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Typed lambda calculi and applications. 7th international conference, TLCA 2005, Nara, Japan, April 21–23, 2005. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1070.03001
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3461. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-25593-1/pbk). xi, 433 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1029.00023).
Indexed articles:
Coquand, Thierry, Completeness theorems and \(\lambda\)-calculus, 1-9 [Zbl 1112.03307]
Felty, Amy P., A tutorial example of the semantic approach to foundational proof-carrying code: Abstract, 10 [Zbl 1112.68347]
Hayashi, Susumu, Can proofs be animated by games?, 11-22 [Zbl 1112.03310]
Abel, Andreas; Coquand, Thierry, Untyped algorithmic equality for Martin-Löf’s logical framework with surjective pairs, 23-38 [Zbl 1112.68346]
Aehlig, Klaus; de Miranda, Jolie G.; Ong, C.-H. Luke, The monadic second order theory of trees given by arbitrary level-two recursion schemes is decidable, 39-54 [Zbl 1114.03006]
Baillot, Patrick; Terui, Kazushige, A feasible algorithm for typing in elementary affine logic, 55-70 [Zbl 1114.03049]
Barthe, Gilles; Grégoire, Benjamin; Pastawski, Fernando, Practical inference for type-based termination in a polymorphic setting, 71-85 [Zbl 1114.03008]
Benton, Nick; Leperchey, Benjamin, Relational reasoning in a nominal semantics for storage, 86-101 [Zbl 1114.68050]
Bertot, Yves, Filters on coinductive streams, an application to Eratosthenes’ sieve, 102-115 [Zbl 1114.68062]
Bove, Ana; Capretta, Venanzio, Recursive functions with higher order domains, 116-130 [Zbl 1114.68028]
Coppola, Paolo; Dal Lago, Ugo; Ronchi della Rocca, Simona, Elementary affine logic and the call-by-value lambda calculus, 131-145 [Zbl 1114.03050]
Damiani, Ferruccio, Rank-2 intersection and polymorphic recursion, 146-161 [Zbl 1112.03308]
David, René; Nour, Karim, Arithmetical proofs of strong normalization results for the symmetric \(\lambda \mu\)-calculus, 162-178 [Zbl 1112.03309]
Di Cosmo, Roberto; Pottier, François; Rémy, Didier, Subtyping recursive types modulo associative commutative products, 179-193 [Zbl 1114.68029]
Fujita, Ken-etsu, Galois embedding from polymorphic types into existential types, 194-208 [Zbl 1114.03009]
Herbelin, Hugo, On the degeneracy of \(\Sigma\)-types in presence of computational classical logic, 209-220 [Zbl 1114.03029]
Hermant, Olivier, Semantic cut elimination in the intuitionistic sequent calculus, 221-233 [Zbl 1114.03044]
Laird, J., The elimination of nesting in SPCF, 234-245 [Zbl 1112.68340]
Lamarche, François; Straßburger, Lutz, Naming proofs in classical propositional logic, 246-261 [Zbl 1114.03005]
Lindley, Sam; Stark, Ian, Reducibility and \(\top\top\)-lifting for computation types, 262-277 [Zbl 1114.68035]
Matwin, Stan; Felty, Amy; Hernádvölgyi, István; Capretta, Venanzio, Privacy in data mining using formal methods, 278-292 [Zbl 1112.68385]
Morrisett, Greg; Ahmed, Amal; Fluet, Matthew, \(\text{L}^{3}\): A linear language with locations, 293-307 [Zbl 1112.68341]
Power, John; Tanaka, Miki, Binding signatures for generic contexts, 308-323 [Zbl 1114.03010]
Prevosto, Virgile; Boulmé, Sylvain, Proof contexts with late binding, 324-338 [Zbl 1112.68348]
Schürmann, Carsten; Poswolsky, Adam; Sarnat, Jeffrey, The \(\nabla\)-calculus. Functional programming with higher-order encodings, 339-353 [Zbl 1114.68030]
Selinger, Peter; Valiron, Benoít, A lambda calculus for quantum computation with classical control, 354-368 [Zbl 1114.68031]
Severi, Paula; de Vries, Fer-Jan, Continuity and discontinuity in lambda calculus, 369-385 [Zbl 1114.03011]
Sinot, François-Régis, Call-by-name and call-by-value as token-passing interaction nets, 386-400 [Zbl 1114.68032]
Urban, Christian; Cheney, James, Avoiding equivariance in Alpha-Prolog, 401-416 [Zbl 1114.68027]
Zanardini, Damiano, Higher-order abstract non-interference, 417-432 [Zbl 1114.68033]

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03B40 Combinatory logic and lambda calculus
68N18 Functional programming and lambda calculus
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