A Festschrift for Herman Rubin. (English) Zbl 1066.62002

Institute of Mathematical Statistics Lecture Notes - Monograph Series 45. Beachwood, OH: IMS, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (ISBN 0-940600-61-7/pbk). xvi, 417 p., open access (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Chernoff, Herman, Some reminiscences of my friendship with Herman Rubin, 1-4 [Zbl 1268.01028]
Eaton, Morris L., Evaluating improper priors and the recurrence of symmetric Markov chains: an overview, 5-20 [Zbl 1268.62010]
Marchand, Eric; Strawderman, William E., Estimation in restricted parameter spaces: a review, 21-44 [Zbl 1268.62030]
Kadane, J. B.; Schervish, Mark J.; Seidenfeld, Teddy, A Rubinesque theory of decision, 45-55 [Zbl 1268.62009]
Diaconis, Persi; Erdős, Paul, On the distribution of the greatest common divisor, 56-61 [Zbl 1268.11139]
Rao, C. R.; Shanbhag, D. N., Versions of de Finetti’s theorem with applications to damage models, 62-74 [Zbl 1268.60046]
Jarrow, Robert; Protter, Philip, A short history of stochastic integration and mathematical finance: the early years, 1880–1970, 75-91 [Zbl 1268.01017]
Gawarecki, L.; Mandrekar, V., Non-linear filtering with Gaussian martingale noise: Kalman filter with fBm noise, 92-97 [Zbl 1268.60050]
Prakasa Rao, B. L. S., Self-similar processes, fractional Brownian motion and statistical inference, 98-125 [Zbl 1268.62101]
Pitman, Jim; Yor, Marc, Some properties of the arc-sine law related to its invariance under a family of rational maps, 126-137 [Zbl 1268.37071]
Davis, Burgess, On time changing continuous martingales to Brownian motion, 138-139 [Zbl 1268.60054]
Sethuraman, Jayaram; Sethuraman, Sunder, On counts of Bernoulli strings and connections to rank orders and random permutations, 140-152 [Zbl 1268.60011]
DasGupta, Anirban; Shepp, L., Chebyshev polynomials and \(G\)-distributed functions of \(F\)-distributed variables, 153-163 [Zbl 1268.60014]
Rubin, Herman; Sellke, Thomas M., Zeroes of infinitely differentiable characteristic functions, 164-170 [Zbl 1268.60019]
Loh, Wei-Liem, On the characteristic function of Pearson type IV distributions, 171-179 [Zbl 1268.60018]
Brown, L.; DasGupta, Anirban; Marden, John; Politis, Dimitris, Characterizations, sub and resampling, and goodness of fit, 180-206 [Zbl 1268.62042]
Chen, Jeesen, Notes on the bias-variance trade-off phenomenon, 207-217 [Zbl 1268.62029]
Keller, Timothy; Olkin, Ingram, Combining correlated unbiased estimators of the mean of a normal distribution, 218-227 [Zbl 1268.62052]
Woodroofe, Michael, An asymptotic minimax derermination of the initial sample size in a two-stage sequential procedure, 228-236 [Zbl 1268.62097]
Cheng, Ming-Yen; Hall, Peter; Hartigan, John A., Estimating gradient trees, 237-249 [Zbl 1268.62038]
Chernoff, Herman, Conservative bounds on extreme P-values for testing the equality of two probabilities based on very large sample sizes, 250-254 [Zbl 1268.62047]
Jin, Jiashun, Detecting a target in very noisy data from mutliple looks, 255-286 [Zbl 1268.94013]
Karlin, Samuel; Chen, Chingfer, \(r\)-scan extremal statistics of inhomogeneous Poisson processes, 287-290 [Zbl 1268.62141]
Tsai, Wen-Chi; DasGupta, Anirban, On the strong consistency, weak limits and practical performance of the ML estimate and Bayesian estimates of a symmetric domain in \(R^k\), 291-308 [Zbl 1268.62031]
Fiocco, Marta; van Zwet, Willem R., Maximum likelihood estimation for the contact process, 309-318 [Zbl 1268.62102]
Jager, Leah; Wellner, Jon A., On the “Poisson boundaries” of the family of weighted Kolmogorov statistics, 319-331 [Zbl 1268.62043]
Goswami, A.; Rao, B. V., A theorem on compatibility of systems of sets with applications, 332-336 [Zbl 1268.26003]
Vitale, Richard A., A question of geometry and probability, 337-341 [Zbl 1268.52006]
Casella, George; Robert, Christian P.; Wells, Martin T., Generalized accept-reject sampling schemes, 342-347 [Zbl 1268.65012]
Wang, Min; Iyer, Bala; Vitter, Jeffrey Scott, Scalable mining for classification rules in relational data bases, 348-377 [Zbl 1268.62061]
Anderson, T. W., A simple proof of a condition for cointegration, 378-384 [Zbl 1268.62104]
Hu, Feifang; Zidek, James V., Forecasting NBA baketball playoff outcomes using the weighted likelihood, 385-395 [Zbl 1268.62151]
Zacks, S., Distributions of failure times associated with non-homogeneous compound Poisson damage processes, 396-407 [Zbl 1268.60110]
Bock, Mary Ellen, Conversations with Herman Rubin, 408-417 [Zbl 1268.01025]
Publications of Herman Rubin, viii-xv [Zbl 1268.01023]


62-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to statistics
00A30 Philosophy of mathematics

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