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Algebraic groups and arithmetic. Proceedings of the international conference, Mumbai, India, December 17–22, 2001. (English) Zbl 1067.00014

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Indexed articles:
Borel, Armand, On the work of M. S. Raghunathan, 1-24 [Zbl 1080.01006]
Prasad, Gopal, On some work of Raghunathan., 25-40 [Zbl 1100.22500]
Millson, John, The cohomology with local coefficients of compact hyperbolic manifolds, 41-62 [Zbl 1087.22009]
Rohlfs, Jürgen; Speh, Birgit, Pseudo-Eisenstein forms and cohomology of arithmetic groups. II, 63-89 [Zbl 1113.11031]
Venkataramana, T. N., Restriction maps and the first Betti number, 91-97 [Zbl 1079.22012]
Springer, T. A., Combinatorics of \(B\)-orbits in a wonderful compactification, 99-117 [Zbl 1081.14071]
Kumar, Shrawan; Thomsen, Jesper Funch, A new realization of the cohomology of Springer fibers, 119-125 [Zbl 1081.14068]
Kazhdan, D.; Polishchuk, A., Minimal representations: spherical vectors and automorphic functionals, 127-198 [Zbl 1079.22014]
Rajan, C. S., On Langlands functoriality – reduction to the semistable case, 199-219 [Zbl 1122.11034]
Ramakrishnan, Dinakar, Algebraic cycles on Hilbert modular fourfolds and poles of \(L\)-functions, 221-274 [Zbl 1157.11310]
Garland, H., Certain Eisenstein series on loop groups: convergence and the constant term, 275-319 [Zbl 1157.11314]
Klingler, Bruno, Poisson-type transformation with respect to Iwahori groups, 321-337 [Zbl 1088.22006]
Benoist, Yves, Divisible convex subsets. I, 339-374 [Zbl 1084.37026]
Goldman, William M., The complex-symplectic geometry of \(\text{SL}(2,\mathbb{C})\)-characters over surfaces, 375-407 [Zbl 1089.53060]
Margulis, G., Random walks on the space of lattices and the finiteness of covolumes of arithmetic subgroups, 409-425 [Zbl 1110.22005]
Oh, Hee, On a problem concerning arithmeticity of discrete groups acting on \(\mathbb{H}\times\cdots\times\mathbb{H}\), 427-440 [Zbl 1079.22010]
Larsen, Michael; Lubotzky, Alexander, Normal subgroup growth of linear groups: the \((G_2,F_4,E_8)\)-theorem., 441-468 [Zbl 1161.20305]
Morris, Dave, Real representations of semisimple Lie algebras have \(\mathbb Q\)-forms, 469-490 [Zbl 1157.17301]
Yanchevskiĭ, Vyacheslav I., Whitehead groups and groups of \(R\)-equivalence classes of linear algebraic groups of non-commutative classical type over some virtual fields., 491-505 [Zbl 1163.20313]
Aravinda, C. S.; Farrell, F. T., Exotic structures and quaternionic hyperbolic manifolds, 507-524 [Zbl 1082.53031]
Kuo, Wentang; Murty, M. Ram, Summatory functions of elements in Selberg’s class, 525-538 [Zbl 1105.11029]
Kleinbock, Dmitry, Baker-Sprindzhuk conjectures for complex analytic manifolds, 539-553 [Zbl 1103.11020]
Dani, S. G., On stabilizers of continuous actions of Lie groups, 555-567 [Zbl 1077.22026]
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