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Mathematics and the divine. A historical study. (English) Zbl 1065.01003
Amsterdam: Elsevier/North-Holland (ISBN 0-444-50328-5/hbk). xiii, 701 p. (2005).

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Indexed articles:
Koetsier, T.; Bergmans, L., Introduction, 1-43 [Zbl 1078.01502]
Ho, Pengyoke, Chinese number mysticism, 45-60 [Zbl 1078.01506]
Plofker, K., Derivation and relevation: the legitimacy of mathematical models in Indian cosmology, 61-76 [Zbl 1078.01508]
Netz, R., The Pythagoreans, 77-97 [Zbl 1078.01505]
Mueller, I., Mathematics and the divine in Plato, 99-121 [Zbl 1078.01504]
Mattéi, J.-F., Nicomachus of Gerasa and the arithmetic scale of the divine, 123-132 [Zbl 1078.01503]
O’Meara, D. J., Geometry and the divine in Proclus, 133-145 [Zbl 1078.01513]
Terrien, M.-P., Religious architecture and mathematics during the late antiquity, 147-160 [Zbl 1078.01516]
King, D. A., The sacred geography of Islam, 161-178 [Zbl 1078.01507]
Wallis, F., “Number mystique” in early medieval computus texts, 179-199 [Zbl 1078.01517]
Hayoun, M.-R., Is the universe of the divine dividable?, 201-212 [Zbl 1078.01511]
Lohr, C., Mathematics and the divine: Ramon Lull, 213-228 [Zbl 1078.01512]
Garcia, H., Odd numbers and their theological potential. Exploring and redescribing the arithmetical poetics of the paintings on the ceiling of St. Martin’s Church in Zillis, 229-248 [Zbl 1078.01510]
Sylla, E. D., Swester Katrei and Gregory of Rimini: angels, God, and mathematics in the fourteenth century, 249-271 [Zbl 1078.01515]
Counet, J.-M., Mathematics and the divine in Nicholas of Cusa, 273-290 [Zbl 1078.01509]
Koetsier, T.; Reich, K., Michael Stifel and his numerology, 291-310 [Zbl 1078.01518]
Schneider, I., Between Rosicrucians and Cabbala – Johannes Faulhaber’s mathematics of biblical numbers, 311-330 [Zbl 1078.01519]
Knobloch, E., Mathematics and the divine: Athanasius Kircher, 331-346 [Zbl 1078.01521]
Remmert, V. R., Galileo, God and mathematics, 347-360 [Zbl 1078.01522]
Charrak, A., A mathematical model of creation according to Kepler, 361-375 [Zbl 1078.01520]
Nocolle, J.-M., The mathematical analogy of the proof of God’s existence by Descartes, 385-403 [Zbl 1074.01005]
Adamson, D., Pascal’s views on mathematics and the Divine, 405-421 [Zbl 1074.01001]
Harmsen, G., Spinoza and the geometrical way of proof, 423-440 [Zbl 1074.01004]
Beeley, P.; Probst, S., John Wallis (1616–1703): mathematician and divine, 441-457 [Zbl 1074.01002]
de Pater, C., On ocean of truth, 459-484 [Zbl 1074.01006]
Breger, H., God and Mathematics in Leibniz’s thought, 485-498 [Zbl 1074.01003]
Breidert, W., Berkeley’s defence of the infinite God in contrast to the infinite in mathematics, 499-508 [Zbl 1078.01523]
Thiele, R., Leonhard Euler (1707–1783), 509-521 [Zbl 1078.01524]
Thiele, R., Georg Cantor (1845–1918), 523-547 [Zbl 1078.01526]
Bergmans, L., Gerrit Mannoury and his fellow significians on mathematics and mysticism, 549-568 [Zbl 1078.01527]
Koetsier, T., Arthur Schopenhauer and L. E. J. Brouwer: a comparison, 569-593 [Zbl 1078.01016]
Demidov, S. S.; Ford, C. E., On the road to a unified world view: priest Pavel Florensky – theologian, philosopher and scientist, 595-612 [Zbl 1078.01529]
De Gandt, F., Husserl and impossible numbers: a sceptical experience, 613-623 [Zbl 1078.01528]
Pinchard, B., Symbol and space according to René Guénon, 625-640 [Zbl 1078.01531]
Koetsier, T., Eddington, science and the unseen world, 641-653 [Zbl 1078.01530]
van der Schoot, A., The divine proportion, 655-672 [Zbl 1072.01004]
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