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High performance computing for computational science – VECPAR 2004. 6th international conference, Valencia, Spain, June 28–30, 2004. Revised selected and invited papers. (English) Zbl 1068.68004
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3402. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-25424-2/pbk). xviii, 732 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1013.00034).
Indexed articles:
Franchetti, Franz; Kral, Stefan; Lorenz, Juergen; Püschel, Markus; Ueberhuber, Christoph W., Automatically tuned FFTs for BlueGene/L’s double FPU, 23-36 [Zbl 1118.65395]
Drummond, L. A.; Hernandez, V.; Marques, O.; Roman, J. E.; Vidal, V., A survey of high-quality computational libraries and their impact in science and engineering applications, 37-50 [Zbl 1118.65300]
Hancke, Frederic; Dhaene, Tom; Broeckhove, Jan, Modelling overhead of tuple spaces with design of experiments, 66-77 [Zbl 1118.68364]
Garzón, E. M.; Tabik, S.; Bretones, A. R.; García, I., Analysis of the interaction of electromagnetic signals with thin-wires structures. Multiprocessing issues for an iterative method, 78-89 [Zbl 1118.65393]
Fritzsche, Paula Cecilia; Fernández, José-Jesús; Ripoll, Ana; García, Inmaculada; Luque, Emilio, A performance prediction model for tomographic reconstruction in structural biology, 90-103 [Zbl 1118.68727]
Jiménez, Daniel; Vidal, Vicente, Parallel implementation of information retrieval clustering models, 129-141 [Zbl 1118.68469]
Evsukoff, Alexandre G.; Costa, Myrian C. A.; Ebecken, Nelson F. F., Parallel implementation of a fuzzy rule based classifier, 184-193 [Zbl 1118.68607]
Alonso, J. M.; Ferrero, J. M. jun.; Hernández, V.; Moltó, G.; Monserrat, M.; Saiz, J., Three-dimensional cardiac electrical activity simulation on cluster and grid platforms, 219-232 [Zbl 1118.68746]
Harmer, T.; Scott, N. S.; Faro-Maza, V.; Scott, M. P.; Burke, P. G.; Carson, A.; Preston, P., 2DRMP-G: Migrating a large-scale numerical mathematical application to a grid environment, 233-246 [Zbl 1118.68747]
Moreno-Vozmediano, Rafael; Alonso-Conde, Ana B., Influence of grid economic factors on scheduling and migration, 274-287 [Zbl 1118.68387]
Bahi, Jacques; Couturier, Raphaël; Vuillemin, Philippe, Asynchronous iterative algorithms for computational science on the grid: Three case studies, 302-314 [Zbl 1118.68357]
Basermann, Achim; Tsukerman, Igor, Parallel generalized finite element method for magnetic multiparticle problems, 325-339 [Zbl 1118.65398]
Benner, Peter; Quintana-Ortí, Enrique S.; Quintana-Ortí, Gregorio, Parallel model reduction of large linear descriptor systems via balanced truncation, 340-353 [Zbl 1118.65399]
Singh, Vivek; Ji, Yongchang; Marinescu, Dan C., A parallel algorithm for automatic particle identification in electron micrographs, 354-367 [Zbl 1118.68741]
García, Víctor M.; Vidal, V.; Verdú, G.; Garayoa, J.; Miró, R., Parallel resolution of the two-group time dependent neutron diffusion equation with public domain ODE codes, 368-381 [Zbl 1118.82300]
Cerdá-Boluda, Joaquín; Amoraga-Lechiguero, Oscar; Torres-Curado, Ruben; Gadea-Gironés, Rafael; Sebastià-Cortés, Angel, FPGA implementations of the RNR cellular automata to model electrostatic field, 382-395 [Zbl 1118.78302]
Ohn, Kyungoh; Cho, Haengrae, Maintaining cache coherency for B\(^{+}\) tree indexes in a shared disks cluster, 410-423 [Zbl 1118.68367]
Iancu, Costin; Husbands, Parry; Chen, Wei, Message strip-mining heuristics for high speed networks, 424-437 [Zbl 1118.68365]
Irún-Briz, Luis; Muñoz-Escoí, Francesc D.; Bernabéu-Aubán, Josep M., Analysis of the abortion rate on lazy replication protocols, 438-453 [Zbl 1118.68366]
Figueira, Silvia M.; Mendes, Christine, Dynamically adaptive binomial trees for broadcasting in heterogeneous networks of workstations, 480-495 [Zbl 1118.68322]
Cunha, Manoel T. F.; Telles, J. C. F.; Coutinho, Alvaro L. G. A., Parallel boundary elements: A portable 3-D elastostatic implementation for shared memory systems, 514-526 [Zbl 1118.65401]
Bulić, Patricio; Guštin, Veselko, On dependence analysis for SIMD enhanced processors, 527-540 [Zbl 1118.68419]
González-Escribano, Arturo; van Gemund, Arjan J. C.; Cardeñoso-Payo, Valentín; Portales-Fernández, Raúl; Caminero-Granja, Jose A., A preliminary nested-parallel framework to efficiently implement scientific applications, 541-555 [Zbl 1118.68383]
Tenllado, C.; Garcia, C.; Prieto, M.; Piñuel, L.; Tirado, F., Exploiting multilevel parallelism within modern microprocessors: DWT as a case study, 556-568 [Zbl 1118.68305]
Prudencio, Ernesto; Byrd, Richard; Cai, Xiao-Chuan, Domain decomposition methods for PDE constrained optimization problems, 569-582 [Zbl 1118.65341]
Nedjah, Nadia; de Macedo Mourelle, Luiza, Complete pattern matching: Recursivity versus multi-threading, 598-609 [Zbl 1118.68529]
Forsythe, I. M.; Milligan, P.; Sage, P. P., Probabilistic program analysis for parallelizing compilers, 610-622 [Zbl 1118.68420]
Bergamaschi, Luca; Martínez, Ángeles, Parallel acceleration of Krylov solvers by factorized approximate inverse preconditioners, 623-636 [Zbl 1118.65400]
Giraud, Luc; Ruiz, Daniel; Touhami, Ahmed, Krylov and polynomial iterative solvers combined with partial spectral factorization for SPD linear systems, 637-656 [Zbl 1118.65319]
Peinado, Jesús; Vidal, Antonio M., Three parallel algorithms for solving nonlinear systems and optimization problems, 657-670 [Zbl 1118.65403]
Arias, Enrique; Hernández, Vicente, Numerical integration of the differential Riccati equation: A high performance computing approach, 671-684 [Zbl 1118.65397]
Alonso, Pedro; Badía, José M.; Vidal, Antonio M., An efficient and stable parallel solution for non-symmetric Toeplitz linear systems, 685-698 [Zbl 1118.65396]
Balsa, C.; Palma, J. M. L. M.; Ruiz, D., Partial spectral information from linear systems to speed-up numerical simulations in computational fluid dynamics, 699-715 [Zbl 1118.76346]
Arnal, Josep; Migallón, Héctor; Migallón, Violeta; Penadés, José, Parallel Newton iterative methods based on incomplete LU factorizations for solving nonlinear systems, 716-729 [Zbl 1118.65331]

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