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Extension theory of infinite symmetric products. (English) Zbl 1072.55001
Summary: We present an approach to cohomological dimension theory based on infinite symmetric products and on the general theory of dimension called the extension dimension. The notion of the extension dimension \(\text{ext-dim}(X)\) was introduced by A. N. Dranishnikov [Math. USSR, Sb. 74, 47-56 (1993; Zbl 0774.55011)] in the context of compact spaces and CW complexes. This paper investigates extension types of infinite symmetric products \(\text{SP}(L)\). One of the main ideas of the paper is to treat \(\text{ext-dim}(X) \leq \text{SP}(L)\) as the fundamental concept of cohomological dimension theory instead of \(\dim_G(X)\leq n\). In a subsequent paper [Algebra of dimension theory, Trans. Am. Math. Soc., to appear] we show how properties of infinite symmetric products lead naturally to a calculus of graded groups which implies most of the classical results on the cohomological dimension. The basic notion in [Loc. cit.] is that of homological dimension of a graded group which allows for simultaneous treatment of cohomological dimension of compacta and extension properties of CW complexes. We introduce cohomology of \(X\) with respect to \(L\) (defined as homotopy groups of the function space \(\text{SP}(L)^X\)). As an application of our results we characterize all countable groups \(G\) so that the Moore space \(M(G,n)\) is of the same extension type as the Eilenberg-MacLane space \(K(G,n)\). Another application is a characterization of infinite symmetric products of the same extension type as a compact (or finite-dimensional and countable) CW complex.

55M10 Dimension theory in algebraic topology
54F45 Dimension theory in general topology
55P20 Eilenberg-Mac Lane spaces
54C20 Extension of maps
Zbl 0774.55011
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