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Arithmetical properties of commutative rings and monoids. (English) Zbl 1061.13001
Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics 241. Boca Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC (ISBN 0-8247-2327-9/pbk). xvii, 391 p. (2005).

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Indexed articles:
Anderson, Daniel D., Non-atomic unique factorization in integral domains, 1-21 [Zbl 1083.13008]
Anderson, David F., Divisibility properties in graded integral domains, 22-45 [Zbl 1079.13001]
Coykendall, Jim, Extensions of half-factorial domains: A survey, 46-70 [Zbl 1092.13026]
Halter-Koch, Franz, C-monoids and congruence monoids in Krull domains., 71-98 [Zbl 1093.13016]
Foroutan, Andreas; Geroldinger, Alfred, Monotone chains of factorizations in C-monoids., 99-113 [Zbl 1095.20040]
Geroldinger, Alfred; Halter-Koch, Franz, Transfer principles in the theory of non-unique factorizations, 114-141 [Zbl 1087.13002]
Chapman, Scott T.; Krause, Ulrich, Cale monoids, Cale domains, and Cale varieties., 142-171 [Zbl 1100.20040]
Anderson, Daniel D.; Zafrullah, Muhammed; Chang, Gyu Whan, Weakly Krull inside factorial domains, 172-179 [Zbl 1099.13033]
Anderson, David F.; Chang, Gyu Whan, The \(m\)-complement of a multiplicative set, 180-187 [Zbl 1120.13019]
Coykendall, Jim, Some remarks on infinite products, 188-197 [Zbl 1107.13005]
Badawi, Ayman; Lucas, Thomas G., Rings with prime nilradical, 198-212 [Zbl 1096.13001]
Chabert, Jean-Luc; Evrard, Sabine, On the ideal generated by the values of a polynomial, 213-225 [Zbl 1092.13012]
Dobbs, David E.; Kilbourn, Timothy P., Using factorizations to prove a partition identity, 226-232 [Zbl 1096.11041]
Dobbs, David E.; Picavet, Gabriel; Picavet-L’Hermitte, Martine, On inside factorial integral domains, 233-252 [Zbl 1083.13009]
Frisch, Sophie, Polynomial separation of points in algebras, 253-259 [Zbl 1092.13027]
Rosales, J. C.; García-Sánchez, Pedro A.; García-García, Juan I., \(k\)-factorized elements in telescopic numerical semigroups., 260-271 [Zbl 1081.20072]
Glaz, Sarah, Prüfer conditions in rings with zero-divisors, 272-281 [Zbl 1107.13023]
Hamilton, Tracy Dawn, Unmixedness and the generalized principal ideal theorem, 282-292 [Zbl 1099.13041]
Hassler, Wolfgang, A note on sets of lengths of powers of elements of finitely generated monoids., 293-303 [Zbl 1108.11083]
Houston, Evan; Zafrullah, Muhammad, UMV-domains, 304-315 [Zbl 1079.13015]
Kainrath, Florian, On local half-factorial orders, 316-324 [Zbl 1069.11047]
Kattchee, Karl M., On factorization in Krull domains with divisor class group \(\mathbb Z _2 k\), 325-336 [Zbl 1099.13031]
Maney, Jack, Integral morphisms, 337-355 [Zbl 1099.13034]
McAdam, Stephen; Swan, Richard G., A special type of invertible ideal, 356-362 [Zbl 1103.13004]
Olberding, Bruce, Factorization into radical ideals, 363-377 [Zbl 1091.13002]
Chang, Gyu Whan; Nam, Hoyoung; Park, Jeanam, Strongly primary ideals, 378-388 [Zbl 1084.13003]

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