Black-hole entropy from quantum geometry. (English) Zbl 1062.83053

Summary: Quantum geometry (the modern loop quantum gravity involving graphs and spin-networks instead of the loops) provides microscopic degrees of freedom that account for black-hole entropy. However, the procedure for state counting used in the literature contains an error and the number of the relevant horizon states is underestimated. In our paper a correct method of counting is presented. Our results lead to a revision of the literature of the subject. It turns out that the contribution of spins greater than 1/2 to the entropy is not negligible. Hence, the value of the Barbero-Immirzi parameter involved in the spectra of all the geometric and physical operators in this theory is different than previously derived. Also, the conjectured relation between quantum geometry and the black-hole quasi-normal modes should be understood again.


83C57 Black holes
83C45 Quantization of the gravitational field
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