Correspondence. (English) Zbl 1073.11002

Darmon, Henri (ed.) et al., Heegner points and Rankin \(L\)-series. Papers from the workshop on special values of Rankin \(L\)-series, Berkeley, CA, USA, December 2001. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (ISBN 0-521-83659-X/hbk). Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications 49, 11-23 (2004).
Here are letters from Benedict Gross to Bryan Birch from March 1, May 14, September 17, December 1 and from Bryan Birch to Benedict Gross from May 6, September 6, December 27, 1982 about Heegner points.
For the entire collection see [Zbl 1051.11004].


11-03 History of number theory
01A60 History of mathematics in the 20th century
11G05 Elliptic curves over global fields
11G40 \(L\)-functions of varieties over global fields; Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
11G18 Arithmetic aspects of modular and Shimura varieties
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