodoro; Terzi, Evimaria, Securing DBMS: Characterizing and detecting query floods, 195-206 [Zbl 1109.68443]
Guelev, Dimitar P.; Ryan, Mark; Schobbens, Pierre Yves, Model-checking access control policies, 219-230 [Zbl 1109.68456]
Nali, D.; Adams, C.; Miri, A., Using mediated identity-based cryptography to support role-based access control, 245-256 [Zbl 1109.68480]
Le, Zhengyi; Ouyang, Yi; Ford, James; Makedon, Fillia, A hierarchical key-insulated signature scheme in the CA trust model, 280-291 [Zbl 1109.68471]
Jiang, Qinglin; Reeves, Douglas S.; Ning, Peng, Certificate recommendations to improve the robustness of web of trust, 292-303 [Zbl 1109.68464]
Xu, Ke; Tate, Stephen R., Universally composable secure mobile agent computation, 304-317 [Zbl 1109.68493]
Wu, Qianhong; Chen, Xiaofeng; Wang, Changjie; Wang, Yumin, Shared-key signature and its application to anonymous authentication in ad hoc group, 330-341 [Zbl 1109.68492]
Gomułkiewicz, Marcin; Klonowski, Marek; Kutyłowski, Mirosław, Provable unlinkability against traffic analysis already after \(\mathcal {O}(\log (n))\) steps!, 354-366 [Zbl 1109.68455]
Nakanishi, Toru; Shiota, Mitsuaki; Sugiyama, Yuji, An efficient online electronic cash with unlinkable exact payments, 367-378 [Zbl 1109.68479]


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68P25 Data encryption (aspects in computer science)
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